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   Chapter 39 Thirty Nine

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It was never a surprise if the Starks siblings were well-mannered. They were raised by two wonderful persons in the world. Elazar and Helen Stark were the definitions of a perfect parent. After the toast, the family and some close friends and relatives gathered in the spacious living room, and while the other guests were gone.

"It really is a misunderstanding, " Noah explained to everyone present about the earlier incident. "I'm sorry about earlier."

I was now sitting in a single couch and Gabriel was slumped on the armchair, and his hand fondly playing with my hair. His mother and Maya were across us with an elderly who was Elazar Stark's mother, Diana. Elazar was standing by the fireplace holding a phone in his ear. Coulson was standing next to her. On my left side were Noah's family, Robert Stark, and his wife. To my right were the Garner brothers and the Williams—Gabriel's cousins from his mother

I was not new to this kind of family gathering, but seeing Gabriel's ex-fiancée with us was slightly hitting a nerve in me. Though I had to admit that this was much calmer than being in front of my paternal side relatives. The other Hopkins could be snobs.

"You've been repeating that for many times, dear, " his mother Paulina slightly patted her son's arm. "I know because you wouldn't do that without introducing the girl first, and you've never done that."

"Could you really say that out loud, Mom?" his tone raised. Amy giggled at his side. "Besides, Uncle Gabe doesn't seem to believe me, " he added.

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "I know it is a misunderstanding, but could you be more careful?"

Noah scratched his head then shrugged.

"Darling, Audrey, " Helen interjected. "I'm glad you could come with Gabriel. Is he being good to you? Tell me if he's being grouchy. Sometimes he can be, I know, " she said, and her voice soft and considerate.

"Mom." Gabriel sighed.

I grinned. "Your son is very kind and a gentleman, Mrs. Stark, " I answered. "Though yes, he can be sometimes. He's still the boss after all."

Diana Stark reacted incredulously, "Are you Gabriel's employee?"

"I see why not, mother?" Elazar came back and sat next to his wife. "Sorry about that. I was talking to Billie, " he said, and I heard Billie was Elazar's youngest brother. "But as I was saying, doesn't that remind you of me and Helen?"

"I know very well, boy, " Diana said. "But Helen is Brenda's daughter. My old friend."

"Still the same." Elazar shrugged and the more I look at him, the more I see a much mature version of Coulson, but now I knew where Gabriel got his graciousness. Maya on the other hand looked after her mother.

Elazar set his eyes at me. "Thank you for coming and you must know that you are very much welcome here. I'm even surprised Gabriel introduced you to us. You are the very first he brought here." There's an amused gleam in his eyes.

First? Wasn't Gabriel engaged before? I glanced at my beautiful man who had a half-smile on his lips.

"What's your name again, dear?" Elazar Stark asked.

"Audre, sir. Audrey Hopkins."

"Hopkins. I think I heard that name before." He nodded. "Tell us more about yourself or about your family."

For once, I felt like I was in the middle of the interview. "Um, besides from being Gabriel's assistant, there's not much to share about me, but I originally grew up in Phoenix."

Elazar stunned and briefly shared the same puzzled look with his wife, then he set his gaze back at me. "Phoenix you say? Did you perhaps come from Glendale?"

"Y-yes, sir, " I stuttered, though I wasn't sure how he guessed that, then I noticed that he slipped a glance at Gabriel.

"Call me Elazar, please, " he said. "And what do your parents do i

nderstand why I said that. He's a real brother to me, and I love him."

"I know I can see that." I smiled a little. The Starks siblings were inseparable.

"His father was Dad's best friend—more like brothers, but he passed away, " she continued. "I remembered how devastated Dad was he found out about his friend's demise. It was the first time I saw him ever cried a lot about something, and he took Gabriel in."

God. I didn't know what to say. "And you said he grew up in Phoenix? Was that where his family came from?"

"Yes, that's what I know. But curiously he went there the other week."

"I was with him."

"Ah I see, that's why." She grinned. "He really likes you, but he's not going to like it if I told you this before even letting him speak to you first. But he's my brother and that's all that matters. Please, don't tell him that I told you."

But yes, why didn't he tell me? He was with me in Phoenix but why didn't he? We all had to chance to talk about it. But I did understand because he probably didn't me know he was adopted.

"This was probably what he was going to tell me until now, " I said to myself. I remembered he said he was going to say something and he told me I was going to run away. Why would I run away for something like this?

"He did? Oh, I'm sure it's about that, but I spilled the beans first. Ugh!" She groaned. "I hate my mouth sometimes. Please just act surprised if ever he did tell you."

I nodded. "No problem, " I said, but I was still in a daze, and tons of questions flooded my mind.

Was he even going to tell me? Did I possibly know his family back in Phoenix? Or maybe not, because it's still a big city. However, my father was once an influential person, so I kind of knew the people a little.

"One last thing, do you perhaps know his previous family?"

"Of course, though I never saw any of them. Gabriel's real father left him their entire family fortune. Dad said his best friend came from a very wealthy family in England so when he passed away, Gabriel became the only heir because there was no other blood relative left so he's literally rich on his own, " she explained enthusiastically, somehow proud of his brother at the last sentence.

"Ah, so Gabriel's family must be well-known then, " I acknowledged. "Maybe I know them in Phoenix. What's the family name?"

"It's Cross, " she said. "Yeah, I think that's it. He was Liam Gabriel Cross before he is just Gabriel." She shrugged. "Have you heard of them?"

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