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   Chapter 5 she felt him

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"I..." As she was about to say something, she found that her voice was choking.

"This is my identification. You can have a look first. " Soren took out his ID card, put it on the table, neatly facing Elsa.

Hearing that, Elsa looked at it involuntary. The active service man was of high rank. She had interviewed many people with the same identity as him. The identification looked very familiar and real, and even the wrinkles that had been used for a long time were so real.

"I don't smoke and drink occasionally. I don't have other bad habits."

"Why me?" Elsa looked at his identification. She knew that it was not as difficult as he said to find a suitable bride in his identity and status.

Soren didn't know why. Yesterday, he had a strong feeling that the man who was supposed to stand by her side should not be Greenwood. He didn't make the decision until he saw her tears. He also could see that there was no love between her and Greenwood. He couldn't say how much he loved her. "I've been meeting you all these days. Maybe I think you fit me well?"

They had worked in the company for three years and they were think that sows are more beautiful than beauty. This was a muscular courting's pet phrase, who was interviewed by Elsa. She suddenly thought of this sentence, and believed his words "you fit me well".

But she was not sure whether she should accept his proposal or not since it was such a sudden decision.

At this time, the waiter brought over the coffee and placed it beside them. "Please enjoy the two spots of coffee."

Soren tore the sugar inside and asked, "pack full or half?"

"Half a packet."

He put the sugar in the coffee, stirred it well and then pushed it in front of her. Since his proposal and the thing he was doing now worked together, it seemed that he was trying to please her. But there was a mixture of concentration and calmness on his face. It seemed that he did a small thing for her and it made sense.

After that, he said slowly, "It doesn't matter. You can think about it first."

Elsa took a deep breath in her heart. "I have been in poor health and I had surgery before. The doctor said that the chance of pregnancy is lower than that of ordinary people. I am busy with work, and sometimes I am out of order, so I don't care much about the family. I'm not that perfect... "

Everyone in the room understood the implication in her words.

"I don't mind. The point was that you fit me. What's more, it's still early to talk about the baby... "

Hearing that, Elsa blushed and said, "so we are going to take what we need now."

After hearing this, Soren nodded his head reluctantly.

"Then What are we going to do now? " Elsa asked.

His words suggested that they accepted each other's offer and they were going to marry.

"I'll call someone. Can you sit down for a while?" Soren said to somebody on the phone.

Elsa was really sleepy so she made a gesture to the bathroom. Soren nodded. She rushed into the washroom, took off the large glasses, and threw cold water on her face. She had a bad rest these days and was in a daze. She felt that all the things were like a dream. She wondered if she would be still in the dormitory when she woke up. She was holding the quilt and working hard against the sound of the alarm?

She closed her eyes hard and then opened them. When she saw the hotel's logo in the mirror, she told herself that it was not a dream and that she walked out of the bathroom slowly. At the same time, she saw that Soren was still in his seat. A young man with robust and muscular head ran towards them and put a stack of documents in front of Soren. With a simple and honest smile on his tanned face, he said, "Sir, here are all the materials!"

"Hello, sister-in-law." as soon as Elsa sat down in front of Soren, the young man greeted in a coarse voice

Hearing that, Elsa could not help but blush.

"Okay, you wait me for a moment!"

"Yes, sir!" The young man bowed to him, turned around and ran to a distance. He stood as tall as a status.

With the papers in his hand, Soren said, "these are materials for marriage registration. It will take a lot of days to submit them. We can't get a marriage license today."

"Then what should we do?" said Elsa. she felt like floating on a cloud

"Do you mind we hold the wedding party tonight and postpone the marriage registration a few days later?"

Elsa shook her head to show that she didn't mind.

"Are you okay?" Seeing her flushed face, Soren asked with concern.

"I'm fine. "How should I fill these?" Elsa picked them up and saw the file. It was thickly dotted with description, and she will write love reports and marriage reports. She felt dizzy.

"Fill in your personal information. I'll write the others. I will accompany you to take the papers you need, copy them and let someone send them to there. After we get the approval materials, we can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage license. "

She had all her ID cards in her bag, because she was going to get the marriage certificate

with Greenwood this morning. She didn't know the specific materials. The single status certificate and household register were sent to her by her mother two days ago. The director of the newspaper even gave her an introduction letter. She took out all the stuff in her bag, which seemed to be more complete than the prepared by Soren.

Soren along with her borrowed the printing machine of the hotel and copy the materials very soon. He wrote something on that love report and marriage report. Nobody knew what he wrote on it. However, when she sat opposite to him, those words were strong and powerful, hard to read on the back of the paper.

Since she was not familiar with him, she was embarrassed to ask what he wrote. She saw him put everything in a folder, and then he called, "six!"

"Yes!" A small official trotted over and took the letter.

Soren laughed and said, "tell my leader that I will take my wife to see him!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Go ahead."

Elsa found that their voices were short and calm, which was the peculiar sound in the company, especially that of Soren's. His voice was exceptionally powerful, it seemed that those who hear must obey him.

It was only eight o'clock in the morning. Soren took a glance at his wristwatch and said, "I will have breakfast with you after I get dressed."

Elsa nodded. He was obviously only wearing a camouflage suit, the lower part of the body wore pajamas and slippers. Watching him walking into the elevator, she was in a trance. How should she explain to her parents? It was like she had fallen into a strange circle, making things more and more complicated.

She thought for a while and decided to tell her friends first, and she would tell her parents after they arrived.

This time, it was little bun who answered the phone. Elsa's heart softened, "little bun, where's Mommy? I want to talk to your mommy. "

"Auntie, Mommy went to the hospital to work. I didn't eat the tiles." Her voice was full of grievance.

"What's wrong? Didn't mother take you to the hotel? " She wondered.

The little bun replied in a low voice, "yes, we were going to go there. But somehow, we met an uncle in the elevator and my mother took me out. She also told me that she had to deal with some urgent things, so she took me back."

Elsa felt more and more puzzled. She wondered why Jane should call her if she didn't live in the hotel. 'who did she meet? it makes her so rush that she left the phone at home' She comforted little Bun, "Okay, I'll leave you the tiles, okay? I'll give you the money when I come back tonight. "

"You are the best, auntie." little Bun babbled on the phone.

When the phone was hung up, Soren came out of the elevator. He had changed into a white T-shirt and khaki pants, which looked like a sunshine boy, which was inconsistent with his age. She had seen his identification just now. He was thirty years old. As he approached her, she suddenly felt that her clothes did not match his at all. She felt a little awkward.

Soren held her hand naturally as if he didn't care about it at all. But Elsa shrank a little. She just avoided his hand because Greenwood always held her like this. But she didn't escape this time. His palm was powerful and hard. It was the power of long-term training that made her feel a little pain.

She was feeling him, and he was feeling her as well. Her fingers were very slender and long. She felt so warm that she seemed to have touched a good silk. He quickly wrapped her little fist up with his fist.

"Just eat it in the hotel. The hotel has prepared a free buffet for the guests." Elsa didn't want him to spend more money.

"The sun is so good. You'd better go out for more sunlight."

Going out, the morning sun in summer was not too hot, and the sunlight shone on her body gave her an indescribable comfort. That kind of complicated emotion aroused in her heart.

He was taller and faster than her, and soon he was beating her by one position. The subtle mood in her heart turned into a light and weak happiness.

Realizing that he walked too fast, he stopped, made a turn and started to follow her steps.

They had their breakfast in a small farmhouse. It was rare to see such a place with a prime location in Linchuan City, which was surrounded by fences. Elsa couldn't believe that as a man, he was quite fastidious about life. It seemed that she really had to change her bad image of a man.

Elsa ate a plain rice dumplings and a cup of soy milk. Since she was full, she felt secure, so she wanted to sleep. But she felt too embarrassed to ask Soren to do so. She struggled to stand up and watched him eating the traditional Chinese medicine. Seeing that he was eating meat, she turned her head away to see the dog's tail grass which was surrounded by the fence.

It was rare to see plants like the Qiao's in the city, so she hadn't seen such kind of plants for many years. When she heard that, she was shocked.

"When will your parents arrive?" Soren's voice was so stylish that even if she was distracted, she could hear it.

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