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   Chapter 46 Forty Six

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I had imagined these particular scenarios with Audrey in the past months she started working for me – a very much willing and spread out Audrey on my bed when I would finally claim her body. Her sapphire eyes pleading me, her hair falling on my face when she rides me, and those fantasies could never compare to reality. My gorgeous angel was staring wide-eyed at me in wonder in the morning I rolled over the bed.

"Good morning, beautiful, " I murmured, and brushed my lips on her forehead. "How many times it was I wished waking up next to you."

She giggled. "Good morning. Technically, I woke up next to you once."

I moved my mouth to her rosy cheek before I slid up my hand to her jaw. "You weren't naked before, " I teased, and she laughed once more. The noises she made last night were fucking sexy, that the sound alone made my cock swell and harder than it ever was, and I was hard again now.

I took her soft, sweet lips in a lingering kiss and my tongue feverishly tangled with hers and the groans she made last night she reenacting again with the kiss alone. I never thought moments like this would come into my life again as I tried to turn my back on the things that indicated a serious relationship.

I loved Audrey more than the word itself. I'd never felt too damned satisfied and too damned ravenous for more when it comes to women. It's just Audrey, now and before.

She gasped when I moved on top of her. "Gabriel…"

I laughed softly at her reaction. How easy it was to turn her on. "I wanted to be buried inside of you again, but I'm afraid we still have one more day of the games today." I trailed my hand on her shoulder, to her breast, down to the curve of her hips, then I gripped her thigh.

Her hips and pelvis lifting off the mattress. "It was so good." She gulped. "Last night was so good."

"Hmm. I guess had woken up the little tigress, " I teased.

"I want more."

I kissed her nose. "You are so fucking sexy when you talk like that. I might not be able to restrain myself, but…" I stepped out of the bed, "we're late."

As much as I wanted to enjoy the quiet, mellow morning, I still had a fucking interview today. It wasn't that I was so eager to answer those probably stupid questions, I just wanted to get it over with.


Audrey asked me to return to the arena separately because she didn't want the people to see us together. I understand the fact that she didn't want them to know our relationship, but I was fucking fed up with having secret affairs. Especially now that I saw Bryan Jameson greeting my angel in a cozy-for-his-own-good embrace.

The only problem I had with that was because I knew Bryan too damned well. He was like me before Audrey came to life again. I deliberately strolled towards them, when Carla fucking Garner blocked the way and with her cameraman.

"Good morning, Gabriel." She greeted with a smile I very much like to see before she fucked up between us.

I sighed. "Carla."

"Are you ready? We're already an hour passed our schedule since it's already ten in the morning." She checked her wristwatch. "I have a business to attend to back in Manhattan this afternoon."

I scowled. "Is that my problem now, Carla?"

"It's not my fault that you're late." She glanced in the direction where my eyes were still set. Right now, my sweet angel was surrounded by predators. Now, it wasn't just Bryan but some of the designers from my creative department with her friend Chelsea.

"Ah, the assistant, " Carla went on. "I see what's up with you now—"

"Excuse me for a moment, if you please." I stormed past her and paced toward Audrey. As I approach, I heard her friend inviting her to come with them tonight for some dinner get-together.

"Come with us, Audrey. It'll be fun, " Harvey, my senior designer said to her, and that hand shouldn't be on her shoulder. "It's my treat since it's my birthday today."

"Um, I don't think I can—"

"Do you have plans tonight?" he asked persistently.

"No plans yet, but—"

"Then you should come, " Michael Miller, the assistant art fucking director insisted that had my blood boil.

I was about to call out Audrey when Carla's annoying face blocked me again. "Gabriel. If you like, I can just answer the questions I prepared for you myself because guess what, I know things about you. Your choice."

I exhaled in frustration, "Fuck

wow! That's exclusive coming from Gabriel Stark himself. I told you, this is juicy news!" She looked at the camera then back to me. "After all those rumors about you having to date famous women, we finally had an answer."

"Because I don't answer to rumors, Carla, " I pointed.

She cleared her throat. "Then I guess you aren't open to disclosing a name. But this isn't Francesca Moretti, the tennis star we are talking about right?"

I chuckled. "No, we're just friends. Please. France is a close friend of mine."

"We believe so too." She smiled again. "Thank you very much for answering all those questions Mr. Stark, " she said. "But that isn't where the interview ends. We are going to entertain one question coming from an audience. Let's invite her here. I think she is one of your guests."

A young woman stepped forward and one of Carla's men gave her a microphone.

"Hi lovely, what is your name?" Carla asked her.

"I'm Gem and I work in LA Hazel Textiles, " she answered.

"Oh wow. Brave young employee, " Carla commented.

"Ask away, Gem, " I said. Hazel textile was one of our contractor partners of premium fabrics providers.

"You two are engaged before, Carla Garner and Gabriel Stark. Did you get back together?" she asked without hesitation. "That's the question."

I was momentarily stunned. "Let's remain professional here, " I answered and sighed. "And let's not talk about old news, okay?"

Someone from the crowd shouted. "But you look good together!"

"Isn't Carla Garner you are talking about?"

"When did you two become engaged?"

"Is this interview finally a start-over?!" another one screamed that I saw her talking to earlier.

I slipped a glance at Carla, who seemed to be enjoying this, smiling sheepishly at me. Did she just press this on me? I knew she was always up to something because my employee would never do this to me and she was fucking airing this live!

I seek for Audrey again who seemed to be hiding her eyes in an awkward stance.


"Actually, I'd like to answer the previous question, " I said and shot a hard gaze at Carla, and the smile across her face faded.

"Let's hear it, Mr. Stark, " she forcibly said.

"I do have a girlfriend. She is here. I don't want to upset her, so let's stop it here now. Thank you."

This was why I couldn't her in secret anymore. I was done with that. I set my eyes back in Audrey's direction and she was looking back at me with wide eyes.

I sprang up and walked in her direction and stopped to the gr0und she was standing, "Come here, angel." I offered a hand to her and every eye around us swung at her way. I didn't care.

"What are you doing?" she mouthed unbelievably and tried to hide her face.

"Just come."

She stared back at me, unmoving.

I cocked my head to the side, signaling her again to come with me. But she couldn't respond, so I just grabbed her hand and took her away.

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