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   Chapter 8 do you want me to accompany you

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He was a handsome and attractive man who could attract a lot of women just by his appearance.

With a greasy smile on his face, he looked lovingly at her. At that moment, she felt that she was the heroine of the idol drama.

Reaching out his hand, he said, "Elsa, let's go downstairs."

Elsa hesitated. She looked at Jane, who gave Elsa a bright smile. Jane prefers Soren to Greenwood.

Elsa took his warm palm. She felt very shy and her cheek was redden in the bright light. Soren walked out of the room without looking at her. He had thought she would be more beautiful after dressing up, but she was more gorgeous than he had expected.

Her skin was white and tender, and her eyes were misty. She looked like the bright anticipation in her eyes, which was nice, harmless, and with a decided beauty. She look very young, not twenty-seven years old at all, but seventeen.

The only thing that annoyed was the pair of large black rimmed glasses which were still on her face.

Although today's wedding ceremony was very simple, and she didn't have time to prepare anything for it, he came up to pick her up in person. In this way, Elsa felt that he had given enough respect and attention to her.

Looking at the perfect couple, Jane said quietly, "Zaza, you must be happy in the future."

"wow..." All the guests who saw her again expressed their admiration for her Everyone brought a smiling face to her, just like five years ago. But that time, it was the first night of marriage, and according to the customs, she invited all her relatives and friends to dinner. Except for no wedding, everything was the same. Everyone looked at her with a smiling face, and she also enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by happiness. However However

Elsa didn't know why she became nervous. Her hand which was held by Soren was sweaty and sticky. She felt uncomfortable. The faces of the guests in front of her had overlapped those of the past, she felt strange, and familiar

"Elsa? Elsa? " Soren reminded her.

It turned out to be the waiter who brought the tea. Zed and Mia were looking at her with a smile, waiting for her to serve the tea.

"This is the new tea, Elsa." Soren's voice was so soft and powerful that it could let Elsa come to sense.

"Grandpa and grandma, please have some tea." Elsa took the tea from Soren and handed it over to Zed and Mia obediently, they drank the tea happily. Then they put two big red envelopes into Elsa's hands. "Grandpa, grandma, I've already received your presents this morning. How can I receive your red envelope again?" she asked in surprise

"Silly girl, this is a red packet for you to call us. How can you give it up? It's a sure thing. " The old couple grumbled.

Elsa felt confused. But Johnson and Blanche both laughed at Elsa's. "Oh, come on, don't be silly. they gave it to you only because they loved you. It's etiquette. Keep it. "

Feeling a little better, she took it over. However, no matter how much the ransom was, she couldn't take it. She could feel that the Wang family members were eager to hear the news of Soren's marriage, so they were all kind to her. Although she couldn't repay them for their kindness, she couldn't take their property for nothing.

Serving the tea to Johnson Xia and Blanche Yang, Soren said to them in a loud and sincere voice, "father, mother, please have some tea. Because my parents can't come here today for something indeed. Please pardon!"

Soren's and his family' attitude, Johnson and Blanche had watched throughout the afternoon. They didn't find fault with Soren, so they hid their doubts in the depth of their hearts and handed him two red envelopes, smiling. Soren accepted it straightforwardly, "thank you, Dad, mom."

After serving the tea, Soren found that Elsa was very nervous. She tried her best to avoid eye contact with the guests. Most of the guests were from the Qi family, so he assumed that she was feeling uncomfortable. He patted her hand and asked her, "will you feel nervous?"

"A little." Elsa smiled sheepishly. "But it doesn't matter, I can handle it."

"Should you take off your glasses?" Asked Soren.

"No, thanks, I'm highly myopic." Elsa smiled and blushed.

Soren stared at her and said, "we need to give a toast to the relatives later, if you take off your glasses, they can see you clearly, but you can't. so you will be more comfortable."

He was so attentive that he had already noticed the moment she held her breath in front of so many people. She wondered why this man was so sensitive and considerate?

In fact, he really didn't have to care much about her feelings. After all, that was her emotions and past. He didn't have to bear so much.

Having followed his advice, she took off her glasses. Soren took off her glasses first and handed it to a waiter. "Miss, please put this pair of glasses in the room 238 which I placed just now. I'll pick it up after the dinner."

His warm hand kissed her cheek, bringing a series of warmness. Elsa involuntarily lowered her head slightly. In the eyes of others, their kissing scene made others jealous.

Everyone was talking about the grace and love between Soren and Elsa. As for Elsa, she felt like she was in a trance, but she can listen to what they were saying clearly.

But she felt much better and more comfortable than just.

There were only six tables in total at the dinner party. The quantity of guests could be counted as dozens. It would take a lot of time to propose a toast to everyone.

She couldn't see clearly what was going on, so she had to leave with Soren. She did whatever he asked her to do. That night, in order to repay him, she kept following him with a sincere and somewhat confused smile.

Everyone just spoiled the bride. Elsa was permitted drinking drinks. She was so full after drinking so many drinks that she wanted to go to the toilet.

But she couldn't see anything because of the heavy fog. She racked her brain but couldn't find the position of the Jane. Finally, she pulled the sleeves of Soren and said, "well I want to take back my glasses. "

"I'll take you there." Soren took her by the hand and walked towards. "How high is it? Such a high degree!"

"More than 800. There are also some other aspects that require you to wear glasses to prevent yourself from walking. " A dash of embarrassment flashed through her eyes. Although it was not a secret, it was not shared by others.

She found that she could easily trust him.

Hearing this, Soren stunned for a while. As a result, she almost bumped into him. She looked up at him but couldn't see his face clearly. Her eyes were misty, and her eyelashes were long and curled. They were covered by her big glasses.

What's wrong with that? The little things that Soren placed were all here, but he didn't find Elsa's glasses. He looked around but couldn't find it.

Elsa was getting a little edgy. Soren said, "You're destined to be with me the whole night. It's okay for me to take care of you, isn't it, Elsa? "

"But I..." Hearing that, Elsa blushed like an apple. Lowering her head, she said, "I want to go to the bathroom. "

It was so humiliating! She really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself.

But she didn't notice the smile on Soren's face. Soren took her hand and thought it was a pleasure to protect her. He didn't let her in until he was sure she could walk into the bathroom by herself.

She heard a man's moan with great pleasure and pain from the female toilet. A man? 'in the wrong place?'? "What's wrong, Elsa?" Soren asked

"It's okay. But I can't see clearly. "

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Soren asked with concern.

Of course she couldn't ask him to accompany her. It was the utmost he could do. Did he have to go to the lady's room with her? Elsa refused him immediately. After she carefully identified the direction, she walked in again. She thought this was the lady's room, and Soren wouldn't joke at this time. But she felt a little relieved after confirming it.

"Are you Elsa? You look gorgeous tonight! I almost couldn't recognize you! " Lily was usually aloof and proud, but at this moment, she was tinged with a sense of ingratiation.

Hearing this familiar voice, Elsa only saw a blurred figure, while the other one was quickly walking out of her side. "Hello, Lily. What a coincidence!" she nodded towards the mist

Although Lily was the deputy editor, everyone assumed that she was the editor since no one held the position of editor.

"Yeah, indeed." "Are you coming here too?" she added in a low voice

"Yes." Elsa nodded.

The time and place of the conversation gave her a strange feeling. It was not like greetings, and casual talk was not like gossip. After a few words, they were silent. Then Lily said, "then I'll go out. Bye."

"Bye." Said Elsa.

This time she went to the toilet with difficulty. She felt uncomfortable although she knew that Soren couldn't see or hear her from a long distance.

When she came out, she heard Soren talking on the phone, "no, you don't! but must you give my car back? I'll give you half an hour! "

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