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   Chapter 23 Of Course I Sleep Well At Night

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The first thing that greeted Elsa when she entered the room was the sight of Caspar entwined with a naked woman. In her shock, her glasses slid off her face. It was not an exaggeration. Her glasses dropped to the floor with a muffled clatter. She soon followed her spectacles down, feeling around the floor to search for them, so she had no idea what the man she was supposed to interview was doing.

Elsa had tried her best to do that interview. The last time she met Caspar, it was by his swimming pool, and the models around him got Elsa's shirt wet. Thank goodness, she had worn a thick overcoat, which sufficiently protected her modesty. She did catch a cold and was sick during the whole week after that. To Caspar, it became a running inside joke: "Show me your body and I'll show you mine." He did everything on purpose!

The more Elsa thought about it, the angrier she became. Her hands balled into fists on her sides. However, her anger was for nothing—it wasn't like she could do anything to the guy. When he came to the newspaper office, the newspaper's editor-in-chief personally received him. Elsa was only a journalist, so she could only bear the man's presence.

When she got home, a package for her was delivered by a courier. Elsa never shopped online, so the delivery took her by surprise. Did her parents send something to her from home?

When she opened the box at home, she found several bottles of nail polish.

'Did Jane get this for me?' Elsa wondered.

The sender attached a little note for her. She took it out and read, "Elsa, don't bite your nails anymore. I talked with Mom and Grandma, and they said that you probably wouldn't bite them anymore if they're painted beautifully."

The package was from Soren. Elsa's irritation toward the man cooled down because of the thoughtful gesture. The nail polish was a particularly pretty shade of lavender.

After some thought, she picked up a bottle and tried to apply a coat on her fingernails. She wasn't very good at it. Looking at the mess she had made due to her clumsiness, she couldn't help but burst out laughing.

'After a long time, I finally get my nails polished. I've changed a lot these past few days—I'm sure that things are looking up from here onwards.'

The next day, Elsa was notified that she had been selected to join the team doing the army interview. The team would leave in a few days. The deputy editor-in-chief even called her personally to deliver the news. It seemed like that the application form that Elsa had submitted was received favorably. If Johnny had been responsible for her getting that assignment, he would have called her himself instead of the deputy editor-in-chief.

The thought of being in the same room with Johnny for extended periods of time made Elsa's head ache. She was a married woman now. Even if she and Soren were bound together by a contract marriage, she shouldn't have any ambiguous relationships with other men. To be fair, it was Johnny who kept bothering her, not the other way around.

There were still people busy with work in the newspaper office when Elsa arrived. Journalists scrambled around for news, skittering about like their legs couldn't run fast enough. On-site reporters were extremely capable, and they could go to the ends of the earth if that would guarantee them a scoop. Elsa had been free these days because of her leave, so she had somehow forgotten how hectic the office always was.

When she appeared in front of the chief editor's office, a confident smile spread across Johnny's face. She used to be so obsessed with that cocky smile of the man in front of her. Now, she couldn't even see his face clearly.

"Hi, Elsa." Johnny let the reporter in his office out and motioned for Elsa to enter. "Come in and have a seat. No, forget it—let's have our chat while having some coffee at that cafe outside."

"Mr. Johnny, I think it would be better if we talked about official business inside the office." Elsa automatically rejected Johnny's offer.

Hearing what she said, Johnny shrugged off the coat that he was pulling on and sat down slowly. "Elsa, you've really grown a lot in the past few years. Your work capability is greater than I expected. Your slot for the interview has been decided by the bosses."

He didn't take credit for it. Elsa was not stupid—she knew exactly what kind of person Johnny was. He would not argue with his superiors over trifling details if they would cause more harm than good.

Elsa nodded. "I have told the deputy EIC of my intention to turn it down. I don't want to do the interview. He said that I should inform you first because you are my direct superior. If you agree, he'll come up with a new list."

"Have you made your decision?"

"Yes. I'm sorry. Please help me convey it to the deputy editor-in-chief." Elsa nodded to Johnny and walked out of his office.

As soon as she was out the door, Elsa received a call from Soren. They hadn't seen each other for a few days, and neither of them had tried to contact the other. When she saw the name on her phone screen, her mood suddenly lifted.

Soren sounded a little tired over the phone. He breathed out, "Elsa? How are you?"

"I'm okay." She rubbed her eyes and asked, "How about you?"

"I'm fine, too. Do you sleep well at night? What about nightmares? Do you have them?"

Elsa's heart leapt when she heard the concern in his voice. Biting her lip, she answered, "Of course, I sleep well at night—not a single thief has visited me since the last time."

Her answer reminded Soren of what had happened that night. He chuckled and said after a pause, "I'm sorry that I cannot come home to keep you company. I'm really busy these days. I had to leave you alone mere days after we got married, and I apologize for that."

As Soren spoke, he slowly walked out of the master bedroom. In fact, he had returned home to see her during a short break from his mission, but she was not there. 'She must have gone shopping,' he thought. He couldn't stay any longer. He only had five minutes of free time, and he consumed three of those minutes to rush home while on a call with Elsa. Now, he had to rush downstairs.

"It's okay. I know you're busy, so don't worry about it." Elsa fell silent for a few moments. Then, in a soft voice, she added, "Take care of yourself."

Her wo

rds satisfied Soren. With a delighted smile on his face, he ended the call and ran down the stairs.

After hanging up the phone, Elsa suddenly remembered the nail polish. She forgot to ask him about it.

Some of the journalists at work were aware that she had been selected to go to the army base to do the interview. Many of them came over to congratulate her. Some of her colleagues were genuinely happy for her, while the others were less than sincere. Elsa thanked everyone smilingly. She had politely refused to do the interview, but she didn't see any need to set anyone's notions straight. After all, everyone would find out about her decision soon enough.

Elsa slowly walked out of her office. She was still on vacation, so she was feeling too lazy to do anything. She walked over to her car and started the engine. Jane was already waiting for her in an ice cream shop. When she saw Elsa, she waved at her happily and motioned for her to come over.

Before Elsa could take a seat, Jane started gushing, "I will be participating in an important company event, so I need to buy an evening dress. I have been working in the hospital for so long that I know little about dressing for these occasions. My knowledge of formal dresses is none-existent. At least you have bought some before, so please give me some advice."

Elsa smiled at her friend's frazzled excitement. "Sure! What kind of important event is it?" she asked without raising her head as she browsed the shop's menu.

A trace of sadness toned down the enthusiasm in Jane's eyes, but she wiped her expression clean before Elsa could see it. "It's just an ordinary company event. Big companies always require their employees to attend those things. If I don't dress up for it, then I will definitely stick out like a sore thumb."

Elsa stirred her mango yogurt and said with a smile, "That's one of the perks of working for a big company. You can show up wearing beautiful clothes every day and make a lot of money at the same time."

Jane suddenly changed the topic. "By the way, Sasa, isn't your wedding leave almost over?"

"Yes. I only have a few days left, but I've done nothing the entire time. I'm about to go back to work, and I'm already dreading the holiday hangover."

Jane grinned at her knowingly. "You don't want to part with him so soon, do you?"

Elsa blushed. "That's not it! Just eat your banana! It can't even plug your mouth!"

"Don't be so shy," Jane teased. Reaching out her fingers, Jane poked at Elsa's cheeks and murmured, "My Sasa only becomes shy with people she likes."

"I love you, okay?" Elsa said with a long-suffering sigh. She grabbed Jane's finger and playfully cast it aside. Then, she said in a somewhat solemn tone, "Janie, do you still remember the application I told you last time? The one for an interview assignment to the military base?"

"I remember. What's wrong? Did you make it? Did your bosses approve of it? You have applied for that assignment for two or three years now, and they've always chosen someone else every single year. How about this year?"

Elsa said with some regret, "I did it. The thing is, I turned it down because Johnny will be going. I realize that... I still can't face him after all this time." A little ashamed, Elsa bent down her head and avoided Jane's eyes.

"Can you still not let it go?" Jane asked with concern.

"I don't know. Sometimes, my mind is empty, and there are times when my head's a total mess. The thoughts overwhelm me, but the silence in my head sometimes feels equally suffocating."

Hearing Elsa's words, Jane said calmly, "I know that ten years' worth of memories cannot be easily erased, Sasa. People say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes time is totally useless."

Jane's face darkened. Elsa smiled, shaking herself out of her sad thoughts. "Never mind, I don't want to talk about him anymore. I made the decision myself, and he had nothing to do with it. No matter what choice I make, it's my own business. Anyway, what kind of dress do you like? Do you want a conservative look or a more seductive style? Ah, I'm sure a lot of old fuddy-duddy shareholders will be attending that company affair of yours. I think it's safer to dress more conservatively. What do you think?"

"Are you kidding me? Our company is full of young talents who are extremely elegant and handsome. I really should dress up in something provocative so I could snag a stepfather for little Bun."

"Wow. You'll be killing two birds with one stone," Elsa said with a chuckle.

After finishing their desserts, the two friends went shopping to hunt for the perfect dress for Jane. The prices of clothes these days were ridiculous and incomprehensible. They entered small roadside boutiques displaying ordinary-looking clothes, but their price tags were usually in the four-digit range. Moreover, the shopkeepers were generally haughty—they seemed to look down their noses at people and coldly answered those who asked like it was a personal insult, "We never offer discounts!"

Jane tried several dresses that fit her. A short skirt with minimal fabric bore a price tag of more than two thousand. Although she now received a high salary, Jane had yet to receive hers. She was reluctant to spend money that she didn't have yet. Besides, with this amount, she could buy a lot of things for little Bun. Elsa dragged her out of the boutique and into the shopping mall.

Even so, the prices of outfits at the mall were still high. Finding the right dress seemed like an insurmountable task.

"Really, people in Linchuan City can't survive without robbing a bank. These prices are astronomical!" Jane heaved a sigh and said, "Let's go back to the stores in my neighborhood. We can buy normal clothes and wear those first. I can always get some more once I receive my salary."

Elsa wasn't under considerable pressure financially because she was making money only for herself. She wanted to offer a gift to her friend, but she knew how proud Jane was. Although she seemed to like taking advantages of other people, she never asked for charity from other people. Even if Elsa told her that she was buying her clothes as a gift, Jane would find a way to pay her back in the future. Thus, usually Elsa didn't dare to give her something expensive to avoid making her feel burdened.

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