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   Chapter 7 Almost Vomited

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In such an atmosphere, Johnson and Blanche were a little relieved. They didn't care about themselves. The key was their daughter's happiness. But at the dinner time, they were nervous again. The lunch was ordered according to everyone's taste by Soren. Everyone was taken care of and they had a harmonious lunch. Only Elsa barely ate. She tried her best to hold back the disgusted feeling, but she almost vomited.

Even Soren was puzzled. He took her hand under the table and found that her hand was cold. He was worried and asked, "Are you not feeling well, Elsa?"

"It's okay. Let's eat. " Elsa said and picked up the chopsticks to have some rice but still didn't touch the dishes.

Soren picked up a piece of chicken drumstick and put it into her bowl. Seeing this, Elsa put down the chopsticks all of a sudden. She covered her mouth with her hand. Her face was as pale as a ghost and she couldn't recover from the nausea.

"Ren, how long have you known Elsa?" Asked Zed and Mia, looking at each other with implications in their eyes.

Hearing that, Blanche and Johnson stopped eating and looked at the couple.

There were other meanings in Zed and Mia's words. Seeing their reaction, Soren took hold of Elsa's hand tightly and said, "We met last year and have known each other for a long time. However, it was not long ago that we decided to get married. "

Soren's words not only reassured Zed and Mia, but also removed the doubts of Elsa's parents. He could understand that Elsa didn't want her parents to worry about her. Perhaps this was the main reason why she had made the decision quickly and decisively to be with him.

Elsa gave him a grateful look. They had different thoughts during their interaction, but in the eyes of the families, it was somewhat romantic, which suppressed everyone's worries and misgivings.

In the afternoon, some relatives and friends of the Wang family came. They seemed to be acquainted with Zed and Mia. Soren did his best to be a good son-in-law in front of Elsa's parents. Elsa shouldn't be indifferent either, so she came up to greet them. Anyway, Elsa's parents didn't have any chance to whisper to their daughter until the banquet began.

Although Elsa just had known Soren for a short time and it was also the first time that she met with his relatives and friends, she was a polite and considerate girl who always did her job well. A satisfied smile crept onto the faces of Zed and Mia and they liked Elsa more.

Just at that time, someone rushed in with a little boy. She shouted from afar, "Congratulations, Elsa. I should have come to help you earlier, but there was a slight delay. I'll punish myself with three glasses of wine later!"

It seemed that the banquet was not started yet but she already wanted to drink. Therefore, it was easy to recognize that among all friends of Elsa, this must be Jane.

Elsa walked towards her, meanwhile, little Bun also rushed to Elsa and said in a childish voice, "Congratulations, auntie. Happy wedding!"

"Good boy." Elsa's heart was so warm. She touched his little head and said, "Thank you very much, little Bun."

"Why are you still wearing this? What time is it now? I'm not criticizing you, Elsa, but if you have changed the dressing style of an old spinster, do you need to wait until today to get married? Let's go upstairs. I'll help you change your clothes. People who don't know you might think you're a hotel staff. "

With a smile on her face, Elsa said, "I was going to change my clothes earlier, but I didn't expect so many people to come here and I didn't have time to do that. I'll get changed before dinner. Actually it's not a formal ceremony, we'll just have dinner together and meet with families of each part, in order that we can recognize all the relatives on the street in the future. "

Jane said with a bright smile, "You're right. But you should change your clothes earlier. Come on, I'll go with you, and just let little Bun stay with your man downstairs for a while. "

"Well, I should let... let him know it. " Elsa didn't know how to bring up the name of Soren.

While they were talking, Soren came over to them. Elsa said to him, "Well... I want to go upstairs and change my clothes. Please take care of here, okay? "

"What kind of clothes will you wear? Of what color?" Soren asked in a hurry.

"A simple improved cheongsam, it's red. What's wrong?"

Soren smiled, "Nothing. I also need to get changed. I don't want to have a bad match with you. Now I think a black suit will be a good choice."

It was not until now that Elsa found that not only her clothes were not decent, a black uniform with white shirt, but Soren also did not look like a bridegroom now and was dressed in his casual clothes. Even if they got married without a formal wedding ceremony, it was still not proper for them to be like these.

As soon as Elsa turned around and was about to leave, Soren suddenly held her shoulder with his arm. A flush began to appear on Elsa's cheeks. "What's the matter?" She asked.

"Don't come down by yourself. When you're done, I'll pick you up, okay?" His eyes were so affectionate that Elsa couldn't look straight into them.

"Sure." "This is my godson

. Can you help me to take care of him for a while?" Elsa said, taking little Bun by her hand.

"Come here, my godson." Soren of course agreed. Elsa's face turned red as she heard his words.

"Elsa, what are you doing? Who's this handsome man? He's tall, with long legs, gentle and considerate. Where is Greenwood? Didn't he make an appointment with you? "

"Let's go upstairs to talk about it." After walking into the elevator, Elsa told all her story to Jane. "Don't tell my parents. I am still confused about it. Pinch my arm and see if it hurts."

Jane was so surprised. 'How could this happen in real life?' She wondered. She had to confirm whether it was a dream, let alone Elsa. Jane stretched her hands out to scratch Elsa's neck. Elsa was very ticklish. As a result, she burst into laughter all of a sudden, even tears came out of her eyes. While laughing, she said, "All right. Just spare me! I surrender!"

Hearing that, Jane stopped scratching. After a while, Elsa calmed down. She frowned and said, "Do you think I'm doing it in a wrong way?"

"What's wrong with you? Why are you so upset? Is it because that Johnny Meng is going to get married?" Jane said to her in a serious tone.

"Jane!" "Can you say something serious when I get married?" Elsa stopped her.

"Well, to be honest, this man looked much more handsome than Greenwood. Look at his nose, eyes, and even his body shape. I support you to marry him!"

"You are really my best friend! I feel so lucky to be your friend!" Elsa looked at this unreliable anthomaniac, gnashing her teeth. Who wanted to hear this!

"Thank you for your praise. I don't deserve it! But how can I reject your compliment? If you insist." Jane said proudly.

Elsa looked at her, dumbfounded. She went into the room which she had reserved for her parents, took out the clothes that she had prepared and sat on the dresser, waiting for Jane to help her dress up. Jane was skilled at doing all these detailed jobs, while Elsa was not good at it. Moreover, she often went to the news scene all year round, so the sweat usually ruined her minimal makeup, therefore, she didn't need to make up most of the time.

While painting the eyebrows, Jane said, "I've told you that Greenwood is not a good man. But you didn't listen to me and just hurried up to develop your relationship. When you two were together, once I asked you to bring him to meet me. We talked about buying some ice cream, but he kept saying that he was allergic or didn't like its sweet taste. However, after you paid for the ice cream, he was not allergic to it anymore or fed up to it, and he even ate more than half of it. What a stingy man he is!"

"He wants to save money." Elsa said honestly. Greenwood had always kept his strict economy. For him, even taking a taxi was a waste. She wondered why she had agreed to marry him so firmly at that time. She couldn't help but felt sick at the thought of that her upcoming marriage would be with Greenwood.

"He is niggard!" Jane said angrily, "He even took off all his clothes and got into your room. He didn't plan to get married but dreamed about having sex with you! Fortunately, he took the wrong room card. If he really had done anything to you, how could you get him punished when he was gone? Just for this, I will give 100 points to Soren!"

"He was badly beaten by Soren."

"Then I'll give Soren 200 points!" Jane continued.

Elsa was still a little scared. If Greenwood had used the correct room card at that time, Jane would have been in danger too. So she asked, "I invited you to the hotel that day, but little Bun said that you had entered the elevator but then left. What happened?"

"Something urgent happened at home." Jane prevaricated.

"Did you run into that man?" Elsa was Jane's old friend for more than ten years. She could easily recognize that Jane was hiding something.

Jane laughed, "Never mind. Don't talk about the unpleasant things today. To celebrate that you don't need to marry Greenwood, I have to double my money in the red envelope today."

Elsa stopped talking about that. She smiled and begged, "Please don't. Forgive me please. I have to repay you twice in the future. My life's so difficult!"

"It's not up to you. Are you hoping that I won't get married? In that case, you can save a lot of money."

Hearing that, Elsa's eyes turned red all of a sudden. She said, "Janie, I would rather put all my property in a red envelope for you. I want to see you wear a beautiful wedding dress and be a bride. Instead of... "

"Can you give me your bank card? I am going to the studio to take wedding photos now." Jane joked and helped her to apply lipstick. Suddenly, she put her arm around Elsa's shoulder and said, "It's okay whether we get married or not. Zaza, we're still like sisters."

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door politely. "I'll open the door!" Jane said.

Soren came in.

Elsa was laughing. When she saw him coming in, she looked at him with a little embarrassment. He changed into a dark black suit. As he had a great figure, the suit seemed to be tailored for him and fitted perfectly. Compared with lunchtime, he was more mature and steady, and more trustworthy.

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