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   Chapter 27 Sleeping Really Well

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Her skin was so soft and smooth that he couldn't help but touch her. He leaned over to gently kiss her lips. Elsa was not as reluctant as before. She might not have made the first move, but she fully cooperated with Soren. His clean, warm scent made her feel cherished and at ease, and the pain in her belly was almost gone now.

It was like playing a video game—even though Soren knew that he couldn't pass a certain level, he still had to try again. He was addicted to the game and couldn't quit it. He kissed Elsa's lips and then got up to leave again, running between the bathroom and Elsa's bedroom.

If this went on, how much would the water bill be next month?

'Damn it! How many days do women have their period, anyway?' Perplexed, Soren eventually fell asleep with Elsa in his arms. Elsa slept really well that night. By contrast, the man beside her, who served as her pillow, had dark circles under his eyes when he woke up. It was like the two of them had been switched.

They had breakfast at Soren's grandparents' home. Their home was different from Soren's. It was one of those villas inside a gated community—a three-story Western-style house surrounded by a garden planted with flowers, herbs, and some common vegetables. The air inside the house smelled a hundred times better than anywhere outside of the compound.

Upon entering the house, Elsa could see the simple furniture, which nonetheless spoke of exquisite taste and elegance. The decorations inside the house had obviously been selected with great care and attention to detail. Elsa was stunned. At first, she had thought that Soren's grandparents were retired professors. Now, she was revising that notion in her head.

Zed and Mia got up early. When they saw that Soren had brought Elsa with him, they smiled and said, "We couldn't get up early in the first 30 years of our lives, and now we can't fall asleep in the next 30 years. Why didn't you let Elsa sleep a little longer? It's too early."

"We wanted to come and visit you, Grandpa, Grandma," Soren replied politely. Then, he and Elsa helped them pick some fresh vegetables from the garden.

"You sweet-talker," Mia teased Soren with a laugh. "Donna, bring some of the bird's nest and white fungus porridge to Mr. Soren and Mrs. Elsa."

Once again, Elsa was struck speechless. She had interviewed rich people before, and she was able to witness their lifestyle, to a certain extent. This was the first time that she had been treated this way by someone else.

"Mrs. Elsa, please have some porridge," Donna said respectfully with a cautious smile on her face.

Then, the woman placed a bowl of steaming porridge on the table in front of Elsa. Donna looked young, so Elsa insisted, "Donna, please, you can just call me Elsa."

"Elsa." Donna smiled at her again, this time with a little more warmth.

Mia approved of her good manners. With a nod, she declared, "It's time for breakfast. Have some while it's hot."

She probably knew that Elsa would come today, so the spread on the breakfast table consisted of simple porridge with some vegetable side dishes, boiled eggs, and steamed bread rolls. "Grandpa, Grandma, you didn't have to prepare anything special for me," Elsa demurred shyly. She knew how much Soren liked meat.

"We are old now. We also prefer to eat vegetarian food, which is good for the health." Mia smilingly admonished Soren, "Ren, you should eat more vegetables, too. It's good for you. Don't eat greasy food for breakfast because it will hurt your stomach."

Soren grabbed Elsa's hands under the table and complained with mock sorrow in his voice, "See? Grandma and Grandpa take better care of you than me. I've always known that I was adopted—this confirms it."

Mia scolded Soren playfully, "Don't be so naughty. You really don't know how much I like you, huh?" The elderly couple laughed at Soren's pout.

After their simple but delightful repast, Soren and Elsa soon left to go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs early that morning. In fact, Soren could have used a special privilege, but he opted not to do so. He thought that he should do this task with his own merits. The Bureau of Civil Affairs officially opened at 9 o'clock in the morning, but they arrived a little past 7 o'clock. It was too early to have their photo taken for the marriage certificate. They sat on the bench outside the office doors. The guard by the door laughed and commented, "Look how excited you two are to get married. It's still so early!"

That teasing comment made Elsa feel shy.

They waited patiently for the bureau to open its doors. However, at 8:50 am, a man unexpectedly came out and put up a written notice: "Due to the power outage in the entire area for line maintenance activities, morning transactions are suspended. Our office operations will resume at 1:30 p.m."

"This is so irresponsible of you! Why didn't you inform us of the power outage earlier? How can we deal with it now?" a couple who came later than Soren and Elsa questioned.

"No one informed us, either. We have no choice," the man replied with a shrug and walked away quickly.

Worry clouded the young woman's face, and she looked like she was about to cry. "We got in trouble in the first step of applying for our marriage license. This is such a bad omen! My mom told me that if the marriage begins badly, it's only destined to get worse. Otherwise, why do people have to choose an auspicious day to get a marriage license?"

The woman's groom tried to placate her. "Good things take more time." He wiped her tears and continued, "Let's get the license this afternoon. Technically, we can still get it on this lucky day, right?"

Overhearing this conversation, Elsa felt her mood plummet slightly. This wouldn't have happe

ned to them if they had decided to come a day sooner or later. Today, Soren couldn't wait any longer. He had told her yesterday that he had something to deal with in the afternoon. Elsa could imagine how busy he was during this time.

Soren drove off after driving Elsa back home. He reminded her to drink some hot water, and then placed a kiss on her lips before he left. "I'm sorry, I have to leave you by yourself again."

"It's okay. I have to go back to work tomorrow, anyway. Don't worry too much about me," Elsa added.

She didn't go upstairs until his car was out of sight. Elsa put aside the documents and stumbled upon the Polaroid taken in the campus yesterday. The two students were quite skilled in photography. She could admit to herself that she looked pretty in the photo, and the romantic atmosphere between her and Soren was mesmerizing. She wanted to put the photo in a frame.

However, she was not in her own home, and she did not want to impose. She looked around her immediate vicinity and, failing to find a suitable frame, gave up her search. Suddenly, that photo frame on Soren's dresser flashed in her mind. Elsa remembered how the woman in that photo looked like her, and her mood went south. She placed the photo between the pages of a book she randomly picked up.

She recalled that hiccup at the Bureau of Civil Affairs today. Was it a bad omen for the start of their life together?

The next day, Elsa was scheduled to return to work. During her long leave of absence, she seemed to have accomplished nothing, but time had passed regardless. Upon reaching her desk, she found a massive bouquet of red roses, which stood out in the middle of the busy office. Wondering who the sender was, she picked up the card, and blood rushed to her head. Her mind angrily supplied, 'Stupid!'

She stomped away to the nearest trash bin to dump the suddenly offensive flowers and met Ivy, the girl at the front desk, who came to the office to distribute meeting materials to everyone. Eyes goggling at the sight of the bouquet sticking out of the bin, the younger woman commented with a sigh, "What a pity! Elsa, why are you throwing away such gorgeous flowers? Let me put it at the front desk."

"Take it," Elsa said, not caring about what would happen to the bouquet. She only wanted the flowers out of her sight.

"Who sent it to you? Why do you want to throw these away?" Ivy asked in confusion. She picked up the card on the table, and started reading out loud, "Cas..."

Elsa hastily grabbed the card from Ivy's hand and crumpled it up. With a smile, she reminded her, "Ivy, go ahead and take them. The flowers won't last long without water."

Ivy hurriedly replied, "Ah, right! Let me find a vase for them."

Elsa sat down on the chair and booted up her computer. She prepared her itinerary for the day and a checklist of the tasks she needed to accomplish, arranged in the order of priority, and finally jotted them down on Post-its. Once she had everything organized, she stood up and went to attend the morning meeting in the conference room. She had always liked making orderly plans before doing anything else—that way, she could maximize her time and accomplish her tasks efficiently.

She was about to enter the conference room when Todd Lu, the sole editor and journalist of the military pages, suddenly rushed inside the conference room while catching his breath. As soon as he saw her, he said in an anxious tone, "Elsa, why are you still here? Everyone is waiting for you at the gate."

"Don't rush. What's going on? No one informed me that we're supposed to gather outside."

"No one told you? Have you forgotten? Todd Lu saw her looking at him with a confused frown on her face. He rushed to her desk, glanced at it, and said, "Do you need to pack anything else? If you're done, hurry up. A lot of people are waiting for you!"

Elsa was rooted to her spot, unmoving, so Todd Lu tugged at her sleeve to get her to hurry. Thinking that it was not good if their colleagues saw them like this, Elsa quickly picked up her bag and followed him out, a sheaf of printouts for the meeting in her hand. She asked, "Where are we going?"

The words were barely out of her mouth when it occurred to her that she was speaking with Todd Lu, the reporter of the military pages who was assigned to go to the army base for the interview assignment. Was everyone in the office supposed to go to the army base? However, Elsa had already told Johnny and the deputy editor-in-chief that she was not willing to do the interview. She adjusted her glasses and saw an SUV parked by the building entrance. The open door revealed Johnny and Cindy, who were already seated inside. The woman was busy touching up her make up.

'Johnny Meng!' Elsa seethed inwardly.

"Ah, Elsa! You finally decided to join us!" Johnny greeted her with a smile, like she was just another colleague or subordinate whom he treated with polite, professional courtesy. He moved aside and offered a seat to Elsa.

Elsa didn't expect Johnny to act so nonchalantly. She was about to ask why he didn't relay her refusal to participate in the assignment when suddenly, the driver impatiently stepped on the gas pedal and yelled, "Everybody, sit down!"

Elsa still hadn't settled down properly on her seat, so she lost her balance and lurched toward Johnny. Fortunately, her quick reflexes enabled her to catch herself before Johnny could reach out to hold her. Johnny felt some regret at the missed opportunity, but he dared not show his disappointment in front of their colleagues.

When Cindy saw their faces, she giggled and said in a flirtatious voice, "It seems that our chief editor is so irresistible that there's always someone trying to throw herself at him."

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