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   Chapter 27 Had a Nice Sleep

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Her skin was so soft and smooth that he couldn't help touching her. He approached her again to kiss her lips. Elsa was not so resistant as before, although she did not take the initiative, she cooperated. His clean sunny smell made her feel much more relieved. With his company, the pain of her belly was much better now.

As if it was a video game, even though Soren knew that he couldn't pass it, he still tried one more time. He was addicted to the game and couldn't get rid of it. He kissed on Elsa's lips and had to leave again, running between the bathroom and bedroom.

If it went on like this, how much bill of water would he pay next month...

Damn it! How many days did women have their period? Perplexed, Soren fell asleep with Elsa in his arms. Elsa had a good sleep this night. But the man sleeping next to her as her pillow had dark circles under his eyes after he woke up. The two of them seemed to be exchanged.

The breakfast was at their grandma's home. Their home was different from Soren's. It was one of the villas behind the community, a three-story house of western style with garden around it, in which there were flowers, plants and some common vegetables. The air smelled 100 times better than outside.

After entering the house, although it was decorated simply, it showed exquisiteness and elegance everywhere. The details of the house in particular could show the owner's outstanding and unique taste. Seeing that, Elsa was stunned. She had thought that his grandparents might be retired professors. Now she knew that she was wrong.

Zed and Mia got up early. Seeing that Soren brought Elsa with him, they smiled and said, "We couldn't get up early in the first 30 years of our lives, and can't fall asleep in the second 30 years. Why don't you let Elsa sleep a little longer but get up so early? "

"Because we would like to come here to greet you, Grandpas." Soren behaved well in front of them. After that, he and Elsa helped them to pick some fresh vegetables from the garden.

"You honeymouthed." "Donna, bring the porridge of white fungus and cubilose to Mr. Soren and Mrs. Elsa." Mia said with a smile.

Elsa was speechless again. Although she had had interviews with some rich people, it was the first time that she had been treated in this way by someone else.

"Mrs. Elsa, please have some porridge." Donna said with a respectful and cautious smile.

Then a bowl of porridge was put on the table in front of Elsa. As Donna looked still young, Elsa said, "Donna, you can just call me Elsa."

"Elsa." Donna smiled.

Mia was satisfied with her well-educated behavior. She nodded and said, "Have some while it's hot. It's time for breakfast."

She seemed to have known that Elsa would come today. So the breakfast was made light with simple porridge and some vegetables, boiled eggs and steamed bread rolls. "Grandpa, Grandma, you don't have to prepare anything special for me alone," Elsa said shyly. She knew that Soren loved meat.

"We are old now. We also like to eat vegetarian food, which is good for the health." Mia smiled and said, "Ren, you should eat more vegetables, too. It's good for your health. Don't eat too greasy for breakfast. It will hurt your stomach."

Soren grabbed Elsa's hands under the table and said to her, "Grandma and Grandpa will take more care of you than me from now on. I had knew that I was adopted. And now it's approved."

"Don't be so naughty. You really don't know how much I like you, huh?" Mia smiled.

After having a simple and happy breakfast, Soren and Elsa went to the Civil Affairs Bureau early in the morning. Although Soren could use his privilege, he didn't do so. He thought he should do it himself. The Bureau of Civil Affairs would officially start to work at 9 o'clock in the morning, but when they arrived, it was just past 7 o'clock. It was still early after taking the photo needed to get the marriage certificate. They sat on the bench outside the door. The doorkeeper laughed and said, "How anxious you are to get the marriage license! You come here so early in the morning."

That made Elsa embarrassed.

They waited patiently. But unexpectedly, when it was 8:50, a man came to put on a written notice: "Because of the overhaul of the power line of the whole district, there will be a power failure of the entire morning. Will start working at 1:30 p.m."

"It's so irresponsible of you! Why don't you inform the power off earlier? How can we deal with it now?" A couple who came later than Soren and Elsa questioned.

"But no one informed us before either. We had no choice." The man walked away as soon as he finished his words.

The girl of the young couple was so worried that she was about to cry. "We just got in trouble at the first step to get our marriage license. What a bad omen! My mom told me that if it begins badly, it will end worse. Otherwise, why do we choose to get the license on such a lucky day?"

"The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks." The boy helped the girl wipe her tears in a hurry. "Let's get it this afternoon. Isn't it still in this lucky day?"

Hearing that, Elsa was also in a bad mo

od. This wouldn't happen to them if they had decided to come one day earlier or on day later. But today, Soren couldn't wait any longer. He had told her yesterday that he had something to deal with this afternoon. During this period of time, Elsa could imagine how busy he was.

After driving Elsa back home, Soren drove off. He reminded her to remember to drink some hot water, and then kissed her lips before he left. "Sorry, I have to leave you alone again."

"It's okay. I have work to do tomorrow, too." "Don't always think about me," Elsa added.

She didn't go upstairs until his car was out of her sight. She put the files aside and casually saw the photos taken in the campus yesterday. The two students were quite skilled in photographing. Even Elsa herself was attracted by the breathtaking beauty of herself and the sweetness atmosphere between them in the photos. She wanted to find a frame to put the picture.

But it was not her own home and it was not convenient to find something, so she gave up after she gave it a try. Suddenly, she thought of the photo on Soren's dressing table, and the woman who looked like her. Her good mood disappeared, and then she randomly put the photo in a book and closed the pages.

She recalled the accident they met when at the Civil Affairs Bureau today. Was it a bad amen for their upcoming life?

The next day, Elsa was going to work. During her long vacation, she seemed to have done nothing but the time had passed away. She walked to her desk and found a large bouquet of red roses, which stood out in the busy office. She picked up the card and saw the words on it, and said in her mind, 'Stupid.'

Throwing the roses into the trash can, she happened to meet Ivy, the girl at the front desk, who came here to distribute meeting materials to everyone. She said with a pity, "Elsa, it's a pity to throw such beautiful flowers. Let me put it at the door."

"Take it." Elsa said. Anyway, it was something she didn't care, and she could deal with it in any way.

"Who sent it to you? Why do you throw these beautiful flowers again and again? " Ivy asked in confusion. She picked up the card on the table, had a look at it and said loudly, "Cas..."

Elsa grabbed the card from Ivy, threw it into the bin, and said with a smile, "Ivy, take it out. The flowers won't last long."

Ivy said in a hurry, "Then I'm going to look for a vase."

With a smile, Elsa sat down on the chair, opened the computer, made a rough plan of the work at hand and the matters needed to be dealt with, sorted out the order of priority and remembered it on the document. When she had all things in her mind, she stood up and went to attend the morning meeting in the conference room. She always liked to make an orderly plan, so she could do more things in the limited time.

When she was about to enter the conference room, Todd Lu, the sole editor and journalist of the military pages, rushed in with a heavy breath. As soon as he saw her, he said anxiously, "Elsa Xia, why are you still here? Everyone is waiting for you at the gate."

"Take your time. I don't know what happened? No one in the morning informed me that we have to gather and go out. "

"You are not informed? Did you forget it?" When Todd saw her in a daze, he rushed to her desk, glanced at it and said, "Is there anything else to pack up? Hurry up if you don't have anything more to take with. There are so many people waiting for you!"

Seeing that Elsa was still standing there, he came up and tried to pull her. How could they be so noisy in the office? Elsa quickly took her bag, and followed him out with some common materials. While she was packing her bag, she asked, "Where are we going?"

After finished this question, she suddenly realized that the man in front of her was Todd Lu, the reporter of the military pages who was assigned to go to the army base to do an interview. Was it because that all of them were going to the army base together? However, Elsa had already told Johnny and the vice general editor-in-chief that she was not willing to do this interview. She adjusted her glasses and saw an SUV in front of her, whose door was open. Johnny was sitting in it and Cindy was putting on lipsticks!

Johnny Meng! Elsa called this name harshly in her heart!

"Is Elsa here?" Johnny smiled. He was very polite and easygoing with his colleagues and subordinates. He moved aside and offered a seat to Elsa.

Elsa didn't expect that Johnny could act as if nothing had happened. Just as she was about to ask him why he didn't submit her report and turned down the invitation for this activity, the driver couldn't wait to step on the accelerator and shouted, "Everybody, sit down!"

Upon hearing that, Elsa lost her balance and dashed towards Johnny. Thanks to her quick reaction, she supported herself and sat up before Johnny could reach out to hold her. Johnny felt regret, but he didn't dare to show his true feelings before other colleagues.

When Cindy saw their different expressions, she giggled and said, "It seems that our chief editor is so attractive. There's always someone trying to throw herself at him."

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