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   Chapter 25 too embarrassed

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"Elsa. Have you never been on a bike before?"

How she never sat on it? There was a man who had been driving her for five years. Hearing that, Elsa was no longer able to think.

Soren put her hand on his waist and said, "sit down. We are leaving now."

Ling Chuan University is the best senior university in Linchuan City, and there is a famous purple star road in the campus. The Purple Rose Road was called because it was full of purple rose flowers. When in June, the purple rose flowers on both sides were blooming, red, white and attractive. In the summer not long period of flower time, purple rose bloomed and fell constantly, often flooding out a path, forming the most famous purple rose petal path.

In addition, other places of the school also had a lot of purple rose flowers, but not as dense as this one.

Elsa used to like to stay there for a long time under the flower every year on this season when she was studying here. Sometimes, reading on the roadside would bring her a good mood, even though she didn't do anything. At that time, there was also someone accompanying her

He hadn't been with her for five years, from his escape and his busy schedule. These flowers were still so beautiful in bloom. The thick layer of petals covered the entire path, as if walking into the fairy tale world. That's why they went there by bike. Only by bike could they slowly enjoy the beautiful scene of the campus and the flowers which were blooming profusely.

June was the busiest month in which the students prepared for the exam. There were not many people on the Purple Rose Road. It was very quiet. Only the petals occasionally rose. Standing under the tree, she took a deep breath, opened her arms and gave a hug to the empty air. Suddenly she was in a good mood.

Standing behind her, Soren could only see two pink ears and a layer of fine fur on her ponytail. He stepped forward and hugged her from behind. Looking down, Elsa said, "there are people around us."

"Aren't they in love?" Soren said in a low voice and kissed her earlobe.

Elsa was so shy that she turned around, "you look at the flowers."

"I am watching now." He said. His eyes, however, fixed on Elsa without blinking. He found that her red lips and white teeth were more attractive than the purple flowers in front of him when she was shy.

Elsa pushed him away and ran to the other side. She shuttled under a flower tree, leaving only her back that was about to jump.

Soren took a big stride to catch up with her. He was sure that he could catch up with her. Realizing that Soren was following her, she became childish and ran faster. And, she looked back at him from time to time. Soren strode in full strides. Although he didn't wear his western suit, others could tell he was a man with strong force.

If she kept running like this, she would surely be caught up by him. Then she changed her strategy. She walked through the flower trees on both sides of the road to a whole tree forest and took a winding path. But when she changed her strategy, she didn't see Soren.

She was a little disappointed. How could he be thrown away so easily?

She stood still and looked around. In her sight, there were purple rose trees and blooming flowers everywhere, but she didn't see Soren?

Where? She got a little anxious. 'where is he?'?

But when she turned around, she bumped into someone like a wall. Elsa pushed him away and ran away as fast as a rabbit.

He was too close to her. How could she escape? Soren stretched out his long arm and caught her. Elsa burst into laughter. "Shameless! Play to depend on not! "

Soren released her and let her go, giving her enough time to slip away. But her speed and steps were much slower than when he who was trained in military. Although she had run far away, she was caught by Soren easily.

Under the flowering tree, the tall figure of Soren and the petite body of Elsa had been shuttling through. From time to time, others could hear Elsa's screaming and laughter. Maybe it was the place where she lived for four years, she was back to the youth time. She was no longer boring or masked, and her laughing was everywhere.

He caught her again. Her eyes sparkled with joy, and her brows were smiling. Soren released her. When she was about to run out, he pulled her back into his arms and held her tightly. Her laughter and surprise were silenced by his sudden kiss. He kissed her slowly and forcefully, gradually pacifying her unstable breath.

After he kissed her, she couldn't be as carefree as before. She lowered her head and said. There were several groups of students passing by just now, and Soren didn't let her go. She was so embarrassed.

"Let's go." Soren took her by bike and rode along the street.

She hadn't had breakfast and was hungry. Soren gave her the vegetable food and soy milk. She said

nothing but "thank you".

There were kissing couples everywhere in the campus. Some of them might not care too much, but their thoughts were not same to her. She didn't wanted to make a fuss. Such intimate thing was not something that could be accepted calmly in elder years.

After finishing the food, she hesitated about the drinking straw that was holding her soy milk. Soren walked slowly on the path under petals, holding a bike on one hand and leading her by the other. To be honest, it was a wonderful thing to see her shy and entangled. The face turned red slightly and slowly calmed down. There was a little sweat on her face. She had already calmed down, but the face turned red again.

When she wasn't paying attention, Soren gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Bastard." She shook off his hand and strode forward.

Soren curled his lips. He felt a little comfortable to have an kiss with her secretly.

After arriving at her destination, she plodded along the path. Finally, she was tired. She sat down under a flower and played with the petals. Several days later, the servant came to her and swept the petals away, and then she threw the garbage can out of the school. Although it was a romantic scene, once it began to rain, these petals would be wrapped up by the rain and turn into muddy shapes, which would make it inconvenience for people's life.

She felt a little pity. But there was no other way. Ideal and reality is such a gap, temporarily parallel, will run counter to, romantic and reality is the same.

Soren stood aside, looking at her with a calm face She was more shy than he thought, and he couldn't bear to play tricks with her.

All of a sudden, Elsa looked at him in blush. Her face was as red as a ripe apple. It seemed that she had mustered a lot of courage to talk to him Soren, Can you come here? "

After parking his outworn bike, Soren walked up to her and sat beside her. "What's wrong?" he asked with concern

Elsa had never expected that she would be humiliated like this. She said awkwardly, "I will tell you when you come closer."

Seeing this, Soren was thought that if he kissed her closer, she might be scared away. So he bent over and whispered in her ear. She whispered in his ear with her light breath. Her breath was as soft as the orchid, and her hair occasionally swept over his face. Then she quickly took back her action and bit her nails. She was nervous and uneasy as if she was afraid that he would refuse.

Soren straightened his back and said, "okay. Wait for a moment."

"Wow, they are so sweet! What a perfect couple! " A boy and a girl who looked like students came over and took out the photos from the filming, "Hello. We are preparing an event to collect materials for the most beautiful moment in the campus. We have just taken a picture of you. We want to use it for the selection on the campus newspaper. So we want to get your approval, is that okay?"

When she was talking, she was photographed. Elsa was so embarrassed that she even buried herself in a pit. Soren glanced at her and said, "you can ask for her opinion."

But he didn't mind it at all. He took the photo and looked through it. In the photo, Elsa was whispering something to him, and they acted very intimately, behind which was a blooming purple flower. The most beautiful moment of love was this intimate behavior.

'They had been graduated for years. They were not young as the two people.' Elsa was very uncomfortable now. It was very embarrassing to be photographed in this photo, because what she had just said was the most embarrassing thing she had ever done. She had thought that she would forget it after passing it, but now, the evidence was taken, so that it could be kept forever as evidence.

"Let me see the picture." "But we are not students any more. I don't think it's a good idea to apply for the position in campus newspaper," said Elsa, she took the photo and had a look at the profile of the man in the picture

"Oh, so you are not schoolmates. But it doesn't matter. What happened in this photo happened on campus. Brother and sister are both so handsome and beautiful, and you have super camera shooting, which is the most eye-catching partner of us. Please accept it. " The photos they had been taking had no background video, but the one in Elsa's hand. That was why the two students had been begging for their approval.

She just didn't want to show it in the newspaper. She was in a mess. She handed the photo to Soren and looked his eyes to beg him to help. Soren took back the photos and said with an embarrassed smile, "if you didn't mention it, I almost forget that we are not from this school, but we from the next school. Our school is very strict and they don't allow others to date in public, so we come here secretly. As soon as this photo is reported, we will expose it, right?"

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