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   Chapter 10 without pajamas

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"Mom." In order to convince her, Elsa went up with the lie Soren said at noon. "We knew each other last year. Over the way, we are in a tacit relationship. I didn't have a crush on someone, and he never told me. My dad happened to be sick at that time, so I was in a mess. Then I happened to meet Greenwood, and he said he was willing to get married, so I agreed. "

"What happened then?" Although it was plain love about her daughter, Blanche was extremely nervous about the whole process.

"But when he learned about it, he got anxious and asked me if I should marry him or not." Her guilt toward her parents was gone completely. In a soft voice, she said, "but I just tell you that I was going to marry Greenwood. I don't want you worried about me, especially you didn't see me in the distance. So I didn't tell you."

"Really?" Blanche said skeptically. But she was a little convinced that this daughter in the story was of the same character with hers. Besides, Blanche had to trust her daughter, because Elsa had always been obedient and she had never done anything out of line.

What Elsa said was partly true and partly false. In this world, it was not easy to find out a lie mixed with the truth. "Dad, mom, it's true. I really forget what happened a few years ago. People always have to look forward, what does it mean that I stay where I am all the time? "

"You're too willful. It's an important thing. How can you muddle through it? Besides, what a liar you are saying! What does Renl think of you? You are reliable, but why are you so vexed about trifles? " Blanche said anxiously. She was afraid that something might happen between Elsa and Soren.

"Yes, I have told him everything. It's okay now. Don't worry about me, mom. " As soon as she heard her mother's words, she held her mother's arm, shaking like a spoiled child.

Johnson Xia was a little worried, "I just saw him pick you a chicken. He might not know about your habits, right?"

"No, No. he just wanted me to eat meat." Explained Elsa hurriedly. She didn't expect her father would hit the nail on the head.

Blanche Yang and Johnson Xia continued to inquire about the man, and didn't find anything wrong. They finally felt relieved.

They saw Soren coming in with large bags. They greeted him at once. Soren didn't leave until he took the documents two more times. When he was about to leave, Blanche asked Elsa to help he, but he refused.

She took out the prepared quilts and sheets. "I'll make the bed."

"Mom, I'll go." Taking the bouquet from Blanche, Elsa wondered where she would go.

"I'll turn on the light for you," Soren said hurriedly

It was a simple three-bedroom place, which Soren showed them around, and Elsa got to know it.

Other packages were opened, just pickled vegetables, which made the living room smell very strong for a while. Elsa felt a little embarrassed. After all, he was nobody to her, so it was not necessary for him to take that for her.

She said, "Mom, I take the packages into the kitchen."

"It's okay. I'll put them in the fridge." Soren packed up all the things and put them in the fridge.

After that, Blanche went back to make the bed. Johnson Xia was also there to help his wife. Soren's bed was big enough for two persons, and the double quilts that Blanche brought were just suitable. Seeing that the quilt was shaken off, Elsa said happily, "Wow, the beautiful flowers are in bloom and the rich picture is inlaid with red and gold threads. It is one hundred times more magnificent than I imagined!"

"Why do you think so?" Blanche said to her daughter and tapped on her forehead.

Elsa stuck her tongue out and said, "Mom, you told me that Dad chose the wedding in person..."

Johnson Xia patted her head and said, "my little princess is married. Why did not I choose those petty colors and patterns for my little princess?"

"Father." A mixed feeling surged in her heart. How much she hoped she could be happy, even not for herself

She subconsciously glanced at Soren who was standing at the door.

Soren's face was still the same. He was poker faced and when he turned his eyes on you, he looked at you with sincerity, as if he could see your heart. You could trust him totally.

Elsa withdrew her sight right away. However, her mother said with a smile on her face, "Zaza, your photo is great."

She looked to the photo frame perplexedly, and saw a photo frame popping out of the dressing table. In the picture, Elsa was lying on the back of Soren, her hands moving from his back to his chest, with her chin resting on his shoulder. And Soren's held her hand. Both of them had genuine smiles on their faces. They looked so bright and dazzling.

That was how Elsa looked without glasses. Her hair was rarely curled up at

the end of the hair. It was faintly seen that she was wearing a silk dress, full of glamour.

Her make-up and hairstyle were exactly the same as her, which was vigorous and dynamic. She smiled genuinely and warmly.

The old people didn't care whether they would take the wedding photos or not. But the sight of the photos only made then believe the marriage more reliable and reassuring.

She silently wiped her tears. She was really satisfied that her daughter could live happily.

Johnson Xia was happy too. He immediately ordered his wife to change the frame and make it convenient. Then they both nodded with satisfaction. "Look at the two kids! How happy!"

Elsa lowered her head and dropped her gaze.

Only she knew it wasn't her. She just met Soren this morning. How could she have time to take such a photo? It's just within a few seconds that she figured it out. His gentleness and consideration, his sudden proposal warmed her up with the greatest warmth he gave her when she was most helpless. That's it.

I see. There must be someone else worthy of him to do so.

In this way, she felt relieved, at least not for other hidden reasons or secrets, but for a better enjoying her "marriage"

She stole a glance at Soren. As expected, a look of indifference appeared on his face because of the photo scandal. His stern expression made him look like an unreachable person. He was so different from just now.

She took her parents into another room and cleaned the mess up for them. Then she found a microwave in the kitchen to heat the medicine that her father brought and watched him drink it. After that, she returned to the room.

She had three bedrooms and a living room, and there was one room in it which seemed not bad. As long as she got up early tomorrow morning, her parents would not find anything wrong.

"Elsa, would you like some cake?" Soren stood outside the master bedroom, with a cake in his hand.

She shook her head. But her stomach was grumbling. She didn't eat anything at noon and evening. How could she not be hungry?

"Come to my room." Soren said as he turned around.

Elsa stood still. It was weird for a man and a woman to live in a room alone, and they were not familiar with each other

Seeing her hesitation, Soren explained, "the air-conditioner in that room was broken, so there was only one chair on the bed. Besides The decoration of that room was broken last time, and it was not in a good position either. It was facing the room of the other family. "

With each word those Soren said, Elsa made another plan to give in. She was so tired that she didn't want to stay here for one more night in such a hot day. She missed her dear quilt and soft bed very much Putting on a composed look, Elsa silently followed him into the bedroom.

He hadn't eaten anything during the dinner. Now he was grabbing the cake and putting it into his mouth. He looked so embarrassed.

Elsa laughed in her heart and picked up two pieces of cake to eat. It was not until she finished eating that she realized that she had made a big mistake. The home wear and pajamas she had brought were all in her car, but her car was left in the hotel and wasn't driven back.

It was impossible not to take a bath in such a day. Moreover, her clothes were tight against her body. She tried to straighten herself by standing, which made her look noble and dignified. However, it was difficult to bend or lie down. And after a night of toasts, she smelled the mixed smell of alcohol and sweat.

Should she take the risk to borrow a dress from her mother?

What would her mother ask and what kind of story she was going to tell?

Her face fell into a tangle unconsciously, and her brows furrowed. Too many things had troubled her that night. She was fiddling with the glasses. Should she go or not?

At the same time, he was eating a piece of cake. He felt a little relieved when he saw that Nelson brought a cake for him, otherwise, he would be starving tonight. While he was eating, he observed her openly. She took off her glasses, so she couldn't see him clearly, which gave him a lot of opportunities. She was different from when she was in a business suit. She had become a little girl since she had been in front of her parents. She had pouted, blushed, acted in a spoiled manner and frowned. Then, her expressions on her face also became rich and colorful. Was there a girl hiding behind the mask she was wearing?

What was she thinking about? He put down the cake and went to the wardrobe to take his pajamas to take a shower. Suddenly he understood what she was struggling for.

The wardrobe was full of his clothes, and she also had some. But she just made the winter sweater that she put inside tonight. It was made by Blanche.

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