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   Chapter 32 Wait for Me, Elsa (Part One)

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Not unexpectedly, what Johnny said proved Elsa's thought. He signed his name and asked, "Elsa, how are you going back? I have a friend here. He can lend you a car to drive back."

"No, thanks. I can handle it." Elsa took the form and held it in her hands.

"Elsa, Elsa..." Johnny kept calling her name behind her.

Rubbing her eyebrows, Elsa strode towards the entrance. When she arrived, there was really a car waiting for her. The driver opened the door for her before she could say anything.

Johnny didn't expect that Elsa was able to return to the downtown and come back for about only three hours. Before dinner, she came back with a huge suitcase and went back to her own room. Everything was under his control before, but he suddenly felt frustrated when he was about to lose control on her.

She had always been like this, strong and independent, as if she didn't need him at all, and now she was still the same. He didn't know why he suddenly appreciated her strong and independent character. But the feeling of being excluded from her world made him feel bad.

Elsa had brought a lot of food with her, including instant noodles, steamed bread and pickles. However, Coy still brought dinner to her. The dishes this time were totally different from what she was served at noon. But they were still as light as before. Elsa didn't go to the canteen with them anymore. She also didn't want to ask them whether they had been taken good care of in the same way. Johnny and Cindy were her "enemies" now. She would be thankful if they didn't mess with her. She didn't want herself to suffer.

After dinner, she opened the computer and read the work mails. She memorized the interview task and got a general idea of it. As she guessed, this mission did not seem simple.

The first day was simple and easy, but then there were a lot of tasks


"Zaza, what happened? I'll go with you."

"I don't have time to explain to you now. I have to go and find the army's leader for approval to go out now," said Elsa anxiously.

She was very worried. In the army, the approval of going out at this time must be from a colonel or more superior. Then she had to find a taxi to go back. At this time, there was no bus outside, but it was probably also difficult to take a taxi. Elsa was in a hurry. It was at this time in the early morning, and she barely knew anyone in the army.

In consideration of that, Elsa had no choice but to ask Johnny for help. "May I ask your friend in the army for help?" She asked.

Johnny shook his head. He couldn't do that for her. Elsa was so worried. When she saw the light from afar, it happened that Coy was guarding at the gate, so she ran to tell him the whole thing. Coy also ran in a hurry to the office and came out after a little while with a piece of paper, telling her that she could go out now and the car was ready. She just needed to go straight to the entrance of the army base. Elsa thanked him and ran out of the room. Johnny also followed her and went to the entrance of the army. With the approval in hand, no one held them back.

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