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   Chapter 28 In the Arms of the Chief Editor (Part One)

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Strictly speaking, Johnny was a handsome and well-dressed man. He was a golden bachelor. As soon as he entered the newspaper, he had attracted a lot of attention.

"Luckily, it's still early. We'll have enough time," Todd said, glancing at his watch, without sensing the strange atmosphere.

"Are you okay, Elsa?" Johnny asked with concern.

"Are you that weak, Elsa?" Cindy continued, "It's a pity that you didn't make it to fell in the arms of the chief editor."

Elsa rolled her eyes at her, wondering what she was thinking in her mind. Was it interesting to speak against her all the time?

After receiving the glare from Elsa, Cindy took a glance at her. She saw that Elsa wore a suitable dress of different colors from the one of the other day, and the handbag in her hand was the latest summer collection of Gucci, which seemed to be authentic. She said in surprise, "Hey, Elsa, why are you wearing a dress? How are you going to do the interview?"

Out of the professional habit and convenience, journalists usually didn't wear such a long dress. It was her first day to work today, so Elsa didn't think that she would have to work outside. That was why she chose this dress. She didn't imagine that she would be trapped by Johnny and had to go to the army base right now! Looking at the deep cleavage caused by tight clothes of Cindy, Elsa pointed at her own head and smiled, "I only use this to do the interview, not the clothes. It has nothing to do with whether I wear a long dress or not."

"You!" Apparently, Cindy was annoyed by the satire.

After fastened her seat belt, Elsa closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. In her mind, she really looked down upon Cindy. Every time it was Cindy who started the trouble, Elsa would respond her from time to time. How could Cindy always looked so aggrieved as if Elsa had taken advantage of her? Cindy was the kind of person who liked to pick fault with others but couldn't stand their fight back. Sometimes, it was so boring to be angry with her.

'Am I really going to be with Johnny for so long?' Elsa wondered. In the eyes of others, this was a great chance to have a good rest. But taking in mind Johnny and Cindy, it was more challenging than relaxing for Elsa.

She sighed deeply in her heart.

As Elsa didn't plan to come, she didn't bring any clothes or other necessities. Besides, she didn't bring her computer. Not to mention the information of which army base they were going to, and the specific interview they would have to do. Elsa estimated the time and it took about one and a half hour from the newspaper to the army base. She knew that she could always go back secretly and pack some clothes. Now she had to accept it.

When their car arrived at the destination, a young military sergeant greeted them and briefly introduced the situation. Then, he led them to the place where they would live to put their luggage down. Fortunately, each

of them was given a single room, so Elsa would not be bothered by Cindy.

As the person in charge, Johnny held a simple meeting and set the time for everyone to go to and off work. He said: "It's the same as the time for everyone to go to the office and get off work at the newspaper, from eight o'clock in the morning to six o'clock in the afternoon. There's a one and a half hour's break at noon for lunch. If there's no special work on weekends, you can choose to go back home or stay here. If there are special circumstances, you will get further notification. But now we are in a special place and I hope you don't go out at will. If you have to go out of the army base, you must inform me and take the gate pass with you to get in and out."

Cindy couldn't bear it and murmured, "It's so annoying. I still want to watch a movie or do something else after work."

"If you have to leave from eleven o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock in the morning, you need to have the signature and approval from a colonel of the army, so you'd better know that and take it seriously."

"Oh no!" Cindy complained, "Then what's the difference between me and the monks in this month? Can I surf on the Internet? Is there any art performance in the army base? "

"You can surf on the Internet, but you can only log in to the designated mailbox." Johnny explained.

Elsa nodded her head. The rules in the army were very strict, so in order to prevent leaks, there certainly would be a lot of measures. It might be for the convenience of their interview that they could log in to the designated mailbox. It was impossible to surf the Internet for entertainment. After thinking for a while, Elsa asked, "What about the specific interview task? And the daily routine meeting? When should we submit the draft? What are the specific requirements of the articles? How many articles do we need?"

"I'll send these requirements in the form of e-mail. Please check it later." Casting a glance at Elsa's dress, Johnny said, "We may follow the army to train with them in the next few days. Everybody needs to pay attention to your clothes. Dresses are not permitted."

Elsa looked at herself with discontent. Was she dressed like this on purpose?

The young sergeant saw that they had finished talking, and led them to walk around and told them many notes to pay attention to. He uttered the order in a very serious tone. Then, Cindy asked with a smile, "Sir, do you have a girlfriend?"

To her surprise, that sergeant suddenly blushed. He held his breath and his face kept red for a long time before saying, "Ma'am, not yet!"

"What kind of girl are you looking for?" Cindy was just this kind of person. So, Johnny had to let her be. Along the way, Cindy was so amused by the sergeant and made him stammered. Every time Cindy giggled, the sergeant would be too embarrassed to look at her. He just stared straight ahead and strode forward.

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