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   Chapter 4 Let's Get Married

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Soren glanced at her again. She was still in a professional suit even it was late at night. Her hair was well-coiffed and it was easy to tell that she didn't sleep well and she was a little tired.

"How about buy me a cup of coffee?" Soren said with a smile.

Hearing that, Elsa was stunned for a while. "Okay, at any time." She said.

Mr. Wu also smiled, but then he said to Greenwood, who was in great pain, "Mr. Li was injured..."

Mr. Wu was a little worried about his injury. Although Greenwood and Elsa had made a mistake, but he was badly beaten by Soren.

"I'm alright, forget it. I'm just out of luck." As long as the problem was solved, Greenwood thought that it was better for everything to be written off. He was really afraid of being sent to the police station by Soren. If the police called his school, his job of a gym teacher which he gained difficultly would be ruined.

He didn't want to stay here to have more trouble. Last night, he went out for wool and came home shorn. He was a little angry and didn't have the mood to make love with Elsa any more. He planned to ask her to end the engagement as soon as possible. This could be an excuse for him to explode.

When they walked out of the manager's office, Greenwood put his hand on Elsa's shoulder. Elsa instinctively felt disgusted and uncomfortable about everything he did tonight. The longer she stayed with him, the more restless she grew.

She tried her best to hold back her feelings. Although this man was not responsible for her, she could take responsibility of herself. The marriage was arranged because they were matched in every aspect.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, a voice resounded in the room. "Miss Xia, how are you going to treat me with coffee?"

Hearing that, Elsa was stunned again. She turned and saw Soren. "Do you know my name and contact?" Soren asked, shaking his head with a smile.

"Well... I ignored it. Sorry. " Elsa smiled with a little embarrassment. This was not in accordance with her usually serious character. "Please tell me your number. I'll take it down."

She took out her phone.

"Better tell me yours." Soren said.

Greenwood's heart was filled with outrage after being beaten by Soren. 'How can Elsa still treat this man with a smiling face in front of me?' He thought to himself and roughly interrupted them. "Can you stop doing this, Elsa? We have other things to do now."

Elsa frowned slightly, which was caught by Soren right away. He smiled and looked at Greenwood. "The date of Mr. Li won't start until noon. It's still early. Why are you in such a hurry to pick up the headmaster's daughter?"

Confusedly, Elsa turned to look at Greenwood. When she saw his sudden change of facial expression, she had a hunch of discomfort.

"What's more, Mr. Li took off all his clothes and got on my bed last night. It seems that your coat and trousers are still in my room." Soren continued.

"You!" Elsa turned and glared at Greenwood with anger.

"Aren't we going to get married?" Greenwood tried to defend himself, as he felt embarrassed to see her being furious about him in public.

The smile on Soren's face disappeared. He said seriously, "Mr. Li, how could you still lie to her? Mr. Wu, let's go out first."

Mr. Wu was confused but said nothing. He followed Soren out.

"It's okay. You can leave first. I'll wait here for a while." Soren said to Mr. Wu.

"Please feel free here. If you need anything, please call me at any time." Mr. Wu handed over his business card and left.

Whispers and sounds of suppressed quarrel came from the room. Soren kept dialing and deleting numbers on the phone. Finally, there was nothing left on the screen.

Suddenly, a slap was heard inside the room. Then, Greenwood rushed out. He threw a resentful look at Soren before he left in an awkward way.

Elsa didn't know how she felt at this time. With no need to get married now, she took a long sigh of relief, as if she had removed a heavy load off her chest, and her whole body was relaxed. When she slapped Greenwood, she felt angry not because he backed out their engagement, but because he took away her room card and sneaked into her room at midnight.

She didn't expect that Greenwood was such a despicable and shameless person. Even if he didn't ask her to end their relationship, she had to reconsider it.

Three month ago, Elsa met Greenwood again after high school. After visiting her father, who fell ill at that time, she came back to Linchuan City from her hometown. And she took the bus instead of driving by herself. Greenwood was also on that bus. They talked about their high school life and the embarrassment of going home for blind date. This trip made them feel cordial.

It was Greenwood who suggested going out with her on the premise of getting married. At that time, Elsa was also anxious about marriage, so she agreed. After they set the relationship, the Li family began to urge them to get married. After all, Greenwood was two years older than Elsa, so they couldn't wait any longer for him to marry Elsa.

After careful consideration, Elsa knew that her parents would not be at ease if they did not get married. Her father's health was not good, and he still had t

o worry about her. It was unfilial of her to be far away from parents. She did not want to be disobedient all the time. So she agreed to marry Greenwood.

But it turned out that...

how easily the relationship started, how hastily it ended.

She wiped her face with her hand and forced her tears back. She didn't regret it at all.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, her cell phone rang. She looked out of the window at the sky and found the day was breaking. In summer the dawn always comes early.

She walked to the corridor's handrail and clenched her fists when she saw the number on the phone. "Hello, mom."

"Zaza, we have got on the car. We didn't take the early bus. A student of mine happened to go to Linchuan City to run a load, so he offered us a free ride. Now, we have set out. Don't worry about us. Aren't you going to get your marriage license this morning? Hurry up with Wade. Don't be late. "

"Mom..." Elsa didn't know what to say. Her nasal voice rose as she spoke.

Her aunt laughed and joked, "there's a saying in our hometown which says 'marrying a man at twenty-seven, the bride is like a blooming flower; waiting until the age of thirty, the girl results in a poor spinster. Our Zaza now will get married at her best age."

"What's more, the new quilt and bed sheet are done. I will make the bed for you in the evening." Blanche's voice was filled with joy.

Elsa forced a smile. When she hung up the phone, she found that she could not explain this mess to her parents on the phone, and she could not imagine how sad and disappointed they would be when they heard it from her own mouth.

She looked down silently. The street lights went out and the early vendors began to sell breakfast. Tears fell on the handrail. The heavy burden that she had just put down immediately fell back in her chest, and made her feel a little difficult.

A piece of tissue was handed to her. She looked at the hand with surprise. The big hand with tan skin and slender bones showed the strength of his owner. Elsa took it over hesitantly and held it in her hand. "Thank you."

Soren stood beside her, holding the handrail and looking out of the window with her. The burning sun slowly jumped out of the clouds. Elsa thought for a while and asked, "how do you know so many things about Greenwood?"

"I heard him make a call when you were having coffee yesterday. I thought nothing happened when I saw that you two were fine together. "

"Yesterday?" Elsa thought it was the second time she met him, but in fact it's more than that. He knew well about how despicable Greenwood was. She was a little embarrassed, but on the other hand, she had nothing to do with Greenwood.

"Would you like to buy me a cup of coffee now?" 'The tiredness is obvious on her face and the dark circles under her eyes seem to be more serious than yesterday.' Soren thought.

Elsa nodded. She had nothing to do now, and buying him a cup of coffee was her promise.

In the cafe, there were only waiters on night shift. A waiter bucked up his spirit and handed the menu to Elsa. "Just order something you like." Elsa handed it to Soren.

He ordered black coffee for himself and latte for Elsa. Then he said to the waiter politely, "please add a sugar packet."

Noticing that Elsa's eyes widened under the black-rimmed glasses, he said, "I saw that you drank latte both in the morning and in the noon yesterday. And there was sugar in front of you, so I thought that you may prefer a sweeter taste."

"Thank you." Elsa said sincerely. She didn't expect him to be so considerate.

It was a little boring waiting for the coffee. Since they were strangers, they didn't have common topics neither know where to start. Thinking that her parents were coming in the afternoon, Elsa felt very depressed... Alas.

Soren took her phone from the table, input his number, and saved his name on it. Then he handed it back to her. Elsa took a look at his name and her mood became better. "I've already treated you to a cup of coffee. Are you still worried that I will run away?"

"Miss Xia, may I call you Elsa?" Soren smiled.

"Yes." Elsa nodded to agree.

"Elsa, how about we two get married?" Soren didn't evade but directly stared at Elsa's eyes.

When he called her name, that syllable had a special power.

At first, Elsa's lips were pursed into a thin line. Hearing that, an expression of unbelievable flashed through her face. Then she slowly opened her mouth so wide that it could swallow an egg, and she suddenly came to herself. "We?"

"Over the past three years, I was forced to have a blind date every three months on average. I don't want to continue like this. You need a bridegroom in your wedding ceremony, and I need a suitable bride. In this way, we can make up the shortcoming of each other. What do you think?" His voice was clear and deep, which made people easily trust him.

At this moment, Elsa was moved hear that. Her parents were coming. She didn't want them to be in a mess. She had made them suffer too much during another relationship of her a few years ago. Would fate be so ridiculous that this kind of things always happened when she was about to get married? Was she destined to be single forever?

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