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   Chapter 4 Let's Get Married

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Soren glanced at her again. Despite the lateness of the hour, she was still wearing a professional suit, and not a strand of her hair was out of place. Even so, it was easy to tell that she did not sleep well, and her eyes held a trace of tiredness.

"How about buying me a cup of coffee?" Soren asked with a smile.

Elsa was momentarily startled by how forward he was being, but she eventually answered, "Okay, any time."

Mr. Wu also smiled, but then he faced Greenwood, who was in great pain, and said "Mr. Li, your injuries..."

The manager was a little worried about his injury. Although it was Greenwood's and Elsa's fault, he ended up being badly beaten by Soren.

"I'm alright, forget it. Today's just not my lucky day." As long as the problem was solved, Greenwood thought that it was better for everything to be written off. He was really afraid of being dragged to the police station by Soren. If the police called up his school, then he could kiss his job as a gym teacher, which he managed to land with great difficulty, goodbye.

He didn't want to stay here and get into more trouble. Last night, he went out for wool and came home shorn. He was angry and no longer in the mood to make love with his fiancee. In fact, he planned to ask her to end the engagement as soon as possible. This could be the perfect excuse for him to break it off.

As they walked out of the manager's office, Greenwood slid his arm around Elsa's shoulders. Elsa instinctively felt repulsed by everything he did tonight. The longer she stayed with him, the more restless she grew.

She tried her best to hold back these feelings. Although this man was not responsible for her, she was perfectly capable of looking after herself. They agreed upon the marriage because they were matched in every aspect.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, a voice resounded in the room. "Miss Xia, how do you intend to buy me coffee?"

Upon hearing those words, Elsa whirled around in astonishment and saw Soren. "Do you have my name and contact?" Soren asked, shaking his head with a smile.

"Well... It slipped out of my mind. I'm sorry." Elsa smiled with a faint trace of embarrassment. This oversight was not in accordance with her usually detail-oriented character. "Please tell me your number, and I'll take it down."

She took out her phone.

"I think it would be better if you told me yours," Soren said.

Greenwood's heart was filled with outrage after taking a beating from Soren. 'How can Elsa still smile at this man after he treated me like this?' he thought to himself. Then he roughly interrupted them, "Can you stop doing this, Elsa? We have other things to do."

Soren instantly caught Elsa's slight frown. He smiled and looked at Greenwood. "Mr. Li, your date will not start until noon. It's still early. Why are you in such a hurry to pick up the headmaster's daughter?"

Elsa's eyes filled with confusion as she turned to look at Greenwood. When she saw the sudden change in his facial expression, she suddenly had an bad hunch.

"What's more, Mr. Li, you took off all your clothes and got on my bed last night. It seems that your coat and trousers are still in my room," Soren continued.

"You!" Elsa turned toward Greenwood, her eyes blazing with fury.

"Aren't we getting married soon?" Greenwood tried to defend himself because he was ashamed of her directing her anger at him in public.

The smile on Soren's face disappeared. He said seriously, "Mr. Li, how could you still lie to her? Mr. Wu, let's go out first."

Confused, Mr. Wu said nothing and only followed Soren out.

"It's okay. You can leave first. I'll wait here for a while," Soren said to the manager.

"Please feel free to call me at any time if you need anything." Mr. Wu handed Soren his business card and left.

Whispers and muffled sounds of a suppressed argument came from the room. Soren kept dialing and deleting numbers on his phone. Finally, there was nothing left on the screen.

Suddenly, a slap resounded loudly from inside the room. Immediately after that, Greenwood rushed out. He threw a resentful look at Soren before leaving with an embarrassed huff.

Elsa didn't know how to feel at that time. There was no need for her to get married now. She heaved a sigh of relief, as if a huge load had just been removed from her chest, and her whole body felt loose and relaxed. She slapped Greenwood angrily, but it was not on the account of their broken engagement—she got mad because he took away her room key card and sneaked into her room at midnight.

She didn't expect Greenwood to be such a shameless, despicable person. Even if he didn't ask her to end their relationship, she would still have considered doing so.

Three months ago, Elsa met Greenwood again for the first time since high school. To visit her father, who fell ill at that time, she went back to her hometown in Linchuan City, opting to take a bus instead of driving by herself. Greenwood happened to be on that same bus. They talked about their high school life and the embarrassment of going home for blind dates. The trip made them grow closer.

It was Greenwood who suggested dating with the goal of marriage in mind. At that time, Elsa was also anxious about marriage, so she agreed. Not long after they started dating, the Li family began to urge them to get married. After all, Greenwood was two years older than Elsa, so they couldn't wait any longer for them to marry.

After careful consideration, Elsa knew that her parents would not be at ease unless she got married. Her father was in poor health, but he still had to worry about her. It was unfilial of her to be far away from parents. She did not

want to keep rebelling against her parents, so she agreed to marry Greenwood.

As it turned out...

Relationships that formed overnight tended to end quite as easily.

She wiped her face with the back of her hand and forced her tears back. She didn't regret it at all.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, her cell phone rang. She looked out of the window and found light breaking through the dark sky. In summer, the dawn always came early.

She walked over to the corridor's handrail and grasped the metal tightly when she saw the number on the screen. "Hello, mom."

"Sasa, we rode a car. We were planning to take the early bus, but a student of mine happened to be going to Linchuan City to run errands so he offered us a free ride. We have already set out, so don't worry about us. Aren't you going to get your marriage license this morning? You and Greenwood should hurry. Don't be late. "

"Mom..." Elsa didn't know what to say. A thick, nasal quality had already crept into her voice.

Her aunt laughed and joked, "There's a saying in our hometown stating that 'A bride marrying a man at twenty-seven is like a blooming flower; wait until the age of thirty, and the bride ends up becoming a poor spinster. Our Sasa will be getting married at her best age!"

"By the way, the new quilts and bedsheets that we had made for you are done. I will make up your bed for you in the evening." Blanche's voice was filled with joy as she told Elsa of her plans.

Elsa forced a smile on her face. She ended the call, unable to explain the mess she was in to her parents over the phone. She could not imagine how sad and disappointed they would be when they heard it from her own mouth.

She looked down silently. The street lights went out, and the early hawkers had begun selling breakfast. Tears fell on the handrail. The heavy burden that she had momentarily put down settled back again in her chest in full force, making it difficult for her to breathe.

A hand waved a piece of tissue under her nose. She looked at the hand with surprise—the large, tanned skin and slender yet solid bone structure hinted at the strength of its owner. Elsa hesitantly reached for the proffered tissue and held it in her hand. "Thank you."

Soren stood beside her, holding the handrail and looking out of the window with her. The burning sun slowly peeked out from behind the clouds. After a few moments lost in thought, Elsa asked her companion, "How did you know so many things about Greenwood?"

"I heard him make a call while you were having coffee yesterday. I thought everything was alright when I saw that the two of you were fine afterward. "

"Yesterday?" Elsa initially thought that it was the second time she had met him, but it seemed like it was more than that. He knew how despicable Greenwood was. She was a little embarrassed, but on the other hand, she was glad that she had nothing to do with Greenwood anymore.

"Would you like to buy me a cup of coffee now?" Soren thought that the tiredness was evident on her face today, and the circles under her eyes seemed to be darker than they were yesterday.

Elsa nodded. She had nothing to do now, and she did promise to buy him a cup of coffee.

In the cafe, a single waiter remained on duty behind the counter. The man cheered up when they entered and handed the menu to Elsa. "Just order anything you like," Elsa said as she handed the menu to Soren.

He ordered black coffee for himself and a latte for Elsa. Then, he said to the waiter politely, "Please add a packet of sugar."

Noticing that Elsa's eyes had widened under her black-rimmed glasses, he said, "I saw you drink latte both in the morning and at noon yesterday. Both times, there was sugar in front of you, so I thought that you may prefer your drink to be on the sweeter side."

"Thank you," Elsa said sincerely. She didn't expect him to be so considerate.

The wait for their drinks was rather boring. Since they were strangers, they neither knew of any common topics for conversation nor where to start. The thought of her parents arriving in the afternoon filled Elsa with a profound sadness. 'This sucks.'

Soren took her phone from the table, saved his number under his name, and handed the device back to her. Elsa took a look at his name, and her mood lightened up somewhat. "I've already treated you to a cup of coffee. Are you still worried that I will run away?"

"Miss Xia, may I call you Elsa?" Soren smiled.

"Yes." Elsa nodded her agreement.

"Elsa, what do you think about the two of us getting married?" Soren asked the question while staring directly into Elsa's eyes.

He said her name like it held a special power.

At first, Elsa's lips were flattened into a thin line. Then, as she heard the question, an expression of outright disbelief crossed her face, and her jaw dropped so far to the ground that an egg could have fit into her mouth. After coming to her senses, she asked in a blank voice, "Us?"

"Over the past three years, I had been forced to go to a blind date every three months on average. I don't want to continue like this. You need a bridegroom for your wedding ceremony, and I need a suitable bride. In this way, we can fulfil the needs of each other. What do you think?" His voice was clear and deep, easily inspiring confidence in people.

Elsa was sorely tempted for a moment. Her parents were coming, and she did not want them to find her in this kind of mess. She had made them suffer too much in a previous relationship she had a few years ago. Why was fate being so cruel to her that these things usually happened just when she was about to get married? Was she destined to be single forever?

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