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   Chapter 26 My Wife

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"What? Now I see... But..." As a result, the two students felt rather regretful for failing to have their permission.

Soren put his arm around Elsa's shoulders, crouched down and took her in his arms. "You can't just see our good relationship destroyed, can you?"

In order not to disappoint the young students, Elsa wanted to give them the photos. However, she chuckled. The story Soren had made up was so interesting, and it sounded so true. If she agreed to let them use the photo at this time, it would destroy the good intention of Soren. She wanted to let them take a picture of their backs at first, but since she was not convenient now, she had to apologize to them, "I'm really sorry. You'll take a better one."

Soren left to help Elsa with the private affairs that she just told him. The two students had no choice but to leave disappointedly.

In a few minutes, Soren came back with a big bag. He handed a simple shirt to Elsa to tie it on her waist. Then he put the bag into her hands and said, "Let's go to the nearest teaching building."

Accompanied by him to the teaching building, Elsa went into the washroom in a hurry and opened the bag. She felt so embarrassed. Her period was supposed to be two days later, so she hadn't prepared for it. When she sat there just now, she felt the warm flow between her legs. She was so embarrassed that she didn't know why her period came in advance. She managed to persuade Soren to buy some menstrual pads for her and didn't want to get caught in the photo. What a bad luck!

She opened the bag and saw all kinds of brands of pads. He might not know which brand she could use so he just bought all of them. He even considerately helped her buy a coat so that she could cover her dirty trousers.

After changed the pad, she washed her hands and slowly walked out of the washroom. She saw him standing by the window of the corridor and looking at the scenery outside. She felt a little embarrassed and walked forward and said: "Thank you."

No matter who he was, a man would always be appreciated for doing such a thing for women.

Soren took her hand and said, "Then we should go home now. You must be tired running here and there."

Elsa nodded. She sat on his bike and put her hands around his waist. Through his thin sport shirt, she felt his burning skin and hard muscle. Her face heat up.

In the evening, Soren was going to ask Ron out for dinner, which was the wedding feast he owed him. But he gave up when he found that Elsa wasn't in good health.

Elsa felt great pain and didn't eat much at dinner. She lay on the bed for a while, but she tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. She was restless and anxious. Maybe it was because she had that surgery before, she always suffered in the first two days of her period. Journalists worked day and night. Fortunately, they could have a rest every month. In the past, Elsa used to take the rest every month for these two days.

Soren had come in for several times. Although he was considerate, he had no idea what to do. Elsa didn't want to ruin his precious vacation. She smiled apologetically and said, "I'm fine. I just need to take a break. Go ahead with your own business."

"Okay." Soren nodded and walked out of the room. As soon as Elsa heard the door opened and closed, she weakly tilted her head and continued to lie on the pillow.

After a time, smelling a fragrance, Elsa opened her eyes and found Soren standing next to her with a bowl of soup in his hands. He was blowing on the soup, the scent of which permeated the room and made her feel hungry at once. It turned out that he went out to buy something.

"Let me do it myself." She took the bowl. She didn't want to ask him to take care of her for such a small issue.

Soren gave it to her and said, "I went to Grandma's home for food. And I also brought some for you. She especially prepared this assorted fruit and vegetable soup for you. Have a try and see if you like it."

"It's so kind of her." Taking a sip, Elsa said, "It's very delicious. Does Grandma live nearby? I want to find some time to thank her."

"Take care of yourself first. Grandma just lives behind us, so there will be many chances to visit her. Every time I came back, I would go there for free meals."

Elsa took a sip of the soup again. Then she suddenly remembered something and said, "Well, there's one more thing to tell you."

"By the way, I have something else to tell you." The two almost spoke at the same time.

"You first." They said it together again. It was so funny. In order to avoid this situation from happening again, Soren directly went out of the room. When he came back, there was a hot-water bag in his hand.

"Grandma gave me this." He opened the quilt and put the bag into Elsa's hand.

Hearing that, Elsa blushed. "Why did you tell that to Grandma?"

"I don't know much about it. So I just mentioned it in passing. Don't worry. I didn't tell Grandma it was you. She won't know it."

"Do you really th

ink that grandma can't guess it?" Elsa refuted his lame logic.

Soren kept laughing and said, "What did you want to say just now?"

Putting down the bowl, Elsa took out a box from the dresser, which contained some envelopes. She handed them to Soren. "I was about to give you these, but I didn't get a chance. In these two envelopes, there are the money given to me by Grandpas the other day. I haven't counted the amount but they are still kept here. In this envelope, there are the money you spent on my parents' staying here, and the money you paid for the wedding banquet."

The other day, Elsa calculated that the amount of the money was not small.

Soren didn't stretch out his hand. His face turned colder as he said, "I didn't take you to get the marriage license today because it is weekend. Tomorrow is Monday."

Elsa finally understood what he meant and said, "But this money was used before our marriage. Now I live in your house. It's unreasonable that only one person is responsible for the cost of our marriage, no matter we are a real couple or a fake one. Soren, I can't take these things for granted. What's more, it's a huge amount of money. Didn't you say that your salary is not much?"

"Even if I don't have much money, I can afford to support my wife."

Hearing that word, Elsa blushed slightly. She held the box in front of him stubbornly and said, "I will return it to you no matter what you say."

"Elsa Xia, I want to tell you something, but I don't know whether you would like to listen to me or not."

Before he received her answer, Soren opened his mouth, "Elsa Xia, I married you not only to live under the same roof with you, but to live with each other like husband and wife, to eat and sleep together, to support each other and take care of each other, do you understand?"

His words were a little harsh and even a little angry. He made it clearly. For a moment, Elsa did not know what to say and kept in silent. The box in her hand was slowly put down a little. She lowered her head. Her long eyelashes flickered in the light with her glasses.

Soren approached her a little bit, took the bowl and said, "Have some more while it's hot. Let's get our marriage license tomorrow morning."

"The money..."

Soren interrupted her and said firmly, "Marital property belongs to the couple."

Elsa pursed her lips. Soren put the box back in the dresser. Then he took a quick glance at the room. She used to live on the small camp bed in his master bedroom, but she moved to the guest room today.

Elsa drank up the soup and held the hot-water bag in her arms. It was summer now. Her belly didn't hurt that much, and it was very hot. She wanted to turn down the air conditioner but she just couldn't stand the cold. At this moment, Soren got on the bed.

"Hey!" Unexpectedly, Elsa was startled.

"I will hold you for a while. Lie down!" Soren put her down immediately and held her waist tightly.

Elsa just felt that the gentleness of this man was sometimes so real, and sometimes so hypocritical. Obviously, he was gentle, but deep inside him, no one could protest his behavior. She lied on him stiffly. With some embarrassment, Elsa said, "Hey..."

"Let me massage it for you. It will get better." He put his hand on her belly. The temperature was a little warmer than that from the hot-water bag. He gave her a massage on the belly, kneaded and pressed it. Then he kissed her ear and said, "Relax."

Being held and touched by him, how could Elsa feel relaxed? It's good enough that she was not nervous to death and kept mentally stable.

"Elsa, relax." His lips touched her forehead. His hands moved up slowly, massaged her everywhere before returned to her abdomen.

As expected, Elsa felt much better. She pushed him and said, "Please go back to the master bedroom and have a rest yourself."

She didn't believe that he could sleep well as her body was pressing on his like this.

"Where there is you, there is the master bedroom." His lips kissed on her hair.

Remembering the first night here, Elsa was a little angry, "Why did you lie to me? The guest room is obviously good enough for me, but you deceived me to live in the master bedroom with you."

Soren turned over and lied on her soft body, "Because I want you to sleep with me!"

He stopped her protesting lips with his, in a way which was a little hard and rough, and clasped her head to prevent her from getting out of his control. Soren was a man. He was a young man that his body could be on fire by any stimulation. Before Elsa could protest again, he left her and ran away...

As soon as he went out, Elsa heard the faint sound of water from the bathroom.

She took off her glasses and leaned against the pillow, laughing. After a while, Soren came back. He took the bowls and plates off the table and washed them clean with a poker face. Then he walked slowly to the bedside of Elsa, opened the quilt and sneaked in. "I'll give you a massage again," said Soren in a cold voice.

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