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   Chapter 9 Soren's Home

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Although it was just a simple wedding banquet, after sending off the guests, they were still very tired.

Someone picked up Zed and Mia, they left after telling Soren to take good care of Elsa. The rest of the guests also left. Elsa's aunt, uncle and cousin Jamie would visit some relatives in Linchuan City. They also left after chatting with Elsa for a while.

Only Jane still held Elsa's hand and said to her, "Zaza! Call the police if something bad happen! Set a one-touch dial for 110 to call the police! And set another for my number!"

After all, it was a flash marriage, and she was really worried about Elsa. After she grabbed Elsa's mobile phone and pressed a few keys, she scratched her head with satisfaction. "I've already been your fast dial!"

"We are living in a harmonious society which is in good order. You are exaggerating!" Elsa grabbed her phone back and said, "Relax, I got it!"

"Auntie, how about my waffles?" Little Bun asked by their side.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot it. I'll make it up to you next time, okay? " They were so busy this day that Elsa really forgot to bring waffles for him.

Little Bun pouted and said, "Auntie, you don't love me anymore..."

While Jane continued, "It's always wise to play safe! Remember, don't forget to call me tomorrow morning. Remember it! "

"Well, Janie, you are little Bun's mother, not mine." While Elsa was comforting little Bun, she also made fun of Jane.

"Huh! Who would like to have a daughter like you? You'll make me feel old." Reluctantly, Jane dragged little Bun out of the hotel.

When she just went out of the door, a man rushed in. It was Ron. He threw the key of the car to Soren and said while he was gasping, "Last minute delivery. I just rushed here from 800 kilometers away. I am looking forward to your wedding ceremony. Any wine left for me?"

"Nope." Soren said.

"Hey, what's the matter with you? How can you be so heartless?"

Soren turned around and said, "Unless you help me to get my stuff into the car first."

"Okay!" Ron quickly agreed then turned to look at Elsa, who was standing next to him. With a playful smile on his handsome face, he greeted, "Hi, sister-in-law!"

Then he turned to Johnson and Blanche. "Well, you must be Elsa's parents? Elsa is so pretty, which means that she has inherited her parents' good looks..."

"Ron!" Soren gave him a dissatisfied look.

He walked towards the elevator very soon. Although he looked utterly carefree, he still held the elevator with one hand in front of his other hand very politely. After everyone came into the elevator, he closed the door, showing good manners.

When they went to pack up, Soren said softly, "Let's go home."

"Home?" The word surprised Elsa.

It turned out that the marriage she had planned was too simple. She hadn't thought about these all. Where was their home? Where would she live after getting married? And how? …… Many questions were placed in front of her at once. Originally, she was not that forward. Why did she become a little different from herself after she met him?

"I know that you have booked a room for Mom and Dad in the hotel, but in the afternoon I heard from Mom that Dad needed to take Chinese medicine to recuperate his health. It's not convenient for them to live in the hotel, so I decided to let them go back home with us. I don't have a very big house, but it's enough for we four."

"Thank you." Elsa really didn't know what else to say except "thank you". That was the only thing she could do now.

Soren smiled. He put a pile of things on Ron's shoulder for him to take.

"I'll take them," Elsa said hastily.

Her glasses had been sent back by the waiter. It turned out that the waiter forgot to put them in the storage box but kept them in his pocket. Now she could see things clearly. How could she do nothing to help?

"Just let him do it. Yesterday, something happened to his car because he ran into someone. So he borrowed my car for some days and left in a hurry. My keys and wallet were in the car. If he hasn't come back, I will become homeless." Soren also carried some heavy bags. They were all brought from home by Johnson and Blanche, including quilts, bed sheets, pickled vegetables, sweaters, and so on.

Elsa had to let go of them.

She could go to the front desk to pay the bill. She calculated the room charge and the money of the six-table banquet, which was about 20000, a medium price.

While the waitress was looking for the receipt, she took out her credit card.

"Miss, your room charge and banquet bill were already paid."

"What?" Elsa's first thought was that her father had paid for it. Parents were always like this. They were afraid that their daughter would be mistreated outside. So they would rather stint themselves than let their daughter endure grievance.

The waitress smiled enviously and said, "Your husband had paid for it. Miss, you are so lucky. Your husband is not only tall and handsome, but also very considerate."

With a smile on her face, Elsa put her purse away and went to the door

. At the same time, Soren drove the car to the door. He jumped out of the car and let Johnson and Blanche get on. Then he opened the door and let Elsa sit in the passenger seat. Being stared at by her parents, she had to get in the car.

"But my car..." Although Elsa got in his car, she was still thinking about her second-hand Volkswagen Bora.

"I'll pick up your car tomorrow."

"Hey, Soren, where is my wine? I'm tired, hungry and thirsty now." Ron was standing at the car, sweating.

"In a couple of days, Elsa and I will invite you in person." Soren closed the car door naturally.

"How dare you break your word, Soren. But now I am..."

As the car drove away, Ron was left behind speechlessly. Seeing that, Elsa pursed her lips and smiled. She had seen a lot of similar situations between good friends, just like what usually happened between Janie and her.

In the car, Johnson and Blanche casually chatted with Soren for a while. When they saw that he looked sincere and honest through his good manner, they were delighted.

Looking at the unfamiliar scenery outside the window, Elsa didn't know what to say. She had come to this area for an interview, but she didn't know much about this place. Besides, she didn't know where Soren lived, so she didn't want to say anything more. She wanted to introduce this place to her parents but didn't know where to start.

Soren, on the other hand, began to present the city while focused on driving, "Here is the location of the municipal TV tower. There is a new shopping mall. If Mom and Dad are interested, Elsa and I will show you around."

"Okay, great." Blanche nodded. Johnson also looked at the high building through the car window.

"The place circled by red lights is the largest swimming pool in Linchuan City, where people love to go in summer. And there is the oceanarium. However, it's about to move to the suburbs, so fortunately Mom and Dad still can take a look at it these days. Elsa also loved it. But she hasn't been there for a long time." He turned to take a look at Elsa and then withdrew his sight.

Elsa wondered why he knew that she liked the oceanarium and hadn't been there for a long time?

Johnson was simple, honest and serious. He felt a little nervous in front of this unfamiliar son-in-law. So Blanche smiled and said, "We would like to visit it. But your father is not in good health. So we plan to go back tomorrow. If we stay here, we'll cause you trouble. It will be easier for us if we go back home."

Hearing that, Elsa could not help but sob in her heart. "Mom, can you stay here for some more days? Now I have the marriage leave, so I can hang around with you. I can only go back home once a year in the Spring Festival. And it's not easy for you to come here this time. How can you leave so soon?"

"Look at what our Zaza said. A marriage leave is to enjoy the happy marriage with your loved one, not to accompany your parents."

"Mom, I won't let you go! You are not allowed to leave!" Pouting her lips, Elsa said like a spoiled child. She completely forgot that Soren was sitting next to her.

"Good girl, listen to me!"

From the corner of his eye, Soren caught a glimpse of Elsa's sullen face. When she was in front of her parents, her expressions changed a lot, which was very different as she used to be quiet and well-behaved. She looked... so cute. He slightly pursed his lips and looked at the road in front of him. "Mom and Dad, please stay here. Our home is also your home. I will spend a lot of time with Elsa in the future. So I don't mind these days. "

Elsa immediately echoed, "Yes, Mom. It's okay. Please stay with me."

"Ren, my daughter is so naughty and self-willed. As a girl of more than twenty years old, she still do things with her own temper. Please forgive her. Zaza, you also have to change your bad temper. Don't let Ren put up with you all the time. Keep it in your mind."

"I see, Mom." Said Elsa, biting her lips.

"Yes, mom." Soren's answered calmly. With his left hand on the steering wheel, his right hand naturally extended to hold the left hand of Elsa.

They seemed to be a real beloved couple that they could get along very well with each other.

Blanche was very delighted. She touched Johnson's hand, and Johnson reassured his wife.

Soon they arrived at a residential area. Soren pulled in the car and led them to Room No. 29 of the 10th Floor. He opened the door and turned on the lights, which made the room seemed bright and soft. The living room was simple and neat with only some basic living facilities.

Offering each of them a glass of water, Soren said, "I'll take the things out of the car."

Then he turned and left, leaving the space to the three of them. He was so considerate. Now it was a chance for Elsa to give her explanations to her parents. He knew clearly how embarrassed she was.

As expected, after he left, Blanche immediately asked, "Zaza, where's Greenwood? Why is Soren the bridegroom? I don't believe that you are the one who would make a mistake in the name. Don't test my memory."

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