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Maybe they had a talk with Soren in the morning. When they were eating lunch, he paid attention to the cook. There were not too many meat dishes on the table. Several vegetable dishes were what he ordered for Elsa and placed in front of her.

In return for his kindness, she kept his favorite food and drinks in her mind.

Such an interaction made Elsa's parents feel delighted.

Johnson Xia was a fan of the military, and he had ever visited the Military Museum in the afternoon when he was young. It was also his interested to visit the old scenery of the museum again.

He liked guns and firearms especially, and he knew them very well. So he and Soren had a lot in common.

In spite of the inconvenience of his legs, Johnson felt quite content. Elsa knew that the reason why he was so happy was partly because he liked these things, and partly because this time his son-in-law accompanied him to visit.

He walked too fast and too excited. He was so staggering that he couldn't even stand on his own feet. Soren held him up at once and said, "Dad, let's take a rest and drink some water."

"That old man doesn't feel ashamed in front of his son-in-law. Soren is professional."

Johnson Xia cackled, scratching the back of his head. "We can have a look around. We can also get some advices from Soren."

Elsa felt a little sorry for this trip. This trip was all about the places her parents liked. It was also the decision where they were stay for a rest made by her parents.

"I'm sorry." She said sincerely when she went to buy water with him.

"Sorry for what?" Soren was confused.

She paid for the drinks and a cup of coffee for him. She found that he had been holding the drink of this brand at noon. She told him what she thought and said hurriedly, "if you are busy, you don't have to accompany us. I'm also familiar with the Linchuan City. I can take mom and dad to go shopping. "

"It's my duty to take care of your parents." "Thank you," Soren said, taking a cup of coffee from her hand

Seeing that Elsa was following him, Soren slowed down his pace quietly. He was at the same level with her. "My father was an official for a few years. And he has a good impression on the officials. He's also very interested in these. He always said that if there was a chance, he really wanted to stay in the company and never come back. "

"Why does he come back?" Soren asked casually.

"I guess it is a better environment," Elsa looked at the distance. Her parents were sitting under the tree shade. Speaking of her father, her voice was full of love. "Dad and mom got to know each other when they were young at that time when they were still in college. Her mother became a teacher after graduation, and her father was then assigned to a worker in an iron factory. When my dad's legs and feet are convenient, he always gets up early to run with me. It has been a long time since we last run. "

"Let's run together sometime." Soren laughed.

Elsa nodded. Thinking of what happened last night, she asked, "how do you know I like aquarium? Aren't you afraid that you might get it wrong? "

If he guessed wrong, she had to make up a lot of things to make it plausible.

"The day before yesterday when you were in the hotel, I saw you playing with the fish in the fish tank." When she passed by the aquarium yesterday, she suddenly showed a bright smile, but at the moment she was a little confused. He guessed that she hadn't been there for a long time. Soren unscrewed the cap, and handed it to Elsa. He found that everything about her was always naturally more important to him.

"What?" Embarrassed, she received the bottle and had a sip. When she was handed to him, he took the bottle and took a sip naturally.

She coughed and she choked on her drink. Soren patted her on the shoulder and said, "slow down. No one is competing with you."

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, she shook off his hand and strode forward.

After walking in the military museum for the whole afternoon, they were a little tired, but Blanche insisted on going home and cooking for everyone. People at his age always felt that the food they cooked was healthy. When they got home, they bought a lot of food materials and cooked dinner at home.

The dinner was very simple. They made some home cooked dishes for the dinner. For all these years, Elsa had always been a vegetarian, and her parents had developed such a habit. Taking care of the taste of Soren, they added a sweet and sour spareribs, and a chicken drumstick with chilies.

With the yummy food, he ate three large bowls of rice, which made Blanche happy.

After dinner, Soren and Johnson sat in the living room, watching the popular anti-seismic TV series. Elsa helped her mother peel fruit.

The simple but warm feeling filled the room.

For his youth dream didn't come true, Johnson Xia loved watching the anti-Japanese drama. He felt the same with every story in the play and discussed it with Soren Wan

g. As Elsa was peeling the apple, the peeled fruit was peeled one circle after another at a slow and calm pace, which she had never seen before.

"Oh my God!" Her mind was distracted, and the blade fell on her finger, blood beads pouring out.

"Ah, what happened?" Blanche's heart ached when she saw that. She stomped and asked Johnson to take the first-aid kit. It was the place where Soren lived, Elsa was not familiar with here, but not to mention Johnson Xia. Johnson just wandered around, but still couldn't find the medicine box.

"Daddy, Mommy, I'm fine." She hastened to cover her wound with her hand.

Soren, who was closest to her, took her hand and said, "leave the first-aid kit in my room."

He held her into the room. Johnson Xia was shocked when he heard that the medicine box was in his daughter's son-in-law's room. Blanche Yang finally calmed down and patted him on the shoulder, "your concern is useless. Come back and watch your TV drama."

When they entered the room, Soren looked worried.

"It's okay," Elsa felt the attention was exaggerated. Before she could finish her sentence, her finger was caught.

"Oh my God!" She screamed out as her left index finger was covered by the tongue of Soren, and her right hand clenched subconsciously. The warm and soft feeling made her feel tense.

Johnson Xia looked into the room with concern and said, "it's such a big wound and Zaza is afraid of pain. Do you want to have a check?"

"Watch TV!" Blanche was deeply sad that Johnson Xia was always bluntness.

Hearing that, Elsa came back to herself and wanted to take her finger out of her bag. Soren sucked the blood off her finger and let go of her hand before he turned around to find iodine and band aid in the closet.

"It hurts a little. But you'll recover soon after the toxin. " Soren grabbed her hand and dragged her over.

Biting her nails, she said, "I'm not afraid of pain."

At the moment when the iodine was dripped down, she was so scared that she didn't even dare to look at it. She was afraid, but she always appeared strong on the face.

"Okay." He patted her red cheek.

"That's it?" Far from the expected pain, she was soaked with iodine and tied up the band aid.

Soren laughed as he packed up the medical kit. "How about you?"

She lowered her eyes to look at her silver shoes on the ground. "It's too late tonight. How about picking up some clothes tomorrow at your place?" Soren suggested


"Do you mind if I wake you up early in the morning for running?"

Elsa smiled. "Call me."

The clothes she wore gave her an irony.

That night, Elsa went to the bathroom early to take a shower, but she still chose to sleep on the single soldier bed.

She had always slept well when she was busy, but when she was free, she couldn't sleep. In addition, the dormitory she lived in was not soundproof, and she could hear all kinds of sound at night, so her sleep quality had been a problem. She didn't have a work day and slept well in this strange place.

She was woken up by someone in the morning. His powerful big palm slapped on her face, forcefully hurting a little.

She covered her mouth and yawned. After getting used to his existence, she asked, "what's wrong?"

"Are you want to run?" Soren had changed his clothes and washed his face.

"Okay." Then she remembered the promise they made last night. She used to run with her father when she was a child, but when she grew up, she got used to sleeping late. She scratched her hair and said, "okay."

Soren brought her the clothes and said, "I'll wait for you outside."

Elsa nodded and got dressed.

Unexpectedly, they got up early, and Blanche and Johnson got up earlier. They had come from shopping in the vegetable market.

When the Elsa and Sore stepped out of the operating room, both of them noticed that Elsa's face turned pink, but Blanche just smiled and said nothing. She beckoned Soren to have some chicken soup. She filled Elsa a bowl of rice porridge.

After the breakfast, Soren took Elsa's hand and they walked out side by side.

Walking out of her parents' sight, she withdrew her sweaty hand from Soren's and asked, "where are we going? Or Do you want to directly run to my dormitory? "

"I was too full to run." Soren touched his belly. In fact, he didn't think Elsa's clothes were suitable for running. Since the age of fourteen, he had been running every day, but he had broken off twice since he had known her. He laughed, "how about going for a walk and coming back with clothes?"

Elsa agreed with his proposal. If she had to run, she might have difficulty in running. She would rather stay there than make a fool of herself. She had been a little regretful that she had agreed to his invitation on the spur of the moment last night. Now she could have a rest.

Soren's home was a little far from the dormitory of Elsa's company. He didn't feel that way while driving, but when he was walking, it was too far.

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