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   Chapter 29 A Familiar Face (Part Two)

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"Ma'am, let's go to the training grounds now!"

On the training grounds, strong, vigorous figures were doing wrestling and grappling drills. The air was alive with the men's enthusiasm.

"When can we have lunch?" asked Cindy, gradually losing interest.

"At noon, as previously discussed," Johnny replied coolly.

Cindy did not know Johnny well, so she was stunned to hear Johnny's frigid response. Thus, she decided to stop complaining and walked along with the others.

Elsa tried her best to remember the distance and the army's trainings schedules. She thought that this sort of information might help her in this assignment. Even if they were there only for interviews, learning more about their subject in advance would ultimately make the task easier to complete.

She observed the people in the army base. Everyone walked with big strides, and the soldiers held themselves tall and upright with an air of rectitude. Such a scene inspired people and stoked the patriotic fire in their blood. Suddenly, Elsa thought of Soren. She realized that she never got to ask him about his company, his base, or his rank in the army. The oversight made her feel a little sad. It was a sudden decision for her to come here. She had never mentioned this to him before, and she was not sure if it would be convenient for him to answer her call.

Elsa stood there, conflicted. Maybe she should just text him. That way, he could see her message when he was free, and he wouldn't be too worried if he looked in on her at home and found her gone. With her head bent low, Elsa did not see Soren, who coincidentally was leading several people toward her direction. His companions were all high-ranking seniors, who listened intently as Soren relayed his report and nodded in approval from time to time.

Soren inherited his gentleness from his mother, but that mild demeanor always disappeared whenever he put on his uniform. His firm, courageous appearance enhanced his masculine charm. The leaders were very satisfied with him. An old man patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "The world will belong to you young people in the future. Ren, you're one of the best among your generation and an outstanding talent. I think highly of you. Don't let us down."

"Sir—I mean Grandpa Adam—you flatter me," Soren replied modestly.

These leaders came here not only on official business, but also mostly for personal reasons. Thus, Soren didn't address them by their ranks and instead called them in a casual manner.

"Excellence runs in Ren's blood—of course he's bound to be outstanding. His grandfather and his father are two of the most talented people in their family. Indeed, like father, like son! Ha-ha!"

Despite all of the praise being heaped on his head, Soren remained calm and mild-mannered, and his demeanor was neither proud nor humble. "You are being too kind. This way, please. Let's go to the training grounds to have a look."

He led the way in front of the small contingent of leaders. His eyes were downcast as he accepted his superiors' praise. When he raised hi

s eyes and looked into the distance, he saw several differently attired people standing in the open space. To his surprise, he found himself looking at a familiar face.

'Elsa? What was she doing here? Did she miss me, too?'

The corners of Soren's mouth lifted into a mischievous smile.

All of his companions had good eyesight, and they all saw Elsa and her colleagues. Adam Xu asked with a curious smile, "Ren, what are they doing here?"

"Grandpa Adam, Linchuan Daily was in communication with us some time ago. They said that the higher-ups have enlisted their help to enhance the promotion efforts of the army base this year. To that end, their coverage this year will be more extensive and detailed than ever before. Those newcomers must be from the newspaper," Soren explained in real time with his thought process. 'Did that mean that Elsa would be staying here for a month?' he wondered.

"Let's go and have a look," said Adam Xu with a smile. "It's a good idea to tell people what we are doing here so that we could prove that we are not wasting the money of the taxpayers."

Soren was feeling slightly disoriented at that moment. He tried his best to calm himself down and to stop his face from reflecting his thoughts. He followed the leaders to the training grounds.

They started to walk toward the civilians. However, the newspaper team's tour had ended by that time the officers reached where the small group was standing, so Elsa and her companions had started heading the other way. Soon, Soren could no longer see Elsa. He regained his composure and decided to take his time. After all, he would have one month to stay with her here in the army base. After contenting himself with the thought, he launched into a detailed introduction to the leaders.

The army base covered a large area, and it was already lunch time by the time they came back. The sergeant had arranged for them to have lunch in the canteen.

The food in the army canteen was quite tasty, with meat, fish, and soup in the menu. They could eat whatever they liked, but there was only one rule: food should never be wasted. Everyone here held their own trays, and, just like the soldiers in the army, they waited in line to get their food. When it was Elsa's turn, she stared apprehensively at the array of dishes and ended up asking only for some rice and a bowl of soup. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the soup in the bowl had seaweed and egg. She didn't dare touch any of the other dishes.

After a while, she returned to their table and sat down.

"That's all you're having? Why are you eating so little?" Todd asked with curiosity and concern. He didn't know Elsa well, as they were not in the same department. However, he had heard through the office grapevine that Elsa was a known workaholic. In the past, she had always dressed in a spinster-like style, which almost exclusively consisted of all white shirts and jeans. Everyone said that she was more a man than a woman and that she could eat a ton during meals.

"I don't eat much." Elsa did not explain her situation.

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