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   Chapter 26 My Wife

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"What? Ah, I see. But..." The two students believed Soren's story and was understanding, but they seemed to think it was a shame that they didn't get the couple's permission.

Soren put his arm around Elsa's shoulders, crouched down, and took her in his arms. "Can't you see how frustrated we are?"

Elsa was tempted to just give them the photo so that the students wouldn't be disappointed, but she ended up chuckling at Soren's lie. The made-up story sounded so real. If she agreed to let them use the photo at this point, it would discredit Soren's story, which he fabricated with good intentions. She was thinking of having them take a picture of them from the back, but it wasn't convenient now. "I'm really sorry. I'm sure you'll be able to get better pictures."

Soren left to help Elsa with a private "matter" that she had confessed to in embarrassment, and the two students had no other choice but to leave in defeat.

After a few minutes, Soren came back with a big bag. He handed Elsa a sweatshirt to tie around her waist. Then, he handed her the bag and said, "Let's go to the nearest teaching building."

As soon as they got to the building, Elsa rushed off to the nearest washroom and opened the bag. She felt so embarrassed. Her period, which was supposed to be due in two days, arrived early, so she was unprepared. When she sat down under the tree earlier, she felt warmth flow between her legs. It was embarrassing. She summoned the courage to ask Soren to buy her some menstrual pads. To her mortification, the students managed to catch her in the act. What bad luck!

She opened the bag and saw pads of all types and brands. She didn't exactly tell him which type she preferred, so he just bought all of them. Moreover, he was considerate enough to buy her something with which to cover her stained trousers.

After selecting a pad and putting it on, she washed her hands and slowly walked out of the washroom. She found him standing by one of the windows in the corridor and looking at the scenery outside. Still feeling mortified, she walked toward him and hesitantly said, "Thank you."

She was grateful to him because he did this for her regardless of his status or the fact that he was a man.

Soren took her hand and gently said, "We should go home now. You must be tired from all the running we did."

Elsa nodded. She sat behind him on the bike and wound her hands around his waist. The feel of the warmth of his skin and the strength of his hard muscles under his thin sports shirt made her face burn.

Soren had plans of inviting Ron to dinner that night to follow through the favor he owed him during their wedding banquet. However, Elsa was feeling under the weather, so he had to postpone the plan.

Elsa felt horrible the rest of the day, and she did not eat much during dinner. She lay listlessly on the bed, but sleep eluded her. She tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position for her to sleep in. She was restless, anxious, and in pain. Maybe it was due to that surgery she had before, but she always suffered in the first two days of her period. Journalists worked day and night—fortunately, they were allowed to take several days off every month. In the past, Elsa used to schedule these breaks during those two days.

Soren looked in on her for a few times. He was trying to be considerate, but he really had no idea how to deal with this. Elsa didn't want to ruin his precious vacation. She smiled apologetically and said, "I'm fine. I just need to rest. Go ahead with your plans."

"If you're sure..." Soren nodded and walked out of the room. As soon as Elsa heard the door open and close, she weakly collapsed back against the pillows.

After some time, an appetizing aroma wafted to her nose. She opened her eyes and saw Soren standing next to her with a bowl of soup in his hands. He was blowing on the soup, and the smell suddenly made her feel hungry. As it turned out, he left to do some shopping.

"Let me do it myself." She took the bowl from his hands. She didn't want him to be bothered by such a small issue.

Soren gave it to her and said, "I went to Grandma's house, and she sent me some food for you. She had this assorted fruit and vegetable soup especially prepared for you. Try it and see if you like it."

"That's so kind of her," Elsa replied gratefully. Then, after taking a careful sip, she said, "It's very delicious. Does Grandma live nearby? I will go and visit her one of these days to thank her."

"Just think of getting better first. Grandma just lives at the house behind ours, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to visit her. Whenever I have time for a break, I usually go to her house to have a meal."

Elsa took another sip of the soup. Then she suddenly remembered something and said, "By the way, I have something to tell you."

"By the way, I have something else to tell you." The two of them spoke almost at the same time.

"You first." Now, they were in sync. It was so funny. Instead of speaking again, Soren stepped out of the room for a moment and came back with a hot-compress bag in his hand.

"Grandma gave me this." He lifted the quilt and placed the bag into Elsa's hands.

Elsa blushed upon hearing that. "Why did you tell that to Grandma?"

Soren shook his head. "I don't know much about your... situation. I just mentioned it in passing. Don't worry. I didn't tell Grandma it was you."

"Do you really think that Grandma wouldn't be able to guess?" Elsa immediately

shot down his logic.

Soren only laughed merrily and then said, "What were you about to say just now?"

Setting aside the bowl, Elsa took out a box, which contained several envelopes, from the dresser. She handed the envelopes to Soren and said, "I was about to give you these, but I didn't get a chance. These contain the gift money we received a few days ago from Grandma and Grandpa. I haven't really counted the contents, but they should all be there. That should cover the money you spent during my parents' stay here, as well as the payment for the wedding banquet."

The other day, Elsa calculated the estimated total of Soren's expenditure and arrived at a considerable amount.

Soren didn't take the envelopes. His face suddenly became shuttered and cold. "I can't take you to the marriage license office today because it's a weekend. Tomorrow is Monday."

Elsa understood what he meant and said, "You spent that money before we got married. Now, I live in your house. It doesn't make sense for only one person to be responsible for the amount spent for the wedding, regardless of whether we're a real couple or not. Soren, I can't take these things for granted. What's more, that was a lot of money. Didn't you say that your salary is not that much?"

"Even if I don't have much money, I can afford to support my wife," Soren replied in a hard tone.

Elsa colored upon hearing the words "my wife". Even so, the hand holding the envelopes remained insistently outstretched out toward him. She said stubbornly, "No matter what you say, I am still returning these to you."

"Elsa, I want to tell you something, but I don't know whether you would listen to me or not."

Before she could reply, Soren pushed on. "Elsa, I married you not only to show other people the illusion of the two of us living under the same roof. I married you so we could live together like husband and wife, eat and sleep together, and support and take care of each other. Do you understand?"

His words were a little harsh and sounded angry. He had made himself clear. For a moment, Elsa was at a loss on what to say, so she kept her silence. The hand holding the box gradually lowered to the bed. Elsa looked down, and underneath her glasses, her long eyelashes shadowed on her cheeks.

Soren stepped closer and took the soup bowl. "Have some more while it's still hot. Let's get our marriage license tomorrow morning."

"The money..."

Soren interrupted her in a resolute voice, "The money is conjugal property. It belongs to both of us."

Elsa pursed her lips. Soren put the box back into the dresser. Then, he took a quick glance about the room. She used to stay on the small camp bed in his master bedroom, but she moved to the guest room today.

Elsa had the rest of the soup and then picked up the hot compress bag. Her belly didn't hurt that much, and the bag was very hot. She wanted to turn down the air conditioner, but she just couldn't stand the cold.

At this moment, Soren got on the bed. "Hey!" Elsa exclaimed, startled.

"I'll just hold you for a while. Lie down." Soren pulled her down to lie down with him and held her waist tightly.

Elsa was confused. The man's gentleness seemed in turns genuine and feigned. He was outwardly a gentleman, but in his mind, he could not allow anyone to question his behavior. She lay on top of him, her body stiff as a board. Awkwardly, she said, "Hey..."

"Let me massage it for you so you can feel better." Soren placed a hand on her belly. Through the fabric of her pajamas, she could feel that its temperature was slightly warmer than the hot compress. He moved his hand in a circular motion, pressing down and kneading the soft flesh. Then, he kissed her ear and murmured, "Relax."

With him holding her down and touching her like so, how could Elsa relax? It was a good thing that she was not feeling so nervous that she wanted to curl up in a fetal position.

"Elsa, relax." His lips touched her forehead. His hands moved up slowly, massaging her entire tummy area, and then returned to her belly.

As expected, Elsa felt much better after the massage. She pushed at his chest and said, "Please, go back to the master bedroom and rest."

She didn't believe that he could rest comfortably with her pressed close to his body like this.

"The master bedroom is wherever you are." His lips landed on her hair.

Elsa was reminded of the first few nights, and she said with a tinge of anger in her voice, "Why did you lie to me? The guest room is obviously good enough for me, but you tricked me into sleeping in the master bedroom with you."

Soren gently pressed her against the mattress with his body. "I said that because I wanted you to sleep with me!"

He stopped her protesting lips with his in a kiss that was a bit hard and rough. His hands lightly but firmly held her head so that she could not escape him. Soren was a hot-blooded young man whose body could easily catch fire at the slightest provocation. Before Elsa could protest again, he pulled away and stalked out of the room.

Afterwards, Elsa heard the faint sound of water from the bathroom.

The situation was a little funny. She took off her glasses and leaned against the pillow with a chuckle. After a while, Soren came back. His face set in a blank mask, he took out the bowls and plates and washed them clean. Then, he walked slowly to Elsa's side of the bed, lifted the quilt, and slid in. "I'll give you a massage again," he said in a cold voice.

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