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   Chapter 12 A Significant Change After Getting Married

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Elsa didn't change the dress of yesterday. Her long hair also hung down her shoulder. When she walked into the company, the girl at the front desk asked, "Miss, may I ask who are you looking for?"

"Ivy, it's me." Elsa adjusted her glasses.

Ivy hailed with surprise, "Elsa, you are so beautiful. I didn't recognize you. The dress is so nice, and the shoes. You are totally changed after getting married. "

Hearing that, several other colleagues also gathered around and looked at Elsa.

Elsa smiled, "I have something to deal with. Then I will leave when I finish them."

"Okay, go ahead." Ivy and her colleagues couldn't help but sighed after Elsa walked away.

As Elsa approached her office, she heard the old lady who was asking for compensation standing at the door. "Don't bully me. This is about the portraiture right. You must pay for using our photo! In your words, that is the remuneration! "

That woman was a real pain in the ass. She asked for a big sum of money with no bargain. Elsa tried her best to persuade her, but she still didn't agree.

She grabbed Elsa's arm just wouldn't let her go. Finally, Elsa pulled out a business card and gave it to her. "You can sue us in court and I'll wait for the summons. Let the judge decide. We accept whatever the verdict is, right!"

The woman was frightened by her imposing manner. She mumbled, "But you can't give me nothing, can you? You surely used a photo of my husband."

Coincidentally, the newspaper gave a full box of apples to the reporters every month and it was the day today. With her hand on her forehead, Elsa said, "How about a box of apples? But it's not the remuneration, nor the compensation. It's a personal gift since it's not easy for you to come from afar."

"Okay!" The woman took the apple and left without any hesitation.

This was not because Elsa wanted to make a compromise, but she couldn't get rid of such shameless and despicable people by other means. Unfortunately, there were so many people like this woman in the world. Just as she sat down and took a sip of water, Cindy came over, twisting her waist. Elsa looked at her coldly, "Thank you so much for giving me such a large wedding gift. I don't deserve it."

"What are you talking about? I don't understand." Said Cindy with a giggle.

As Cindy pretended to have done nothing, Elsa didn't say anything more. There was a specific department of the newspaper for dealing with this kind of issues. They even would prevent the woman from entering the front gate. How coincidentally it was that she could directly talk to Elsa. The trifles like this were not a big deal, but they were enough to sabotage the mood of a newly married bride for several days. Fortunately, Elsa didn't really get married and didn't need to spend her honeymoon.

Only few people of the newspaper could do such things.

Elsa put her bag away and stood up. Cindy looked her up and down. She found that Elsa was not an eye-catching beauty. Although she dressed up a little, she only looked more gentle and approachable. 'Apparently not a patch on me.' Cindy twitched her mouth and said, "The vice general editor-in-chief is looking for you. Do you know anything about it?"

'Vice general editor-in-chief?' Elsa had little contact with Vice general editor-in-chief except at work. But she was on holiday now, and everyone knew that. Why would the vice general editor-in-chief look for her?

Elsa usually spent all her time on her own work, and she didn't pay much attention to the interpersonal relationships. It was the same in any workplace, someone fished in troubled water, someone planned backroom operations. But Elsa didn't belong to neither of them. She only wanted to write good news and complete her own work wholeheartedly.

The vice general editor-in-chief was a thin, middle-aged man. As soon as Elsa entered the door, he looked at her and said with a kind smile, "Wow, Elsa, it's really a surprise that you've changed a lot after getting married."

"Thanks. Is there anything I can do for you?" Elsa asked politely, while thinking in her mind.

"The position of the chief editor of society pages has been vacant for some time. What do you think about it?"

Elsa did not know how to answer this question for a moment. What did she think about it? What kind of opinion did he want? About the newspaper or about the right person for this position? She didn't know how to say.

Compared to the most difficult interviewees, she felt even more uncomfortable talking to the senior leaders.

The vice general editor-in-chief said suggestively, "I'm thinking about the right person for the position of the chief editor of society pages. Besides, many people's positions will be changed. You've been working for our newspaper for almost six years. Have you ever thought about this?"

Elsa thought for a while and said, "Our newspaper always provide opportunities for the competent. The suitable ones will be offered with the appropriate positions. The senior leaders have seen all people's efforts, so I believe that you have had the decision. I will try my best to cooperate with the chief editor and the vice chief editor, no matter who they are."

She didn't know what the vice general editor-in-chief was implying, so she also didn't make it clear. N

o matter what the decision was made from the top, she would choose the safest way.

"Young girl, be confident in yourself." The vice general editor-in-chief said with a gentle smile.

Elsa then replied with a smile.

Coming out of the deputy chief editor's office, she felt exhausted. She had tried her best to answer the unclear question.

The newspaper where Elsa was working was daily paper. The newspaper was issued in the province. It was targeted at all the people of the country, with important significance in social and livelihood statements. Thus, the editor in chief for the social section was at the same level as the editor in matters of low issue, gym version and entertainment section, but in terms of real power, income and status, the editor in the editor in chief was different from the editor in chief. The important page and important news were published almost in social and livelihood statements.

This position is naturally a hot demand. It is not known that whether the post for editing or the crew for the release will be vacant.

Elsa had never thought that it had anything to do with her.

As soon as she came out of the office of the vice chief editor, Julie came in. Seeing her, she nodded to greet her.

As a sensible person, she sensed that there was something fishy about what had happened today. It seemed that the reason why she had been summoned back was mainly because of that woman, who had come to ask for a statement fee. It was nothing more than an empty cover. But who wanted her to be involved in this matter?

She confused, she shook her head and wanted to call her parents.

She realized that there were two missed calls from Soren, so she called back immediately. After all, they were a couple in name. She should be polite. She left in a hurry in the morning, forgetting to tell him. So she should call back.

The phone was picked up after only two rings, and Soren's voice, which sounded very attractive and clear, didn't show any anger. "Are you finished, Elsa?"

"Yes, I've finished my work. I'm sorry that I left without telling you in the morning."

"It doesn't matter. Dad and Mom have told me about it. I called you because there was something should be decided by you. Where are you now? Let's eat lunch together. "

Elsa thought for a while. Later she would go to the hotel to pick up the car. She still wanted to go back to the dormitory to get something. "No, thanks. I will drive back later."

"Dad and mom are at the aquarium."

"It's great." She didn't expect that he would actually take her parents to the aquarium. A sense of warmth rose in her heart. Last night's ride was estimated that it was not the right time for her to go back to the hotel to pick up the car and then to the aquarium. She was quickly thinking about a solution. When she found that the solution would be solved easily, Soren said on the phone, "if you're at the newspaper, I'll go there in ten minutes with our parents."

Elsa nodded, but she didn't realize that until a moment later. Then she said, "Okay, I'll wait for you at the door. Thank you. "

Elsa stood at the door of the newspaper for a while, and all the people she knew would come to have a chat with her or make fun of her dressing. She was usually a serious and boring person, so everyone knew her and left with a few words.

She was wearing the same cheongsam dress that she had worn the day before, a pair of silver grey leather shoes. Her hair was a bit curly, which was blown by Jane last night. It felt warm and thoughtful when her hair was untied. In addition to her thick glasses, it seemed to be more delicate.

Thinking of Jane, she laughed and texted her. "I'm great, Janie."

She thought that Jane might be on duty, so she didn't call her. Working overtime in the hospital made her exhausted. Like Elsa, Jane also often wore dark circles under her eyes. Both of them were very devoted to their work. They always joked with each other about the dark circles around their eyes.

She lived a hard and happy life, with her own money, the things she wanted to buy, and the life she wanted to live was fulfilling and quiet. Such a life made her feel at ease and satisfied with a step by step.

"Tell me more details." She replied briefly.

Taking back her phone, she couldn't help smiling.

"Elsa!" Soren called her.

When Soren's Land Rover stopped at the door of the newspaper, Elsa was still in a trance. After hearing that, she smiled in the sunlight.

"Dad, mom," After entering the car, she was very happy to see her parents. She was even more grateful to Soren. She smiled at him.

Soren accepted her smile and gratitude, "Dad and mom like the aquarium very much. We have to take them more often in the future. Look at the penguins on mom's cell phone. "

"Really? I like penguins. " She took her mother's cellphone out of her bag and looked through the photos one by one. When she saw her parents in the photos, a warm and kind smile always appeared on their face. She felt touched by the smile. Her parents probably hadn't laughed for a long time due to her in such an authentic way.

"I'll take you there next time." Soren said.

He looked straight ahead with no expression. However, Elsa could hear his smile from his voice. She nodded, "okay."

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