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   Chapter 12 Marriage Changes A Person

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Elsa didn't have a change of clothing, so she ended up dressing in her wedding banquet dress. Moreover, her long hair, which she did not pull back in her usual chignon, framed her face softly. When she walked into the office, the young woman at the front desk inquired, "Miss, may I ask who you are looking for?"

"Ivy, it's me." Elsa adjusted her glasses.

Ivy stared at her in surprise. "Elsa? You look so beautiful! I didn't recognize you. That dress is so pretty... and those shoes! Wow, so it's true when they say people change when they get married—look at you!"

Overhearing such glowing words, several of her colleagues gathered around Elsa to look at her.

Elsa smilingly said, "I have something to do, and I'll leave immediately once that's dealt with."

"Okay, go ahead." Ivy and her colleagues couldn't help but sigh after Elsa walked away.

As Elsa approached her office, she could hear the raised voice of the old lady demanding from where she was by the door. "Don't bully me. This is about my husband's portrait rights! You must pay for the use of his photo! I believe that it's called remuneration in this industry!"

That woman was a real pain to deal with. She was asking for a large sum of money and dismissive of any attempts to negotiate. Elsa tried her best to persuade her, but she still wouldn't settle.

She grabbed Elsa's arm and refused to let go. Finally, Elsa pulled out a business card and handed it to her. "You can take this to court if you want. I'll wait for the summons. Let the judge decide. We will accept whatever the court verdict will be."

The woman was intimidated by her imposing manner. She mumbled, "You can't give me nothing, can you? After all, you used my husband's photo."

By coincidence, today happened to be the day that the office usually distributed a full box of apples to the reporters every month. With a hand on her forehead, Elsa offered, "How about a box of apples? However, this is neither remuneration nor compensation—it's a personal gift since I know that it's not easy for you to come from afar."

"Okay!" The woman took the box and left without any hesitation.

It was not as if Elsa wanted to give in—she just did not want to deal with such shameless and despicable people a minute longer. Unfortunately, there were too many opportunistic people like that woman in the world. As she sat down to drink some water, Cindy came over. Her bottom wiggled as she walked over. Elsa glared at her and said coldly, "Thank you so much for the large wedding present. I don't deserve it."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand," replied Cindy with a gentle smile on her face.

Since the woman was determined to act as if she had done nothing wrong, Elsa refrained from speaking further. There was a specific department of the newspaper who dealt with this kind of issues. Their staff would have prevented the woman from entering the office premises. How odd was it that the woman managed to enter her office and speak directly to Elsa. Such issues were mere trifles, but they would have been enough to ruin the mood of someone who had just gotten married. Fortunately, Elsa didn't really get married and thus didn't need a honeymoon.

Not many people could do such a thing.

Elsa put her bag away and stood up. Cindy looked at her from head to toe. She had always thought that Elsa's appearance was not eye-catching and could even be called dull. She had dressed up a little, which managed to make her look more gentle and approachable, but she was still no beauty. 'She definitely cannot hold a candle to me,' Cindy cattily thought, her mouth twitching slightly. "By the way, the deputy editor-in-chief is looking for you, and I have no idea what it's for. Do you know anything about it?"

'The deputy EIC? Why?' At work, Elsa usually reported directly to the section head of the society pages. She had very little contact with the deputy editor-in-chief. However, she was currently on leave, and everyone knew that. Why would the deputy editor-in-chief look for her?

Elsa usually spent all her time on her own work, and she didn't pay much attention to interpersonal relationships. Their office was the same as any other workplace—some people fished in troubled waters, while others pulled the strings backstage. Elsa didn't belong to either group. She only wanted to write good news and do her job with all her heart.

The deputy editor-in-chief was a thin, middle-aged man. When Elsa entered the door, he looked at her and said with a kind smile, "Wow, Elsa, what a surprise. You've changed a lot since you got married."

"Thank you, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?" Elsa asked politely, but her mind was churning.

"The position of the chief editor of the society pages has been vacant for some time. What do you think about it?"

The question was vague, and Elsa was at a loss how to answer it. What did she think about it? What kind of opinion did he want—about the newspaper or about the right person for the job? She didn't know how to say.

In the course of her work, Elsa had faced the most difficult of interviewees, but she thought those occasions were preferable to conversations with the newspaper's upper management.

The deputy editor-in-chief said in a loaded tone, "I've been thinking about the right person for that job. Many positions will be shuffled once that vacancy has been filled. You've been working for our newspaper for almost six years. Have you ever thought about this?"

Elsa thought for a while and said carefully, "Our newspaper always provides opportunities for those who are competent. The suitable ones will be given to the appropriate positions. I know that the management can see the efforts of everyone in the office, so you are more than equipped to make the decision. I will do my best to cooperate with the section head and the assistant section head, no matt

er who may be selected."

She didn't know what the deputy editor-in-chief was implying, so the answer she gave was similarly unclear. No matter what decision the top management would arrive at, she would always choose the safest route.

"Young woman, you should be more confident in yourself," the deputy editor-in-chief gently admonished her with a smile.

Elsa smiled back at him.

She was exhausted by the time she stepped out of the deputy editor-in-chief's office. It was difficult to think of sufficiently indirect answers to the man's roundabout questions.

The office where Elsa worked was a daily newspaper distributed in the province. Its target audience were all people in the country, to whom the social and livelihood pages were of particular importance. Thus, while the section head of the social section might be on the same level as the heads of the local events, sports, and entertainment sections, the real power, income, and status that the position held were completely different. Most news and articles of importance were published in the social and livelihood section of the paper.

Naturally, the job was a hot topic in the newspaper office. The staff had no idea whether somebody in-house would be placed in that position or the management would scout outside talent.

Elsa had never thought that the matter had anything to do with her.

She met Lily as soon as she came out of the deputy's office. The other woman nodded to her in greeting.

Elsa was not clueless—she sensed something fishy about today's events. It seemed that she was summoned to the office on the pretext of dealing with the woman who wanted compensation for her husband's photo, but they in fact wanted her there for something else. However, who wanted her to get involved?

Confused, Elsa shook her head to dismiss all of her speculations. She suddenly felt the urge to call her parents.

She glanced at her phone screen and saw two missed calls from Soren, so she called him back immediately. After all, they were a couple in name—it was the polite thing to do. She left in a hurry that morning, so she forgot to tell him. Thus, she should call him back.

The call connected after two rings. Soren's clear, pleasant voice didn't carry any signs of anger. "Hello, Elsa. Have you finished your work?"

"Yes, I'm already done. I'm sorry I left without telling you this morning."

"It doesn't matter. Dad and Mom told me about it. I called you because I need you to decide on something with me. Where are you right now? Let's have lunch together. We will pick you up."

Elsa thought for a moment. She needed to go to the hotel later to pick up her car and to her dormitory to pick up her stuff. "No, that's okay, I'll drive back later."

"Dad and Mom are at the aquarium with me."

"Really? That's great!" She really did not expect him to squire her parents around. A sense of warmth slowly filled her heart. Basing on the length of the car ride last night, she wouldn't have enough time to go to the hotel and then drive back to the aquarium to pick up her parents. She tried to quickly come up with a solution, but Soren beat her to it. "If you're at the newspaper office, I'll be right over in ten minutes with Mom and Dad."

Elsa nodded and then belatedly realized that Soren couldn't see her action. "Okay, I'll wait for you at the entrance. Thank you."

Elsa waited by the office's entrance for some time. People from the newspaper came and went past her, but not before having a small chat with her or teasing her about how good she looked in her outfit. They knew her as a serious, boring person, so everyone left her alone after exchanging a few words.

She was still wearing the cheongsam she wore to the banquet, and her feet were encased in a pair of silver grey leather pumps. Her hair, which was styled by Jane the night before, fell into ringlets around her shoulders, making her look warm and approachable. Even with her usual glasses, she seemed more delicate than she usually looked.

She chuckled at the thought of Jane and took out her phone to text her friend. "Hello, Janie. I'm doing great!"

Jane was probably on duty, so she didn't call her. Her work as a nurse at the hospital left her drained most of the time, especially when she was expected to work in shifts round the clock. Like Elsa, Jane also had dark circles under her eyes. Both of them were devoted to their work. They always teased each other about their dark eye bags.

She lived a hard but happy life. With her hard-earned money, she bought whatever she wanted and lived the life she wanted, which brought her a sense of pride and satisfaction in herself.

"I need details later," said Jane's short reply.

Elsa grinned down at her phone screen.

"Elsa!" Her head shot up at Soren's call.

Elsa was still in a daze as Soren's Land Rover pulled up in front of the newspaper office. Then, she snapped out of her reverie, and a sunny smile crossed her face.

"Dad! Mom!" She slid into her seat and grinned at her parents, her excitement at the sight of her parents irrepressible. She felt even more thankful toward Soren. She sent him a small smile brimming with gratitude.

Soren accepted the unsaid sentiment with a smile of his own. "Dad and Mom enjoyed the aquarium very much. We have to take them more often in the future. You should see the photos of the penguins on Mom's phone..."

"Really? I like penguins." She took her mother's cellphone and browsed the photo gallery. Her lips curved up in a warm, affectionate smile as she looked at her smiling parents in the photos. Because of her relationship problems, it had been a long time since her parents had laughed so freely and genuinely.

"I'll take you there next time," Soren promised.

He was looking straight ahead, and his face was expressionless. Even so, Elsa could hear the smile in his voice. She nodded. "Okay."

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