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   Chapter 24 I'll give you a ride

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She couldn't make a right decision. At last, she decided to walk out of the shop and stroll along the street. Hand in hand, they laughed and laughed all the way, as if they were back to their youth time.

All of a sudden, Jane stared at the clothes in one shop and said, "Zaza, that dress is so beautiful!"

"Yes, it's beautiful." "How about we have a try?" Elsa suggested

"Have a try. Although I will not buy it, I'm glad." She took her hand and come in.

As soon as they entered the shop, the smile on the waitress's face reminded Elsa that the owner of this shop was Soren's mother, Susie. Susie had a good taste. The clothes in the store were so beautiful.

However, she didn't think that she would meet Susie in the store, so she didn't worry about that at all. She took the clothes and went to the fitting room with Jane.

The dresses all looked great on them. They were about the same height. They looked like a new lady in the mirror and looked gorgeous. They looked so happy, like they were younger. They tried many clothes that they like. Everyone was full of charm. You help me with the belt, I pull up the zipper for you, and I smile happily when I posed in front of the mirror. They enjoyed the life of dressing with each other and it attracted a lot of customers to come over.

When they had tried enough, they were sure that they wouldn't buy them. So they carefully helped the saleslady put these bags away and said, "we'll have a look. Please put them down."

Jane couldn't bear to higher the prices. Jane felt a little pity and was about to leave, but the saleslady took out a bag and held it in front of her, "Miss, this is your dress."

"You must be mistaken. I didn't buy any clothes." Jane glanced at the exquisite paper bag, which was her favorite dress. The dress fits her perfectly. She could wear it in the evening dress and go out at ordinary times.

The saleslady smilingly looked at her, "our boss said that as long as any friend of Miss Xia and Miss Xia comes, they will get extra bonus and discount. It's Miss Xia's first time to come here. How can we not do this? "

"I don't think it's a good idea? We can't accept such a valuable gift. " Elsa thought that Susie was indeed a generous person, but she couldn't give her anything in return.

"Miss Xia won't take it. We're in a dilemma. If you ask about it later, it will be our fault. " The saleslady insisted and didn't take her hands back.

"……" It was indeed out of Elsa's expectation that she checked these clothes by herself. Whether she took them or not, it would be very awkward.

The saleslady chuckled and said, "Miss Xia, you're so lucky. Please accept it. This is also a good chance for us to get close to you."

Elsa had no choice but to take it. She kept the shop name in mind and never came here again. She smiled and said, "thank you."

Then she walked out of the washroom together with Jane. She said in surprise, "Hey, Zaza, what a generous owner? The man who had a crush on you and chased you? Let's make a deal first. If you can't pay him back, I dare not wear this dress. "

"Don't worry. I will return the favor to him." Elsa pursed her lips slightly.

She giggled and felt amused. Jane giggled and asked, "who is he? Which one? Having an affair after you just married? "

"It's Soren," "His mother is the owner of a shop. He took me here once after we got married. Maybe it's because of that time. His mother remembered me and arranged it. "

"Really? Well, I see. The store is owned by your mother-in-law. The clothes in this store are all very nice. I can tell that it's a people with good taste. No wonder she chose you to be her daughter-in-law, my dear Zaza. "

"You are so glib tongued. You are really good at saying nice words."

"Of course. But at that time, I saw him in his casual clothes and chatting with his grandparents. I could see that he was integrity, but not as rough as those men. I could imagine that his family was very wealthy. "

"Come on, you praise he highly because this dress! This dress is so gorgeous!"

"Don't be sad if you don't give he too much praise. Well, the dress needs to be decorated with accessories. If you have time, go shopping with me. "

"Okay, let's go." Elsa left in a hurry.

Just then, there was a call from Jane's boss, she picked it up with a reluctant look on her face, but she grinned and said, "it's okay. It's okay. I'll be there soon!"

After hanging up the phone, she complained, "the stupid general manager couldn't find the materials he needed. Let me find them right now."

To get high salary was indeed a big trouble. Now Jane was practically on call. Elsa had no choice but to say, "you go first. We can buy things later. "

"Oh! I guess there won't be any

time left before the activity starts." Jane sighed and waved her hand to stop the taxi.

Elsa thought for a while and took off the key shaped necklace. "Try this. This one. You can use them first and then return them to me. "

Jane held it in her hand and looked at it carefully. It was a beautiful style and she could tell the details of it. She then said with a smile, "I'll put it in my pocket now. It seems that it will work. I'll return it to you when it's done. "

"Go ahead. Here's the car." Elsa waved to her.

After she got in the car, the lively scene disappeared, and only the faint scent was left.

Elsa got to know Jane since high school, but they went to different cities after graduation. And Elsa stayed in Linchuan City, while Jane went to another city. But the separation didn't affect their friendship. After graduation, Jane came back with a little bun in her belly, and their friendship continued to go on.

They had been together for more than ten years.

Jane born and grew up in Linchuan City, but she studied in high school which was in Elsa's hometown. Linchuan City was a big city. The good school competed for a large school, which was difficult to go to. The poor school with bad quality and far away. Liang's mother simply sent her to the best school in the city where Elsa lived.

It spent much money sending Jane to the best school in the Linchuan City. To make sure that little bun could attend a good school in Linchuan City, Jane never took it casually. She was willing to spend any money on little bun. But she was very hard on herself.

Raising a child at the age of 100 is often sad at 99 Mia was right.

While walking, she wondered what would happen if she had a baby in the future

The next day, she woke up naturally. When she opened her eyes, the phone in the living room rang. Elsa hesitated, not sure whether she should answer it. After all, she didn't even tell her parents about this phone number. The one who called must be looking for Soren, not her.

Right at this moment, the phone stop ringing. Turning around, she heard the ringtone again.

Fine. What if there was something urgent.

This time, she didn't think too much. She picked up the phone, "hello."

"Elsa." "You're home. I called you but your phone was off."

"Yes. It's holiday. It's rare for me to take a night leave, my phone is powered off at night. She didn't turn it on as she just got up. What's up? " Elsa explained in detail and politely. Because they were not familiar at all.

"I'll be home soon and take you out for fun. Come down now."

"Okay." Then she went back to her room to change her clothes. She didn't know where she was going to have fun, so she picked a set of sportswear and dressed in canvas shoes. She put the key and the phone into her pocket and went out.

When she came out of the elevator, she saw Soren walking out of the parking lot wearing sportswear. He looked like a college student.

When she was about to ask where they were going, he ran over and squatted down in front of her without saying anything. 'Is he going to...' Elsa took half a step backwards by instinct, but she saw that he picked up the scattered shoes naturally and tied the shoelaces for her. He took her hand and said, "let me take you to a place."

They were so intimate that Elsa felt a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that he was excited, Elsa, who had not much emotion before, forced herself to cheer up and asked, "where to play?"

"Let's go. You will know where we to go. But we'll go to another place first. "

Elsa followed him. They walked out of the community and came to a stand. Soren swiped his credit card and took out a outworn bike. He patted the seat and said, "do you want to try? Do you know how to ride it? "

This is the civilian bike of the city project. People can use it by their social security card.

"Yes, but I don't want to ride it today." Elsa said honestly. She was going to have her period in two days according to the schedule, and her waist was a little sore today, so she didn't want to ride. Otherwise, she would feel sore better at that time.

"Okay, I can give you a ride." Soren was a tall man with long legs. He sat on the chair with a stride.

Elsa flushed as if she wanted to be ridden by him. She asked, "can I change my mind?"

"No, you can't! There was only one chance! Get in the car! " Soren didn't turn around. He was gentle, just like any other member of the Qi family. But he sometimes said in a forceful and imperative tone. This was probably a natural characteristic of his experience.

As these thoughts ran through her mind, she slowly made her way to mark. Sitting on his side, she grabbed the seat at the back with both hands to stabilize herself.

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