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   Chapter 96 Do It By Yourself

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Elsa took a deep breath, but her nose was still blocked. She nodded and said with a heavy nasal voice, "I still can't."

Because of this, she had to breathe through her mouth, so that she had to constantly drink water to relieve the pressure on her throat.

Johnson and Blanche also felt sorry for her. "Do you often stay up late and rush to the scene for news? I've told you that girls shouldn't work too hard. If you don't get well, you'll feel bad yourself, and so will we. "

"Mom, I'm fine." Elsa said in a muffled voice.

Johnson and Blanche planned to stay here for a few days, so Zed and Mia took them back to put their things away. After sending them out, Soren turned around to massage the bridge of her nose for her. He took off her big glasses, massaged her nose and temples, and asked softly, "Will it be better?"

"Much better." Elsa said in a nasal voice.

"Dad and mom are here. Why are you still so depressed?" Soren raised her chin to make her look at him.

He could tell that her mood had something to do with her feeling.

Elsa wanted to cover her thought. "I don't have a smooth nose. So I felt depressed."

"Get better soon. Let's take dad and mom out to walk around, okay?" Soren said childishly, putting his forehead against hers.

Elsa nodded. She saw her haggard face and red nose tip in his black eyes. It was not beautiful at all.

She felt a little embarrassed and wanted to cover herself, but Soren took her hand away and gently kissed her red lips. She was not good at kissing. Now her nose was stuffed and she could only breathe by her mouth. After a few seconds, she couldn't breathe at all. She pushed him away with one hand and covered her chest, gasping for breath.

Soren was amused and felt sorry for her. He held her in his arms and said, "Elsa."

"Yes?" Elsa replied, feeling a little embarrassed.

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have kissed you at this time." Soren apologized in a low voice and looked up at the infusion bottle. "Wait a minute. It's time to change the medicine."

Leaning against the pillow, Elsa watched him walking out of the room. Soon, he came back and called the nurse. In the past few days, he had done everything by himself, including the most private things, going to the bathroom and changing clothes. Without taking credit or saying anything else, he took care of her naturally.

Thinking of this, she couldn't think of anything else.

"You can leave the hospital. Prescribe some medicine and take it at home. Have a good rest and drink more water," said Kohl with a smile.

"Okay. Elsa's parents will come here soon. They can take care of her better than me." Soren smiled.

"You have taken good care of me." She didn't want to obliterate his credit.

Being praised by Elsa, Soren blushed. He sat beside her and whispered affectionately, "Really?"

Hearing this, Kohl couldn't help but ask, "Are Elsa's parents here?"

"Yes," Soren replied.

"Oh, okay, okay." Kohl felt a little absent-minded.

Even Elsa felt his stran

, I won't say it anymore." Blanche hurried to comfort her daughter.

After the infusion, she left the hospital in the afternoon. With her parents around, Elsa was getting better and better. She talked and laughed with her parents from time to time. These were rare to see when Soren was with her alone. She was a little serious and boring at ordinary times. She always smiled with her lips pursed. But in front of her parents, she was just like a little girl. She talked and laughed like a little girl, and she laughed happily from time to time.

Looking at Elsa in the rearview mirror, Soren couldn't help smiling. If she liked, he didn't mind that her parents would live here for more time.

When they arrived at home, Blanche was about to start cooking with her sleeves rolled up. When Elsa was about to go in to help, her mother pushed her out with all her strength. "All right, all right. You'd better get better soon, which is the biggest help for me."

Elsa had no choice but to come out. Her father didn't talk much and had already moved a small stool to help her mother peel the garlic.

Soren took her back to her room and let her sit down. He threw her clothes into the washing machine and began to wash them separately. Looking at his busy figure, Elsa felt sweet in her heart. What Norah said yesterday faded away in her mind.

Blanche heard that Elsa coughed badly, so she bought a lot of loquat to boil sugar water in the pot. Soon enough, the soup was ready and brought in. Seeing that Elsa was reading a book at the head of the bed, Soren, who was hanging the clothes aside, rushed to grab it and said, "Put it there. I'll do it later. How can I let you do this? "

Elsa blushed. She had just said that she would take a shower by herself, but Soren refused.

Blanche was a traditional housewife. She always thought that men could help with some small housework, but women should do such things as washing clothes. But she didn't want her daughter to do it, so she always did everything she could.

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