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   Chapter 14 first kiss

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They chatted while walking. As a matter of fact, they weren't familiar with each other and there weren't many topics to talk about. They just talked about something they saw. After walking for twenty minutes, Elsa was exhausted and Soren was still chatting with her. She had no choice but to agree with him.

She forced herself to walk to the dorm, which nearly took her one hour. She pushed the door open. If it weren't for Soren, she would have directly slept on the bed to have intimate contact with her beloved quilt.

The two adjacent rooms were very quiet. The office of the newspaper started working earlier, and the staff had to clock in at the front desk at eight o'clock in the morning. They went out early as the office was officially confirmed at eight o'clock.

Elsa poured a glass of water and invited Soren to sit at the desk. Then she opened the closet to clean up. At present, she had to live in his house. She always needed a few sets of clothes to change in summer. However, when she looked around, she only got two black shirts and a white shirt.

On her desk, there were two pictures. One was taken with her friend and the other one was taken with her parents. She was all wearing big glasses with a charming smile on her face. Soren looked at her. She was packing up her things and sweat broke out on the bridge of his nose. She pointed outside and said to Soren, "have a seat and I'll go change my clothes."

Soren nodded. Seeing her walking out, he looked at her desk, on which lay many professional books about her work, but there were also many novels. One hundred year old loneliness, waiting to desolate, few going ways, tomb hunting notes, white rock, all kinds of colors were available, and there were several popular lady magazines which made her look sharp without being the dull female reporter with a pair of black rimmed glasses.

While he was thinking, he heard something hit on the door of the bathroom.

Soren frowned and walked to bathroom. He saw that her hair was tied up, revealing her two pink ears and her face was covered with sweat fighting with a pipe. Her pipe was broken, and she took off the old one and put the new one. Seeing Soren coming, she took a deep breath and said, "sorry, the tap didn't work. I'll be okay soon."

She then took a spanner to knock on the tap. Then she stood up and said, "I don't know why the tap always goes off. I bought several spare ones. It is broken again after a few days."

She stopped the machine and turned on the tap. The water was flowing out. She closed the door and clapped her hands, "it's done."

She turned around and saw his dark eyes.

Was she always like this? She did everything herself. When her husband was close to her, she did everything well without saying a word?

"Hey, what's wrong with you?"

"Watch out!" Soren suddenly held her waist and took her away.

The tap was flushed down by the strong water, making a big noise to the wall, bounced back and fell to the ground. She would have been hit by the tap if he hadn't stood in front of her to protect her. That impact was so strong that there was a deep crater in the wall. If she was hit, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, it was still not spared. The turbulent water rushed both of them, not only one of the tap, but also the other pipe was blown off, and there was water everywhere. Elsa got rid of Soren's hug and used her hands to stop it. But Soren was a little annoyed and pushed her away. "Let me do it!"

He used his hand to stop it. As soon as the water stopped, the room became quiet. Both of them looked awkward. When they saw themselves in the same awkward position in each other's eyes, with messy hair and wet clothes, they could not help laughing out.

Elsa smiled. When she saw the water on the floor, she remembered to clean it up. But Soren took the mop away, he said, "let me do it. You go to wipe yourself in case of getting cold. What's more, you are still injured. "

"Let me do it. You go ahead and wipe yourself." Elsa still held the mop. How could she ask him to do this?

They grabbed the mop together and touched each other's hand. Soren took her hand back and held her in his arms. He lowered his head and looked for her. His action was a little rusty but full of strength.

He was a normal man. They lived in the same room. It was normal for him to get close to women, especially the woman who he had a crush. This feeling was not easy to control, but he controlled himself.

He had given her a chance to leave She was so sweet.

Maybe because she had been eating vegetarian all the year round, she had a faint fragrance which was like something he had met long ago and tasted. Now he got the recovered smell, but he was not sure what it was. A warm and comfortable smell filled the air. Soren closed his eyes, his mind focusing on what had happened to her. He was short of breath

With a pair of thick glasses, she didn't know how to deal with this situation. Would she refuse him or She clenched her fist and felt it burning. She didn't feel bad but her heart was fluttering as if it had been hit by something heavy all of a sudden.

Soren reached out to take off her glasses and clasped her restless hands. They were a little rusty under this circumstance. As Elsa was about to step back, Soren didn't allow her to do so. Instead, he pulled her forward, which made them feel so hot.

Elsa felt that she was about to suffocate. She didn't know how to escape. She didn't know how to accept the fact.

He grabbed her hand, pulled her close and clung to her.

That feeling was so strange to her. She stretched out her hands, trying to separate them. He did not look strong, he is tall and mild. But the muscles on his body were bulging, so hard that Elsa pushed him, as if pushing a stone wall.

But she knew it was not a stone wall, because his heartbeat was so powerful and so hot...

Elsa wanted to push him away, but she couldn't, and she couldn't get rid of him. In fact, she was happy, totally different from what she thought. She had thought that she would not be like this.

When she was in a panic, someone knocked at the door. Finally, Elsa took the chance to take off his coat when he was absent-minded. She messed her hair and said, "I'll open the door."

She ran to it and saw Niki, who was standing on the deck downstairs and had nothing to do, so she was not surprised to see Niki at home. When she saw Elsa, surprisingly, she asked, "Elsa, why are you home? I heard you were on vacation. "

"I came back to take something." Elsa replied.

"That's great. We have water seepage downstairs. If you are here, you can take a good look at it. Nobody would be here is badly. "

"It's our pipe broken, I'm calling the maintenance worker right now."

Niki left after a few words.

Turning around, Elsa didn't dare to look up at Soren. She just walked into her room and called the mechanic worker. She was totally drenched. Standing with her back to Soren, she tried to cover herself. To her surprise, her back was also heavily guarded. The water stain and the wrinkles he had just left behind were even more charming.

Soren looked away. He was afraid that he would do something against her will.

After the phone call, Elsa found a sports suit in her wardrobe and threw it to Soren. Then she went into the bathroom with a red face. The sportswear was a basketball match held by the newspaper at that time, and Elsa was forced to participate, so she buy it in a hurry. She had bought it a big one, and it was almost the same size as her father's clothes, which should be barely enough for him to wear.

When Elsa came out of the bathroom after changing her wet clothes, she saw that Soren had just finished changing his clothes. The sportswear was slightly feminine, and it seemed a little funny on him. Although her face was red all the time, she didn't laugh out but held it in her heart.

"Do you have band aids?" Soren asked

"Yes," she answered

She came out of the box and wanted to paste the lipstick on her face. But her hand was held by him. He removed the box and taped the lipstick.

The maintenance worker arrived soon, and he found the pipe to fix it.

Sitting in the room, Elsa and Soren feel awkward, their relationship had been relatively harmonious, but just because of the situation, they became embarrassed.

She lifted her head again, but a shadow cast on her back. The moment she lifted her head, she was hugged by Soren in his arms. Before she could take a step, he said to her in a low voice, "don't move. I just want to hug you."

There was someone outside. Knowing that he wouldn't do anything else, she let him hold her, and gently placed her head on his waist. Six pack abs. She made a wild guess based on the touch at the head. This man's figure was really amazing.

Soren thought about that he really wanted to continue the marriage. He had never regretted it since he put forward this proposal.


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