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   Chapter 24 I Can Give You A Ride

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In the end, they couldn't make a decision, so they walked out of the mall. They strolled along the street hand in hand, laughing all the way like they were back in the merry days of their youth.

All of a sudden, Jane stopped and stared at one shop display. "Sasa, that dress is so beautiful!"

Elsa nodded in agreement. "You're right, it is very pretty. You want to check it out?"

"I want to! Even if I can't buy it, at least I'd get to see what it looks like on me." Jane tugged at Elsa's hand, and they entered the establishment.

As soon as they entered the shop, the familiar smile on the staff's face reminded Elsa that this shop was owned by Soren's mother, Susie. Susie had impeccable taste. All of the clothes in the store were gorgeous.

She thought that she wouldn't encounter Susie in the store at that time, so she didn't have to be on guard. She took several dresses and went to the fitting room with Jane.

Elsa and Jane were of a similar height and figure, so the dresses they tried on looked equally great on both of them. They made them look different, like gorgeous strangers. The youthful tenor of the day persisted as they giggled and helped each other out in trying on the clothes—a pull of a zipper here, a tightening of a belt there. Like children, they happily twirled and posed in front of the fitting room mirrors. They were so enthusiastic about trying on their clothes and looked so beautiful and elegant that they attracted the attention of many customers who wandered inside the shop to browse their offerings.

When they got tired of trying on as many dresses as their heart desired, they carefully helped the saleslady put the clothes back on their hangers and said apologetically, "We'll have a look again."

Jane had seen the tags of the dresses she had tried on, and the four-digit prices were unbearable. Jane felt a little heartbroken at leaving, but the saleslady suddenly handed her a bag and said, "Miss, here is your dress."

Jane stared at the bag. "You must be mistaken. I didn't buy any clothes." One look inside the exquisite paper bag told her that it was her favorite dress among those that she had tried on. The dress fit her perfectly, and it was versatile enough that she could wear it as an evening dress on one occasion, and it would still be a suitable attire during the daytime.

The saleslady smilingly told her, "Our boss said that as long Miss Elsa and any of her friends come to visit, they're to be given extra discounts and freebies. This is the first time Miss Elsa came here of her own will, so how can we not do this?"

Jane glanced at Elsa. "I don't think it's a good idea. We can't accept such an expensive freebie." Elsa knew that Susie was a generous person, but she couldn't just accept such a gift without giving nothing in return.

"If Miss Elsa wouldn't take this, then it will be difficult for us. If the boss would ask us about it later, then we'll be at fault," the saleslady insisted, adamantly not taking back the bag.

Wordlessly, the two friends stared at each other. Elsa did not expect this when they entered the shop. It would be awkward for her whether she accepted the gift or not.

The saleslady chuckled and said, "Miss Elsa, you're so lucky. Please, accept the gift and consider it as a welcome gesture from us."

Elsa had no choice but to take it. She took note of the shop's name and vowed to herself never to come here again. She flashed a helpless smile and said, "Thank you."

Then, she walked out of the shop with Jane, who hadn't stopped staring at her. "Huh. Sasa, what type of shop owner would give you such an expensive dress just like that? Is the owner a man who has a crush on you and who is trying to woo you with gifts? Let's make a deal: if you can't pay him back, I won't wear this dress."

Elsa pursed her lips. "Don't worry. I will return the favor to him."

Seeing Elsa's shy smile, Jane giggled and asked, "No, seriously, who is he? Don't tell me... Are you having an affair so soon after the wedding?"

"It's Soren," Elsa replied, her cheeks pink with a charming blush. "His mother owns the shop. He took me there once after we got married. Maybe because of that visit, his mother must have remembered me and made arrangements with her staff."

"Really? I see. The store is owned by your mother-in-law. The clothes in the store are all so nice, and I could tell that the person who selected them has flawless taste. No wonder she got our dear Sasa as her daughter-in-law."

"And you, my dear Janie, have a gilded tongue. You are really good at saying nice words."

"Of course. But you know what? Remember that time when I saw him in his casual clothes, chatting with his grandparents? He looked manly, but not as rough as most men. He had a certain noble bearing, and I could tell that he came from old money."

"Come on, the dress is gorgeous, but do you really have to praise him that much because of it?" Elsa said jokingly.

Jane shrugged. "I got a gift for free. How could I take it without doing anything? By the way, this dress needs accessories. Do you still have time? Help me buy them, please?"

"Okay, let's go." Elsa started walking, leaving Jane to follow behind her.

Just then, Jane's phone rang, and her screen flashed her boss's name. She picked up the call reluctantly, but she waved at Elsa with a grin, saying, "It's okay, go ahead. I'll be right there!"

After hanging up the phone, she complained, "That stup

id general manager couldn't find the materials he needed. I need to go and look for them."

That was one drawback to Jane's high salary—she was practically on call 24/7. Elsa had no choice but to say, "Go ahead. We can always buy the accessories later."

"No, that's okay. There wouldn't be any time to do that before the event." Jane sighed and waved her hand to hail a cab.

Elsa thought for a while and took off the key-shaped necklace. "Here, use this. This goes with everything. Just return it to me once you're done."

Jane held the necklace in her hand and examined it closely. It was a beautiful style, and she could see the meticulous craftsmanship. She smiled gratefully and said, "I'll put it in my pocket for now. You're right, it looks like it will work. I'll return it to you after the event."

"Go! Your cab's here." Elsa waved to her.

Jane hurriedly slid into the taxi. The lively exchange ended then, and only a faint trace of pleasant time spent with a friend lingered.

Elsa got to know Jane in high school, but they lived in different cities after graduation. Elsa stayed in Linchuan City, while Jane went to another city. Even so, the separation did not affect their friendship. After graduation, Jane came back with little Bun in her belly, and the women resumed their paused friendship.

Their friendship had lasted for more than ten years.

Jane was born and raised in Linchuan City, but she attended high school in Elsa's hometown. Linchuan City was a big city. A lot of students competed to get into the good schools, while the poor students were left to go to schools that offered inferior-quality education. Thus, Jane's mother simply sent her to the best school in the town where Elsa lived.

A good education in Linchuan City cost a lot. To ensure that little Bun could attend a good school in Linchuan City, Jane never spent money frivolously. She was willing to spend any amount of money on her child. That meant that she never spent on herself.

“When you raise a child, you will always worry no matter what age he is.” Mia was right when she said that.

While walking, Elsa wondered what it would be like if she had a baby of her own.

The next day, Elsa woke up without the alarm. When she opened her eyes, the phone in the living room rang. Elsa hesitated, not sure whether she should answer it. After all, she didn't even tell her parents this number. The one who called must be looking for Soren, not her.

Just then, the phone stopped ringing. She was about to go back to bed when the ringing started again.

'Fine. What if it was something urgent?'

This time, without thinking too much about it, Elsa picked up the mouthpiece. "Hello?"

"Elsa." It was Soren. "You're home! I was trying to call your mobile phone, but it was turned off."

Elsa smiled. "Yes. I'm on holiday, and I rarely ever get nights off, so I turn my phone off at night when I do. I just got up, so I haven't turned it on yet. What's up?" Elsa politely explained in detail. After all, they were little more than strangers.

"I'll be home soon, and I'm taking you out for fun. Come down now."

"Okay." She headed back to the bedroom to change her clothes. She didn't know Soren's idea of fun, so she dressed up in a set of sportswear and slipped on a pair of canvas shoes. She put her keys and mobile phone into her pocket and went out.

When she came out of the elevator, she saw Soren walking out of the parking lot wearing sportswear. He looked like a college student.

She was about to ask where they were going when he jogged over and squatted down in front of her without saying anything. 'Is he going to...' Instinctively, Elsa took half a step backwards, but then she saw that one of her shoelaces were loose. Soren tied the shoelaces securely and then straightened up. He took her hand and said, "I want to take you somewhere."

They were standing close to each other, and the intimacy made Elsa feel a little off-kilter.

Faced with his excitement, Elsa, who generally did not show emotion, injected some enthusiasm into her voice. "Where are we going?"

"Let's go. You will know once we get there. However, we need to drop by somewhere else first."

Elsa followed him. They walked out of the community and came to a stand. Soren swiped his card and then took out a bike. He patted the seat and said, "Do you want to try? Do you know how to ride it?"

It was one of the bikes from the city project encouraging the citizens to ride bikes instead of using their cars. People could borrow them using their social security card.

"Yes, but I don't want to ride it today," Elsa said candidly. According to her calendar, her period was due in a couple of days, and her body was feeling sore. If she rode a bike, she knew that she would end up feeling even worse.

"Okay, I can give you a ride." Soren was a tall man with long legs. He sat astride on the chair.

Elsa flushed at the implication, as if she wanted to be ridden by him. She asked, "Can I change my mind?"

"No, you can't! You only had one chance! Hop on!" Soren didn't turn around. He was gentle, just like any other member of the Qi family she had met. However, he sometimes spoke in commanding, forceful tones, which he probably picked up because of the nature of his work.

As these thoughts ran through her mind, she slowly walked toward the bike. She gingerly perched herself on the back seat, hands clutching at Soren's sides to steady herself.

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