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   Chapter 11 Masculine Smell

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Soren brought out a single-size camp bed and threw a thin quilt onto it. After all, their marriage certificate was not official yet, and they barely knew each other. Elsa probably still felt uncomfortable in his company. He recalled how her friend told her to save the police hotline before she left and chuckled to himself. Maybe he did look far removed from the image of a cultured gentleman.

He took a shirt and a pair of sweatpants of his own and handed them to Elsa. "Please make do with these clothes for tonight, Elsa."

What? Elsa froze at the offer. How was it that whenever she encountered a problem, Soren always came up with a solution in an instant? Taking the clothes in his hands, she murmured her thanks.

Soren was about to say something when his phone rang. All of a sudden, his bearing became a little stiff. He said in a cold tone, "Dad?"

While talking on the phone, he motioned toward Elsa to go ahead and take a shower first. Indeed, the man had the bearings of an officer. His words and manners were always impeccable, and sometimes he was resolute and decisive, making Elsa feel like he was going to take some special action.

She rushed into the bathroom. She would have a shower first anyway even without his prompting—after all, it would make her feel extremely uneasy to take a shower with a strange man in the room, even with a wall separating them. She must finish her shower before he finished his phone call outside.

After such a busy day, Elsa felt both physically and mentally exhausted. The hot water felt invigorating on her skin, and the restlessness that had been building inside her for the past few days started to leach out of her body. After her shower, she dried herself with a spare towel and picked up Soren's shirt. His own unique scent wafted up from the fabric to her nose, and she could feel her face heat up. The shirt was so big that it could cover her thighs, and the sweatpants were also too loose. Fortunately, she could tie the drawstring tightly, or else they would have slipped off her body.

Wrapped in his clothes, Elsa could smell him every time she breathed more heavily than usual. It was like being cloaked in his scent—sunny and warm, with an undeniably musky scent of man.

Elsa walked out of the bathroom, her eyes clouded with confusion, and she saw a figure sitting on the edge of the bed. She thought that the phone call would take a while—to her surprise, it was already finished. Soren looked up when she exited the bathroom. Immediately, he grabbed his clothes and slipped inside. Only then did Elsa let out a sigh of relief.

She settled down on the single camp bed and tucked herself in. This was his home, after all, and she was the intruder. She could hardly deprive the man of the comfort of his own bed. The sheet and quilts on the large bed were especially prepared by her parents. It was too bad that she could not sleep on them.

The camp bed was fragrant with the same masculine smell. As soon as she stretched out on it, the smell enveloped her, holding her immobile in repose like a rope. Elsa quickly sat up. She put on her glasses and looked around, but the photo on the dresser was gone. Even the other picture frames were no longer in sight.

There was only some cake left on the dresser. The cream and peach slices on the cake looked and smelled appetizing, tempting her to take a bite. Embarrassed, she had just eaten a two small forkfuls of cake when Soren offered it. However, the small taste of the delicious treat made her want to eat everything on the plate. Elsa sneaked another bite of the cake using a finger and sighed with satisfaction.

She stole another couple of bites and wiped her mouth clean. She cast a small, guilty glance at the bathroom door. She could tell that his shower was still underway by the sound of gushing water in her ears. He would never notice her swipe at the cake with him behind the wall. Elsa enjoyed the cake in peace. When she looked at the bathroom again, she could see him rubbing his palms together to form bubbles and washing his hair. Water streamed over his strong body. She couldn't help but stare for a moment at his glistening physique, and then she quickly averted her eyes. 'See no evil. Don't look.


Something's wrong.' She absently sucked the cream on her finger, wondering what it was.

She pushed her glasses up her nose and slowly craned her head toward the direction of the bathroom. She saw Soren rinsing his body with the handheld shower, and suddenly it struck her—the wall was made entirely of glass! She could easily see through the translucent glass wall of the bathroom!

The bathroom had no concrete walls that separated it from the bedroom. With her glasses on, she could clearly see Soren's strong, naked back. Although the glass had become blurry because of the rising steam, she could still see a lot of things clearly.

'How long did the phone call take while I was in the shower? Where did he go after the call ended?' Blood rushed to Elsa's face, and she could feel the hot blush all over her body. If she had known that, then she would have used another bathroom!!

She frowned and considered asking Soren when the door of the bathroom suddenly opened. Her courage immediately deflated like punctured ball. She hurriedly took off her glasses and wrapped herself in the quilt. Then, she squeezed her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep.

She had known Soren for only one day, and it seemed like she was becoming a stranger to herself. It was not a pleasant feeling.

Elsa closed her eyes. She could hear Soren pacing back and forth in the room. Finally, he walked over to the side of the camp bed and stopped.

"Elsa?" Soren softly called her name in a tentative tone.

She did not respond, too embarrassed to do so.

"Are you asleep?" He sounded closer.

She was pretending to be asleep

, after all, so she did not answer. 'Just let him think I'm asleep.'

Suddenly, Elsa felt something warm hover over her and move closer, but she didn't dare to look or even open her eyes. In the next instant, she felt a strange warmth sweep across her lips and clean the cream on them.

She didn't even dare contemplate what it was that touched her.

The embarrassment of being caught sneaking bites of cake and of being watched while she showered naked made her clutch at the quilt and squeeze her eyes shut.

Her mortification increased when she heard Soren's slight chuckle.

"You must be exhausted. Have a good rest." Soren stroked her hair with one big hand and then left.

Elsa couldn't breathe until the curtains were drawn and the night lights were turned off. Only then did she allow her tense body to relax.

After a short while, soft shuffling sounds of breathing told her that Soren was asleep. The room was quiet and peaceful. Relieved, Elsa finally drifted off to sleep.

Her rest for the past few days had been fitful, so she slept soundly that night. In the morning, Elsa was woken up by a phone call. Still half asleep, she picked up the phone and said in a slightly irritated tone, "Hello, Janie. I know it's a marriage in name only, but I'm still a newlywed. Why are you calling me so early in the morning?"

Over the past few days, she had been jolted from sleep by a succession of phone calls, so she was feeling upset by another wake-up call while she was sleeping.

"Elsa, I'm really sorry to call you at this time, but the newspaper has something urgent going on at the moment. Someone's looking for you. You should come over quickly." Cindy Wu's words contained an apology in there somewhere, but Elsa could tell that she said it as a matter of form, with no sincerity behind it—an intentional politeness.

"Cindy, I have assigned my work to another colleague during my wedding leave, so I can't come to the office right now," Elsa firmly refused. She would never abandon her work, but she had no intentions of getting embroiled in matters that didn't involve her, either.

However, Cindy Wu just said, "Elsa, it's no use getting angry with me. I'm just trying to inform you as soon as possible. It's up to you whether you report for work or not." Elsa couldn't imagine what kind of expression Cindy Wu was making at the moment.

The phone call was terminated from the other end.

Elsa could feel the onset of a headache. When her request for a wedding leave was granted, she had temporarily assigned her work to her colleague Hal. Work in the newsroom was endless. If she gave in at this point, she would never be able to take time off for herself. She had planned to take advantage of the marriage leave to have some quality rest and relaxation.

However, she took the phone call, so she could hardly pretend that that nothing had happened. Elsa called Hal, who told her that he was out of office working on a big news. Thus, he didn't have time to deal with whatever issue it was that came up. He kept apologizing to Elsa over the phone.

Elsa had no choice but to go to the newspaper office in person.

As soon as Elsa remembered that someone else was in the room, she covered the phone screen with her hand. She looked around and found the quilts neatly folded and stacked on the bed like snowy blocks of tofu. The opulence of the marriage quilt did not match the simplicity of the folding method.

Evidently, Soren was already up. Elsa quickly got up and washed her face. When she walked out of the room, she saw Blanche preparing the breakfast in the kitchen. As was his habit, Johnson was sipping on his cup of morning tea.

Blanche said with a smile, "We got up early and bought some food in the neighborhood to make breakfast. I didn't know that Ren woke up even earlier than us and already went for a morning run. Sasa, if you have time, you should work out with Ren. You either chase after the news or sit around in your office all day long, so how can you become healthy without doing any exercise?"

"I'll see what I can do, Mom. Actually, something happened at the office, so I need to go there right now. I'll be back soon." Elsa grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

"What? Aren't you in your marriage leave? Sasa, at least have an egg before leaving—oh, and I prepared this soybean milk myself."

Grabbing the egg in her hand and passing up on the soybean milk, Elsa rushed out of the door. For a moment, she felt disoriented, unable to tell which direction she should go. It took her a while to find the elevator. Once downstairs, she felt lost again. Finally, she found the exit of the complex. However, she couldn't find her car, and she didn't know where the closest bus stop was, so she ended up hailing a cab.

She rubbed at her eyes, wondering whether the dark circles under her eyes would disappear completely.

On the way to the office, Elsa made a phone call to get more information about the issue. As it turned out, it was nothing major.

Some time ago, Elsa had posted an article accompanied by a photo taken on the street based on the content of the news and the submission requirements at the time. One person slightly stood out among a bustling crowd, but it was not obvious. That morning, that person's wife went to the news office and demanded compensation from them for publishing the photo, stating that she would sue the newspaper and the reporter if they refused on account of violating her husband's portrait rights.

Elsa was slightly dumbfounded by the issue. In news publication, the newspaper had the right to use a person's portrait as needed, which did not infringe on anyone's portrait rights. Therefore, they did not need to pay anyone compensation.

However, the old woman was quite the handful to deal with, so the staff was left with no choice but to ask Elsa for help.

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