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   Chapter 25 So Embarrassed

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"Elsa. Haven't ever sat on the back of a bike before?" Soren asked with a smile.

That was impossible. After all, a man used to drive her around on one for five years. Elsa's thoughts started to wander.

Soren firmly put her hand on his waist and said, "Sit down. Let's go!"

Lingchuan University provided the best tertiary education in the city. Moreover, the university had another claim to fame in the form of a famous road. The Crepe Myrtle Road was known as such because both sides of the road were flanked with rows of the flowering trees. In June, the trees were in full bloom, showering passersby with a profusion of pink, red, and white petals. The blooming period for the trees was short, so the petals constantly rained during the time, cushioning the path with flowers.

There were other paths on campus where these trees grew, but the shower of petals usually wasn't as dense as that in this particular path.

During her time in the university, Elsa used to hang out under the trees for a long time while the blooms were in season. She sometimes read books or just lay there and did nothing. The simple act of staying under the canopy of flowers was enough to elevate her mood. At that time, she had a constant companion.

It had been five years since the last time she came here because of her busy schedule and, more importantly, she wanted to avoid something. The flowers in full bloom were still so beautiful. The thick layer of petals covered the entire road, and the place had the dream-like quality of a fairy tale. That was the reason why they went there by bike. That way, they could bask in the beautiful scene provided by the profuse blossoms.

June was the busiest month on campus. In this month, students were usually preoccupied with exam preparations, and only a few people strolled along the Crepe Myrtle Road. The breeze sometimes stirred the petals and lifted them in flurries off the ground. Standing under a tree, she took a deep breath, opened her arms to hug the empty air. All of a sudden, her mood turned for the better.

Standing behind her, Soren could only see her two pink ears and a fine layer of nearly invisible fluff covering her ponytail. He stepped forward and hugged her from behind. Her head downbent, Elsa murmured, "There are people around."

"Aren't they in love?" Soren whispered against her earlobe.

Elsa felt so embarrassed that she turned around to scold him slightly, "Just look at the flowers."

"I am watching now," Soren replied. His eyes, however, were fixed on Elsa without blinking. He found her red lips and smile to be more attractive than the flowers whose petals fell around them.

Elsa pushed him away and ran to the other side. She kept running under the trees, only exposing her back.

Soren took big strides to catch up with her. He knew that he would succeed even without running. Realizing that Soren was following her, she childishly picked up her heels and ran faster, looking back at him from time to time. By then, Soren was using his full stride length. Although he wasn't dressed in his fatigues, he still cut an strong, imposing figure.

If she kept running like this, she would surely be caught up by him. Then she changed her strategy. She walked through the flower trees on both sides of the road to a whole tree forest and took a winding path. But after she changed her strategy, she turned around and didn't see Soren behind her.

She was a little disappointed. How could he be shaken off so easily?

She stood still and looked around. In her sight, there were crepe myrtle trees and blooming flowers everywhere, but she didn't see Soren anywhere.

Soren? she called out. She got a little anxious. 'where is he?'

But when she turned around, she bumped into someone like a wall. Elsa pushed him away and ran away as fast as a skittish rabbit.

However, he was too close to her so she had no way to escape. Soren stretched out a long arm and hooked it around her waist. Elsa burst into laughter. "Shameless! You're not playing fair!"

Soren released her and let her go, giving her enough time to get away. Even so, the handicap was nothing, considering Soren's extensive physical training in the military. Elsa had no hope of winning against Soren. Although she had gained considerable ground before Soren gave chase, he still caught her easily.

Soren's tall figure and Elsa's petite one hurtled through between the flowering trees. From time to time, Elsa's screams and laughter resounded happily within the forest. Maybe because she was in a place she had stayed in for four years, Elsa felt like a college student again. She was vivacious and free, not boring nor hiding behind a mask, and her laugh rang out easily.

He caught her again. Her eyes sparkled with joy, and her brows were smiling. Soren released her. When she was about to run out, he pulled her back into his arms and held her tightly. Her laughter and surprise were silenced by his sudden kiss. His kiss was slow and forceful. Elsa's breath slowed down, only to pick back up again because of the intensity of the kiss.

After a long moment, Soren pulled back, and Elsa could no longer pretend that she was unaffected. She lowered her head, at a loss for words. Several groups of students passed by them, but Soren did not let her go. She was so embarrassed.

"Let's go." Soren helped her get on the bike, and Soren pedaled them down to the snack street.

Elsa did not have any breakfast, and she could feel her stomach rum

ble. Soren bought some vegetable dumplings and soybean milk. As she handed the food to her, she said nothing but a meek "Thank you."

There were couples kissing everywhere on campus. Some of them probably did not mind being seen in public. Some of the people strolling around looked on, scandalized, but to Elsa, she didn't care what other people thought about kissing in public. She did not pretend to be shy. After all, it was not like that the more mature people were, the more they could accept that these things happened.

She finished her food and then drank the soybean milk through the straw. She gnawed at the straw as she still felt uncomfortable at the thought of being kissed in public. Soren walked slowly on the flowery path, holding the bike on one hand and leading her with the other. To be honest, Soren thought that Elsa's shy, entranced face was a wonderful sight to behold. Elsa's racing heart gradually calmed down, but the hectic color remained on her face. There was a thin sheen of sweat on her face. But suddenly, her face flushed again.

When Elsa wasn't looking, he sneaked a kiss on one warm, blushing cheek.

"Bastard." She shook off his hand and walked away.

Soren's lips were curled up in a wide smile. He really was starting to like staling kisses from Elsa.

Elsa plodded along the path, exhausted. She sat down under a tree and played with the petals. Every few days, cleaners came to sweep the petals away. The gathered petals which usually filled up multiple trash bins. After all, the road looked undeniably romantic, but not when it rained. Regardless of how pretty the petal shower was, rain made the fragile petals muddy and slippery, causing numerous accidents in the area.

She felt sorry for the cleaners' workload, but it couldn't be helped. Ideals were far too removed from reality—one might find similarities, but they inevitable diverged at some point. The same applied to romance.

Soren stood silent beside her, looking down at her with a calm face. She was even shier than he had first thought, and he didn't have the heart to tease her anymore.

All of a sudden, Elsa turned to look at him. Her face was as red as a tomato, but the resolute set of her mouth told him that she mustered the courage to speak up. "Soren, can you come here?"

After parking his bike, Soren walked up to her and sat beside her. "What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

Elsa didn't think that she would become this embarrassed. She said stiltedly, "I will tell you when you come closer."

Soren thought he could kiss her again when he got closer, but he didn't want to scare her away. She whispered in his ear, and her light breath caressing his cheek. At times, her bangs fell across her face. Then, she quickly drew back and started biting her nails in trepidation. She looked nervous and uneasy, as if she were bracing herself for an inevitable rejection.

Soren straightened up and said, "Okay. Wait a minute."

"Wow, they are so sweet!" "What a perfect couple!" A boy and a girl—students, by the looks of it—approached them and showed them a Polaroid printout. "Hello. We are preparing an event to recognize the most beautiful moments on campus. We hope you don't mind, but we took a photo of the two of you. We want to include this Polaroid in the article for the campus newspaper, so we wanted to obtain your consent. Is it okay?"

Somebody took a photo of her while she was speaking. Elsa was so embarrassed that she could have burrowed into the ground. Soren glanced at her and said, "You can ask her."

Personally, he didn't mind it. He took the photo in hand and looked at it. The shot captured the moment when Elsa was whispering to him. The two of them appeared locked in an intimate, romantic moment under the blooming crepe myrtle trees. The intimacy between them painted a beautiful picture of love.

'It's been a while since I graduated from this university. We're not that young anymore.' By now, Elsa was feeling extremely uncomfortable. The photograph captured her in a vulnerable state because what she said to Soren was the most embarrassing thing she had ever uttered. She thought that both of them could just forget about it, but this photograph was evidence that it happened.

"Let me see the picture." "But we are not students anymore," Elsa said. "I don't think it's appropriate to use this photo when you could fill the newspaper space with content from other students." She took the photo into her hand and stared at the man's handsome profile in the picture.

"Oh, so you do not go to this school? You're not seniors? It doesn't matter, though. This photo was still taken on campus. We mean no disrespect, but both of you look gorgeous and are extremely photogenic. I hope that you would allow us to use it." The photo did not have any negatives, and the only copy was the one in Elsa's hand. That was why the two students had been begging for their approval.

She just didn't want to appear in the newspaper. Her head in a mess, she passed the photos to Soren and silently asked him for help with speaking eyes. Soren took back the photo and said with an embarrassed smile on his face, "If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten that we didn't really go to this school. We actually attend the university next door. Our school has strict policies, especially regarding relationships, and we're not allowed to date in public. That was the reason why we came here secretly. We might get caught if this photo got posted."

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