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   Chapter 45 Forty Five

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Gabriel's hands slipped his hands on my thighs, then the next thing I felt, I was lifted from the couch, and my legs around his waist without breaking the delicious kiss, utterly taking control. He gently nipped my mouth with his teeth, then sucked me in his.

Gabriel walked us to the bed and tossed me on the bed, but I sprang instantly and pulled him to me, then I roll over him over so I was on top of him.

"I will do it this time, " I said. "At least, a little of what I can do."

He chuckled in amusement. "Alright, let's what you've got."

Hastily, I started unbuttoning his white dress shirt, but then he caught my hand.

"Are you really sure about this, Audrey? We didn't have to." There was a frown across his eyebrows.

"I'm sure." I lowered my head on the curve of his neck and I began kissing him, running my tongue on his skin, just how he did it on me. He breathed heavily, groaning, and his hands moving all over me, and couldn't get enough.

Gabriel then tried to slip his hand on my jeans and started unzipping me so I sat on the top of his crotch, feeling his already hard nine-inch cock then stripped myself. He held my gaze with his enigmatic gray eyes. I couldn't read his expression either.

I let my brassiere fall off, exposing my bare torso in front of him.

He breathed hard. "Beautiful…" he whispers hoarsely. He reached for my body and gently palmed my breasts. "You're so perfect."

I lowered myself again and kissed his mouth.

He smelled of his usual musk and spicy, earthy perfume as I was savoring him. As I couldn't get enough, I slowly trailed down his pectorals and took one of his nipples with haste as if a starving tigress he'd once referred me. Maybe I really was.

It comes to him; I was a tigress. I ran my tongue all over his ample chest, then I moved to his other nipple. His hands caressing me all over, unsure where to hold.

He groaned at my every assault. I was sure I was not the first who did this, because hell, he's got a demigod body; any woman would desire him in bed, but I felt so powerful hearing and watching his face writhing in pleasure.

"What are you doing to me?" he asks gravelly. "You drive me crazy."

I didn't answer, then moved down his stomach, his chiseled abs that we're made to feed my eyes, kissing each bump and caressing him with my fingertips, and as I was still not finished, I went down his navel, down to his still concealed erection.

"Let me taste you again here."

He groaned. "You're going to be the death of me. Come here now, Audrey. Let me do it."

I beamed sweetly at him, completely satisfied at his reaction. "I'm not done yet." Briskly, I pulled down


Damn! I felt incredible. His cock was driving me crazy and felt so erotic as I watched my pussy being filled in and out by his nine-inch. I was utterly turned on.

"Gabriel, I need more now, please!" I screamed as every pleasure a woman could take was building inside me. His hips jerked harder and continued a steady, rhythmic pace as he pounded into me relentlessly, and grunting as the pleasure took him as well.

"Ahhh!" I reached up and grabbed his hair as shaft had fully taken me, and it's as if I'd never get tired of him making love to me—fucking me. I felt like I'd always want more.

I shut my eyes and held on to his arms, and he whispered, "So fucking good" in my ears. Tiny bolts of tremors started building inside of me. His rhythm went quicker. He must've felt it too.

"Gabe… I'm... I'm about to…" With his movements, it was difficult to think and talk. "I'm going to come."

"Let go, angel, " he whispered and softly pressed a kiss on my shoulder. "Let go."

"Gabrieeeeel..." I moaned his name as the climax wrecks its way through my body. I screamed, and he went on even harder, reaching for his own release.

He collapsed on top of me, skin to skin, and sweat for sweat, for a long time. His cock still inside of me. A few moments later, he cleared his throat. "I change my mind about the 'moving in' thing." He buried his face in my neck. "I think you should marry me."

My arms automatically wrapped around his neck, and I shoved my fingers in his wet hair—damp with his sweat. I couldn't think of an answer because I wouldn't know he was serious, or if he was only being carried by the current atmosphere. I'd always thought Gabriel was too fast and firm in making decisions, but I realized I couldn't imagine my life without him either.

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