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   Chapter 91 I Can Stay With Her

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Hearing that, Elsa thought for a while and told him in order to meet her work need. When she looked back at Soren, she saw nothing but concern. She was touched by his trust in her, but she didn't have time to think about anything else. She took the interview bag and left the room quickly.

It was not until he arrived at the scene that Soren realized how serious the matter was. A man with a knife had cut several pedestrians' lives for no reason and now he had escaped. When Elsa arrived at the scene, the police and onlookers had already crowded around, but the ground was stained with blood and hadn't been cleaned yet.

"Elsa, are you okay?" Soren held her hands and was reluctant to let her go. It seemed that her job was much harder than he thought.

"It's okay. I can do it." Elsa gave him a firm and fearless look, then she walked quickly into the crowd. Soren was worried about her safety, so he kept a safe distance with her.

Record, interview, and run over in the crowd. Her thin figure was moving without a stop and doing something. She focused on her work. Even though Soren followed her all the time, she didn't pay much attention to him. In order to accurately record what happened on the scene, she also took out her mobile phone to shoot and record.

Not knowing how long she had been busy, the interview was over. When she closed the file and looked up, she saw the concern in Soren's eyes. She pushed aside the crowd and walked toward him. Soren reached out and took her hand. Feeling the coldness of her finger, he couldn't help but ask, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Elsa rubbed her black eyes and said, "Let's go back now. You must be tired. Go back and have a rest. I will finish the draft so that it will catch the press time. Then you can see the report tomorrow morning."

Soren felt heart ached, "Why did you work so hard? Newspaper is not your own responsibility. Your health is the most important thing. "

"You should focus on your work. We are not always so busy. And there is time when something unexpected happens, then we have to be extremely busy." Elsa smiled tiredly.

"Get on the car first. I'll buy you a cup of hot drink." Soren helped her get in the car and strode out.

It was not until now that she felt somewhat uncomfortable in her heart. In the accident a moment ago, an innocent passer-by had died and there was bloodstain on the ground. When she had been taking pictures and interviews, she had been forcing herself to hold back the feeling of vomiting, because she didn't want him to be more worried. In this way, she hadn't really vomited. As soon as Soren left, she couldn't help but feel the nausea and she threw up.

But she didn't want to vomit. She retched for a while and shed a lot of tears, but she didn't vomit. She just felt dizzy.

"Elsa? Elsa?" Soren saw her vomit in a distance with a cup of coffee in his arms. He dashed back and held her into his arms and asked, "Why did you vomit again?"

"Don't worry. I'll be fine in a minute." Elsa smiled weakly, indicating that she was fine.

Soren wip

She had been working for such a long time that she had never had dinner with her leaders alone, and she was not used to having dinner with others. Seeing her hesitation, the vice chief editor smiled and said, "It's just a simple work lunch. Let's go."

Elsa had to go out with him.

When they arrived at the steamed food restaurant, the vice chief editor gave the menu to Elsa and asked her to order by herself. Finally, she had to order two vegetarian dishes. The vice general manager shook his head and said, "Wow, you eat so little."

He picked up the menu and ordered several more dishes. "I can't eat so much, vice chief editor," said Elsa uneasily.

"Elsa, do you still remember the last time we attended an advertisement bid?" The vice chief editor asked with a smile, putting away the menu. He was very kind, just like any elder, but Elsa always felt that something was wrong.

She had to nod, "Yes."

"We got that advertisement. We got three percent of the shares of the advertisement of the Qin group in the past, and we get ten percent this year. It's a great news for the whole newspaper," The vice chief editor said with happiness all over his face.

'It's so strange. Why can we win so many shares?' she wondered. As far as she knew, it was not so easy for such news agency as the Linchuan Daily to win the bid. Suddenly, it occurred to her that Soren had an investment in Ron's company. Would Ron put an additional stake in the Linchuan Daily with her sudden appearance for this reason?

Thinking of this, Elsa could no longer sit still. In the past, the deputy chief editor seldom asked her out alone, let alone took her to work alone. When did this change? She vaguely remembered that it was after she married Soren.

The enormous business and political background behind Soren, his grandparents, parents and the grandparent of his mother's, and even Heather, were, in the eyes of some people, those may be great resources and power. She was confused and wondered if she had done something wrong from the very beginning?

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