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   Chapter 22 Medicine Doesn't Cure Worries

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Mia saw how embarrassed Elsa looked as she exited the bedroom dressed in her own clothes. She tried to ease the younger woman's discomfort with a kind smile. "Child, this is your own home. You should feel free to wear whatever you like."

"That's right," Zed said in agreement. "I'm sorry, Grandpa and Grandma, I put on the shirt by mistake," Elsa apologized, a hectic blush still burning on her cheeks.

Seeing how their knowing smiles deepened, she realized how her explanation only sounded like a guilty attempt to hide something.

Mia took out a container of soup and said with a smile, "You look too thin, so we've brought you some soup. Come on, have some."

Elsa felt conflicted. Only a few people knew that she was a vegetarian. She usually avoided having meals with other people or drinking trying out their food because she did not want people to think that she was hypocritical or high-maintenance. However, she couldn't refuse soup brought by her grandparents-in-law for fear of offending the elderly.

Mia handed her a bowl of steaming soup and said, "Elsa, have a taste. Child, it must be difficult for you to live alone away from your family. You're so thin, so I'm really worried about you."

Trying to hide her apprehension, Elsa peered at the contents of the bowl in her hands. To her relief, she could only see a lone piece of cabbage floating in the still hot liquid, which did not look greasy. She closed her eyes and took a sip. She fervently prayed in her mind that she would not feel nausea or spit it out in front of them.

What Elsa didn't know was that the soup was prepared by the best chef under the Qi Family's employ. The chicken soup was boiled over and over again, which led to the soup's clean taste. The soup took time and skill to prepare—as a result, it was no less grander than any other dish prepared by a world-renown chef.

To Elsa's surprise, she thought that the soup was absolutely delicious. She scooped up more of it into her mouth that it looked like she was about to swallow her own tongue with it.

"Ren told me that you don't like meat, so I dared not bring any chicken soup. I don't want you to dislike it." Mia was delighted at how Elsa finished her soup quickly and ladled more into her bowl.

"No, it's so delicious. How could I dislike it?" Elsa was a little embarrassed. She didn't expect Soren to tell his grandparents about her dietary preferences.

Zed and Mia were like a well-educated scholarly couple with kind hearts—those who were usually seen on university campuses. It was also obvious how much they had influenced Soren. It was no wonder that, despite his strong appearance, Soren had always been gentle and graceful in manner. He stood out among men, judging by his words and acts.

Mia suddenly asked, "Elsa, the last time we saw each were feeling nauseous. Did you go to the hospital for a check-up? What did the doctor say about the baby?"

Elsa choked on a mouthful of soup, suddenly unable to breathe. She covered her mouth as she coughed and gasped for air, and tears started streaming down her face.

Why did Soren have to report such inconsequential matters to his grandparents and not explain to them the crucial ones?

"No... Grandma, I felt dizzy at the time because I was a little carsick. It was nothing serious. Soren and I haven't really planned to have a baby yet." Elsa took the tissue offered by Mia and wiped her face as she explained.

Mia was obviously disappointed, but she still smiled and said, "Really?"

"Yes, Grandma."

"I see. I thought that we can finally have four generations of our family under one roof. Elsa, our family is big, and Ren is the only one son for several generations. It's only to be expected for us old people to feel anxious. But it's fine now. We were all overjoyed when we found out that he's finally willing to get married." The older woman clasped Elsa's hand and said sincerely, "Ren is not that young anymore, and we're all hoping to see him become a father as soon as possible. When you raise a child, you will always worry no matter what age he is. Until he had settled down and started his own family, no one in the Qi family could feel at ease."

These words awakened something in Elsa's heart. Soren might not have been in a hurry to have a child, but she herself did not think much about how to start their life together after their marriage. They only decided to get married because marriage solved each of their problems at the time

Mia was looking at Elsa with eager eyes, and Elsa didn't have the heart to deny her. She promised over and over, "Grandma, don't worry. I will discuss this matter with Ren once he gets back."

"Okay. Then I have nothing to worry about," Mia said while patting Elsa's hand. "We're leaving now. Remember to drink more soup and eat a lot."

After Soren's grandparents left, Elsa closed the door and leaned against it for a long time.

They had only been married for a few days, but everyone was already talking about babies. She then realized that their thoughts about marriage and family were too simple when they decided to get married.

The next day, Elsa followed her mother's instructions and went to the hospital to have her physical examination.

The doctor was familiar with Elsa because she had been here several times.

"Doctor, can I request you do one more examination for me? Like..." Elsa did not know what to say. Since her operation, her mother had been worried about her fertility problems in the case of future pregnancies. On the one hand, she was unmarried the last time she had been examined; on the other hand, she did not have any plans to have a child for the time being. She did not know how to describe the required test.

"Let's do the routine check-up first." The doctor gave Elsa a set of instructions.

As a matter of fact, the routine physical examination was not complicated and did not take too long because there were only a few people. Soon, Elsa's tests were completed, and she went back to her doctor. The doctor

checked the results and said with a smile, "Everything is normal. Your results are within normal ranges."

Elsa took a deep breath and decided to just ask. "Doctor, I want to know the likelihood of pregnancy for me since I had that operation. Are there any tests I could take to find out?"

The doctor smiled and asked, "Are you married now? Are you considering having a baby?"

Elsa thought for a while and shook her head. "I just want to know my chances, just in case."

"Ah. I'm afraid that there is no instant test that could help us answer that. Pregnancy rate is a complicated thing, and even clinical tests won't provide 100% accurate results. If a married couple want to have a child, they can only check whether they have fertility problems after one year without contraceptives. Then, both of them should be checked at the same time to determine the problem. If you haven't really tried at all, no one can be sure if you can get pregnant or not." Elsa heard the sincerity in the doctor's voice.

Before coming to the hospital, Elsa tried researching information regarding fertility tests on the internet, and the doctor's words only confirmed what she had read. There was no way for her to find out before actually attempting anything. She asked hopefully, "What about my operation? Is there no way of knowing if it affected my chances? If so, by how much did it affect the possibility of me getting pregnant?"

"Strictly speaking, any operation of that nature would decrease the possibility of pregnancy to a certain extent. However, no clinical record can give you an exact number of how much." Filling in the form, the doctor said, "Miss, you are not married yet, and you're in no hurry to bear a child. Why are you so preoccupied with this? A baby is a gift from fate, and it will come when it will. Don't be too worried, because that could negatively affect your health. Medicine doesn't cure worries."

Elsa flashed the doctor a shy smile and left.

Thinking of the surgery five years ago, she only felt bitterness and a shadow of the humiliation that came with it, which gave her many a sleepless night. The hair on her parents' heads suddenly grew white overnight. In retrospect, it wasn't that important anymore. Now, she only thought of her own happiness and that of her parents, as well as the harmonious relationship of her whole family. She no longer cared about people who had nothing to do with her.

She walked slowly toward the hospital exit, her eyes focused on the ground. Suddenly, she bumped into someone as she turned a corner on the stairs. "I'm sorry," she quickly said in apology.

"Elsa?" the man said her name in a familiar manner. As her eyes moved up, her glance trailed up a dashing suit-clad body, hair that was better styled than most women, and a pair of sapphire earrings that coyly winked under the light. When the man's eyes met hers, he made a courtly gesture toward her.

Elsa did not have a high opinion of Caspar Qiao. She had no idea why he became the most popular young talent in Linchuan City and how he managed to lure so many innocent young women to his bed. After her interview with him, she concluded that his allure was all due to shamelessness rather than his actual talent. Moreover, he was the son of a high-profile personality in the city.

However, her interview with him mentioned nothing about her opinion of the man and only included a fair and objective evaluation. Even so, she could not hold back the aversion she felt.

"Hello, Mr. Caspar. Goodbye." After saying her greetings, Elsa turned around to leave.

Caspar Qiao crossed his arms and blocked her path. "Elsa, you are just as interesting as before. I have read the interview write-up, and I must say, I didn't know I had so many advantages to offer."

"Really?" Elsa smiled awkwardly. "Mr. Caspar, I have something urgent to deal with. Please excuse me."

"Hey, don't be like that, Elsa. You weren't so cold to me six months ago when we met. There's a saying, 'Once the donkey finishes its work in the mill, the owner will get it killed'. Are you trying to abandon me after you're done using me?"

'That's because I needed you for the interview six months ago,' Elsa thought uncharitably. 'Now, I don't have to put up with you.' Even though Elsa was seething with anger, she didn't dare to offend the man publicly. She pasted a sweet smile on her face and replied, "Of course not. I'm too weak to kill the donkey."

"Elsa, which part of my body do you think is like a donkey's?"

Elsa glared at him. What a womanizer. The man would flirt with anyone in a skirt, especially virtuous women. She turned around to walk away, and then she heard Caspar Qiao's laugh behind her. "Come on. You have seen me naked at that time. Even I have seen you completely..."

Although Elsa knew that Caspar Qiao had always behaved like this, she still lost her temper. She walked up to him and slapped him on the face. The action gave her no satisfaction. She was still angry.

A few onlookers and people who were passing by started to gather around when they heard the deliciously shocking exchange. One of them stared at Elsa's back with a loaded expression.

Elsa was a kind and gentle girl. She seldom got angry with others. However, Caspar Qiao was too annoying. Last time, he was recognized as the best business owner in the city, so Elsa's superiors gave her the task of conducting an interview with him. However, the first time he met her, he looked down upon her and refused to accept the interview. Elsa didn't like him, either, because she had a bad first impression of the man. When she went to his office the first time, she found him making out with his secretary.

Despite her dislike of him, work was work, and Elsa had to chase after him for a long time. Finally, he relented and let her interview him in his apartment.

Elsa arrived on time for their appointment. The door of the apartment was not locked, but she still knocked on the door. Finally, she heard Caspar Qiao say in a lazy voice, "Come in."

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