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   Chapter 37 Thirty Seven

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Gabriel was out for the entire afternoon after the meeting with the designers, but my task for the day was filled-in with the people coming to my desk. It was pretty exhausting in a good sense. It meant I was officially the CEO's assistant and the employees trust me and I was in-charged whenever he was not in the office.

Jacey stopped by my desk five minutes before I shut my computer down. I was only waiting for Gabriel now to return to fetch me for dinner. I hadn't told him about Coulson's invitation yet.

"I'm really sorry, Audrey, but your signature is just as important as Mr. Stark's, and I might need you to sign this really fast." She placed the documents in front of me. It was the HR's file for the upcoming sportfest on Saturday as they were primarily in-charged of arranging it, and that they needed my approval.

Honestly, my eyeballs were beginning to fall off my head by staring at too many numbers, designs, and documents the entire day.

"Is this urgent?"

"Mr. Collins will need it tomorrow at nine."

I nodded. "I'll have it ready at nine then."

She sighed in relief. "Thank you. You're my savior Audrey."

Coulson suddenly appeared in my cubicle. "Audrey? Why are you still here? Aren't you supposed to getting ready?"

I looked up at him and showed him my desk that had no more space. "I couldn't."

Jacey looked back and forth me and Coulson in an evident wonder. I cleared my throat. "But Mr. Stark's supposed to be back at eight. I'm waiting for him."

"I'll call him on the way, Audrey. He can go straight to the Hamptons. Get up there and be ready."

My jaw dropped. "Wait. Hamptons? Is that where we're going?" But that's on the other side of New York. I didn't know we'd be driving that far.


"This is too sudden, Coulson. I have nothing to wear, " I said.

"Don't worry about that. I'll take care of it, " he assured. "I'll be in the car." Coulson winked at me, then marched out.

A meaningful smile appeared in Jacey's face. "I know there's something new about you. You ditched us this afternoon."

I gazed up at her and shrugged. "I stayed here."

"Yes!" she hissed and she bent over and whispered. "Are you going out with Mr. Stark?"

My eyes widened. Did Chelsea tell her? I swallowed dryly. "It's not what you think."

"Then why is he inviting you to his house with his brother just now?"

I frowned. "What?"

"Oh come on. Spill it. Are you dating Coulson Stark?"

"What?" I yelped but instantly caught my mouth. "What are you talking about? I'm not dating Coulson."

"Aha! You called him 'Coulson' just now." She grinned, pointing her finger at me. "We all know we don't call the bosses by their first names."

My shoulders fell. "Your imagination is really wild. I was invited to his parents' anniversary dinner, Jacey."

"And you were meeting the parents already? Now that's serious." She crossed her arms.

I finally stood up before the conversation goes somewhere and picked up my purse. "You're freaking speaking too loud. Somebody might hear you!" I hissed.

She laughed. "And you're not even denying. Do you know that?"

During our employment in Stark Apparel, Jacey and I had become close, but I couldn't tell her anything too private just yet because I knew very well that she could be very curious at things going on around her, and she's very fond of talking about everyone's love life. She also worked for HR. No one in that department should know I was dating the boss.

"I told you, I'm not dating Coulson Stark!"

"Aw. Fine. Okay!" She giggled. "But isn't he so gorgeous? Please don't tell me that you didn't notice it too?"

I rolled my eyes. "Maybe you're the one interested in him."

"Nah. I won't date anyone my friend likes."

I heaved a sharp exhale. "But really not, Jacey!"

"Whatever you say." She grinned. "Good night, Audrey. I'm out too. These past days had been exhausting."

"For once, at least you said something I can agree on. Yes, it's pretty tiring. I could only breathe whenever I'm peeing." I sighed. "Good night, Jacey."

She waved

own his knee in front of me to help unfastened the hook. When a young, pretty girl who somehow looked like Noah stopped in front of us and squealed.

"Oh my God, Noah!"


I frowned and asked, "Who?"

"Noah is making a proposal!" she announced in a thrill, and her expression dreamy.

"What?!" both Noah and I reacted, and he was still on his knees and his fingers holding my ring.

The people near us began to gather and applauses erupted the place, filled with "oohs" and "aahs"

Noah finally got it off and he sprang up. "Hey, hey, hey, it's not what you think!"

"Don't deny now, Noah! I saw you, " the girl said, grinning so wide that almost tore her lips. "And I think she said yes!"

"Bravo!" someone shouted from behind and applause erupted the place. "Congratulations!"

I clasped my mouth. I was stunned at the moment.

Noah scratches his head. "It's not a proposal, everybody, it's not—Amy!" He glanced at me. "I'm sorry about that. Amy's my sister."

"Pfft! Don't be shy!" She crossed her arms. Now that I looked at her, she's just a teenager—with age probably fifteen or sixteen. "Are you really stealing the spotlight on Granddad Ellie's anniversary now? I'm going to tell Mom." She ran in the opposite direction, screaming. "Mom!"

Noah faced the curious guests. "Everyone it's a misunderstanding! Thank you. Come on!" He snatched my wrist and dragged me towards the door. He brought me to the garden where there were only a few guests.

"Noah, that's embarrassing, but I'm sorry. It's my fault." I lifted my hand to check if the pendant was still intact. Fortunately, it was still there. "It's a gift from my best friend."

"Did I save it?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I'm sorry about that. My sister can be very intrusive."

I slapped my forehead. "Oh, God. I think we just caused I scene. We should go back and explain. I think your sister is convinced that you… proposed."

Noah suddenly took my hand and touched my ring with his forefinger. "It's a nice ring. Your friend has good taste." He laughed. "But don't you think it's funny? I mean that looks like a proposal. My uncles will really kill me now—"

"Yes I will, " a deep, angry voice spoke behind us. I swiftly spun around and found an immaculate looking Gabriel Stark in a tailored slim fit, pale blue tuxedo that matched the shade of my dress. Coulson was next to him.

He strolled toward us and caught his nephew's wrist so he'd drop my hand. "What the hell are you doing, Noah?"

Noah's expression was caught off guard. "I can explain, Uncle Gabe. I didn't mean to—"

"No, I will explain, " I interjected.

Gabriel's jaw clenched. "You better. Come." He yanked my hand and tugged me back into the house.

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