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   Chapter 21 Recording The Kiss

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"If so, then I quit. Everyone would have one less competition for the slots to worry about." Elsa really didn't care whether she would be included or not. She considered it a great opportunity, but she didn't really want to do it if she had to see his face every day for the duration of the assignment.

Johnny said, "Actually, the higher-up have decided that I, Cindy, and the editor of the military page will participate in the follow-up reports. They were planning to hire another male reporter, but I really wanted to take you with me. And I will get what I want."

"Thank you. I appreciate it. However, I cannot end my marriage leave in advance in exchange for this follow-up report. I don't want to do the report under those circumstances." As an afterthought, Elsa warned, "Ah, and you had better not be making any moves on Cindy."

Johnny smiled. "Sasa, no matter how much you deny it, you still care about me, right?"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I just don't want to land in the middle of some office drama." Then, she turned around and left Johnny's office. She was now regretting that she had submitted her application form, which indicated her interest in participating in the report.

To be fair to herself, she did not foresee this turn of events. At that time, she also wanted to seize the opportunity to join the crew. After all, she had always been fond of military men, and she wanted to take a closer look at their lives.

Cindy gave her a side eye as she stepped out and snorted derisively. "Looks like you care more about your work than your marriage. I knew you're dying to join that assignment with us."

The woman spoke in a sarcastic tone. To her, it looked like Elsa came to the office during her marriage leave so that she could suck up and flirt with the new boss.

Without answering her, Elsa turned around and left.

Losing her temper at Cindy was one of the least counterproductive things that she could have done in terms of cultivating interpersonal relationships with her colleagues. Three years ago, when Cindy was freshly hired, the senior editor had given Elsa the task of showing the rookie the ropes. Elsa sincerely put her heart into teaching Cindy. There were times when Elsa would stay for hours under the sun to catch some news, while Cindy would sit at a cafe and drink coffee. She was nice enough to buy Elsa a cup.

She had heard of rumors about Cindy having connections with the higher ups, but she didn't dwell on that gossip. She felt even more compelled to teach her and gave her advice in all aspects of the work in the hopes that Cindy could prove herself to her detractors. After all, she had gone through the same thing when she was a rookie.

However, two months had passed, and Cindy had not written a single report.

The newspaper implemented a strict assessment system. If the newcomers failed to meet the quotas and quality standards as stated in the assessment in three consecutive months, they would be sent back to the personnel department for training and reassignment.

Even Elsa felt the pressure even though she wasn't a rookie. She had collected all interview materials that she could and gave them to Cindy. The only thing she needed to do was to integrate them into a draft so that she could avoid being sent back to the human resources department.

To her horror, the draft Cindy had submitted did not contain the crucial five "W's"—who, where, when, what, and why. The report lacked so many details that it was apparent to anyone who read it that the writer did not know what was going on.

Elsa's face became as dark as thundercloud. For the first time, she found herself doing a witch hunt of all the things that were wrong in Cindy's report and returned the annotated draft to the rookie, with explicit instructions to rewrite the report and submit it after a few hours.

"Can I have dinner first? I'll send the draft within a few days. The weather these days has been so bad, and I'm about to have my period. I'm really not in the mood."

That was the last straw for Elsa. "Don't eat if you can't write well! You have to finish it!" Elsa said seriously, her face set in a stony, uncompromising mask.

Cindy burst into tears in front of everyone in the office as if she had been wronged.

As a result, Elsa's senior ordered her to to apologize to Cindy in public and say that she was wrong.

Elsa refused to apologize. After all, she thought that she did nothing wrong. The two women were caught in a stalemate for a long time. Elsa stubbornly stuck by her principles, so the matter finally came to nothing.

Then, the assistant editor-in-chief, Lily, took Cindy under her wing. Under Lily's mentorship, Cindy began to release several outstanding social articles. For a while, the newspaper office was abuzz about how Elsa must have felt insecure about talented newcomers that she had tried to keep Cindy from showing her abilities.

It wasn't until some time later that Elsa found out why Cindy was placed under her tutelage. The management found out that she had been prolific in writing drafts, and they wanted her to spare some of them for Cindy so that she could show off. Apparently, everyone in the office was aware of this inside story. However, no one expected Elsa to be so dense that she did not understand what was expected of her.

Elsa was a headstrong woman who was strong in her convictions, and no one could force her to do anything that she did not want to. Making friends with Cindy was already a lost cause, so she let it go.

This time, she didn't want to go along what Johnny wanted her to do because she'd rather stay clear of Cindy. Some people were like toads—they didn't necessarily attack, but they were disgusting.

She went home in a sour mood, and the joy with which she had greeted the morning was gone. Listless, she stretched out on the sofa and fell asleep.

After a short nap, she started to open the wedding gifts that they had received

during the wedding banquet and put them in order. There was the necklace with the key pendant given by Zed and Mia. Indeed, the key opened the door to Soren's master bedroom, but the necklace itself was extremely beautiful and well-suited to her own personal taste. Thus, Elsa put it on her neck in front of the mirror.

The jewelry was eye-catching and matched her outfit perfectly. Evidently, the material was not too expensive, but the exquisiteness of its craftsmanship was undeniable.

She glanced at the document Soren brought over last night. She attempted to read the contents several times but then gave up in the end.

She turned on her laptop and picked up where she left off writing her novel. Mark left her a message online, saying that he would contact Elsa in a few days. However, he still asked her to consider adding "something" to the novel to make it spicy. The novel not only needed to be published—it also had to be promoted online. Online promotions meant that the novel could be racy so it could have a wider audience, a broader reach, and more potential readers.

Suddenly, the kiss between Soren and her replayed in her mind. The memory evoked a certain lingering warmth in her heart.

She started typing on the keyboard, trying to record how that kiss felt. It took her more than half an hour to write down more than a dozen lines. Then, she stared at the words and ended up pressing the backspace button, her cheeks ablaze with embarrassment.

Soren was out on a mission and hadn't come back for several days now. Maybe he was too busy, or perhaps there was never any convenient time for him to call, so he hadn't kept in touch. Elsa was unaware of his schedule, and she did not want to bother him, so she did not dare dial his number. Besides, even if she knew that he was free, what could she say to him?

On the other hand, her mother often called to ask about the newlyweds and whether she had already met Soren's parents.

Elsa had a good impression of Soren's mother, Susie. She said with a warm smile on her face, "Soren's mother was nice to me."

She had yet to meet his father, but from what she could tell, their father and son relationship was not very good. For now, she hadn't had the chance to ask Soren about his father, so she just ignored it.

"That's good. That's good." Elsa could sense the relief in Blanche's voice. But after a while, her mother started to worry about another matter. "You had the surgery a few years ago. Remember to go to the hospital for your annual check-up. Be careful not to have any other health problems. I know it's not easy, but women need to be vigilant in these matters. Don't let it jeopardize your future pregnancy..."

Elsa interrupted her immediately, "Mom, don't worry, I had my check-up last spring. Everything was okay."

"Last spring? How long has it been since then? What about this year?"

"This year..." Elsa thought for a while. "Ah. I had an important interview at the time, so I missed the company's annual physical examination."

"No, that won't do. You need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to have yourself examined. Don't be afraid of spending money—you can never spend too much on your health."

To reassure her mother, Elsa promised multiple times that she would go to the hospital as soon as possible. Finally, she ended the call.

It was far too soon to be thinking about pregnancy. Like Soren said, it was too early to think about giving birth and raising children. He was right—it was still too early. Moreover, her doctor had warned her that it would be more difficult for her to bear children than most women because of her surgery. Even so, she could still build up her health by rest and by taking nourishing food. Besides, she hadn't even been married before, and she didn't plan to have a baby anyway, so why did she have to worry about it?

After her phone call with Blanche, she smelled the aroma of millet porridge coming from the rice cooker in the kitchen. Then, she ate her bowl of porridge with some pickled vegetables that her mother had made.

After her meal, she felt like taking a shower, but the semi-transparent glass walls of the master bedroom's shower was off-putting. She didn't know what the man was thinking when he had such an oddity installed in his room. He looked gentle and harmless, but underneath that demeanor lay a wicked heart.

She took a change of clothing and went to shower in another bathroom.

Afterwards, while she was changing, she found out that the shirt she was holding belonged to Soren. She had nothing else to change into but his clothes on that night she came to this house, and her mother must have laundered the shirt together with her own clothes. With her cheeks burning a little, she put on the shirt. The shirt ended midthigh and was as big as a dress.

Soren seemed so gentle and laid back that Elsa kept forgetting just how tall he was. Sometimes when she stood beside him, she would get a crick on her neck because she had to look up when talking to him.

Her lips in a slight pout, she pulled the neckline of the shirt over her nose and was comforted by the faint masculine smell lingering in the fabric. She came back to her senses when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Confused, she quickly went to the door to have a look. She couldn't figure out who was at the door and knew that she lived there. She didn't have time to change her clothes. She opened the door and saw Zed and Mia standing there, kind, gentle smiles on their faces as they took in the sight of her in Soren's clothes. With her cheeks aflame, she quickly let the elderly couple inside, prepared some tea, and said in an embarrassed tone, "I am so sorry. Please excuse me while I change."

The knowing smiles on their faces worsened her mortification. She went to the bedroom and changed into a dress that she owned. After rubbing her burning face with her cold hand, she came out of the room and returned to her guests.

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