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   Chapter 38 Thirty Eight

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We walked past the guest that seemed to be curious about me and why was Gabriel holding my wrist like a little child, but he didn't care.

"Formal party starts in an hour. We still have time, " he said while dragging me upstairs.

The Stark's three-story mansion was probably just as extensive as my mother's mansion in Phoenix, but this was definitely much modern. We strolled through the French marble floors of the passage at the second level until Gabriel opened the last door at the left-wing. He shoved me inside, and just right after he shut the door, he crushed his mouth with mine—relentlessly kissing me like a hungry lion.

Gabriel Stark was the lion and I was the mouse.

I slid my arms around his neck, and when I was going to respond, he stopped the kiss and his eyes glared back at me.

"Should I congratulate you?"

I scowled. "What?"

He ran his thumb on my lips. "You're engaged to Noah now, aren't you?" he mocked, raising an eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously, Gabriel?" I lifted my finger with the ring Chelsea gave me. "My ring got stuck, and he just tried to save it. His sister misunderstood. Do you really think I would—"

He smacks another kiss on my mouth. "I don't think so, but I'd like you to meet my family tonight."

"You do?"

"Hmm, " he hummed. His eyes softened and his arms wrapped around my waist, pressing me tight against his body. He looked so magnificent, so beautiful tonight. I wouldn't ever get enough looking at his perfect facial features.

I looked around us and I noticed we were inside a bedroom. "Whose room is this?"

"Mine, " he answered without breaking eye contact.

"Your old room?"

"Not old. Still my room. I still come here."

"Wow, " I mouthed in awe, my eyes still wandering around. "You're very organized. My things are cluttered around every corner." I chuckled. But I noticed something was missing, unlike his penthouse in Manhattan. It's the paintings on the wall. "No portraits? Photographs?" His wall looked very plain; just a bookshelf, a desk, his closet, and a king-sized bed.

"I transferred everything in my penthouse."

I looked back at his face. "Do you have pictures of yourself? Maybe it's the first thing I thought of coming to your room."

He slightly shook his head. "I'm not into having my own photographs. I have some when I was at Harvard, and posed for some portraits but it's not here."

"Wow, Gabriel. Just wow."


"How mysterious can you get?"

He finally flashed a boyish grin that'd always managed to make me melt. "I'll show it to you some other time, but right now, it's hard looking at you standing next to my bed—"

"Ah!" He picked me off my feet and tossed me to his bed. "Gabriel!" I giggled.

He began kissing my neck, coaxing my skin with lush strokes and licks. A tremor went through my belly when his free hand went to my waist, gripping me tightly. "You look so beautiful tonight, " he whispered between kisses, "and you smell so good." He raised so he could see my face. "Your scent. It's very sweet."

He must've noticed I changed my perfume.

"Um, yes, It's because I used to spray Jasmine scent, now it's oriental and floral. I made this perfume."

He grinned and his expression somewhat surprised. "You never really ceased to amaze me, Miss Hopkins. It makes me want to eat you."

He lowered himself again and went on kissing me neck, his lips tracing my collar bone. I slanted my neck

gain. "You must be Audrey. My brothers told me about you."

"Hello. Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, Maya."

I reached out a hand to her, but she hugged me instead. "You're very beautiful, Audrey." She released me. "I wouldn't wonder why Gabriel is so smitten."

"Thank you. You too, Maya, and I love your hair."

"Really?" Her eyes dazzled. "My boyfriend didn't see it yet because he can't tonight. I wish he'd love it too."

"Boyfriend?" Gabriel crossed his arms. "You just broke up with… whatever his name was—"


"Martin. And now you're dating again?"

She rolled her eyes at her brother. "He's an asshole, just like what you said, but Ray is different. I swear, he is."

"Ray? Ray Summers."

"Yes, that one—I mean, yes, Ray. We're pretty new.

"Seriously, Maya? His father is Dad's competitor, " he scolded.

"He doesn't care. I don't care. What's wrong with that?"

"The last time you broke up with your boyfriend, you were crying your eyes out. Don't come running to me if Summers hurt you, Maya. I'm telling you. But if he hurt you, I will kill him, " he warned. I see that Gabriel was an overprotective brother too, which I find adorable of course. I secretly smiled.

"Whatever you say! I'm not a child."

"Does Coulson know?"

Maya shook his head. "Don't tell him yet. You know Coulson."

Gabriel messed up her hair. "Ah, so you're not afraid of me now, huh?"

"I am! Ugh! Not my hair!" she complained, stepping back. "But you just seem kind to me because your girlfriend—I mean Audrey is here. You'll eventually find out anyway." She looked at me. "Audrey, isn't my brother so bossy?"

I laughed and shrugged. "Very, " I whispered.

"See, see? She thinks so too!"

"Hey!" Gabriel reacted.

Maya and I shared a laugh.

"Dad's waiting for you two downstairs. Please don't tell them what about Ray yet. Please, Gabe?" Maya pleaded.

Watching them, I suddenly felt envious, knowing I could never have this kind of relationship with my brothers, now that Samuel was gone. It must be so nice to become a part of their family.

Gabriel sighed, pressing the points of his temple. "Fine, fine." He held my hand, entwining his fingers with mine and we all went downstairs, while Maya started talking to me about Ray and how they became a couple.

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