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   Chapter 12 Twelve

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The royal blue sleek brand-new car shone brightly before my eyes the night I arrived at the apartment, and the valet made sure to let me know it was taken good care at the parking. Actually, I liked the color.

However, I'd never accepted anything valuable as this. It was too much, and Chelsea was fine sharing her Chevrolet with me. I didn't know if Stark just wanted to flaunt his money by giving me a car, and asking me to pose for him in painting in exchange for one million dollars or that was just the way he was. Either in the two.

As I settled in my room, I picked up the box he gave me and opened it. Along with it was a small card. Probably a written congratulatory note, I thought. Then I just decided to keep it inside my drawer untouched. I didn't want to know the content.

Sighing, I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom for a quick shower.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, my phone suddenly rang. I hurriedly picked it up from my mirror table and checked the caller ID. It was from an unknown number.

I never answer an unsaved number though.

I ignored the call and put my phone down.

I slipped into my pajamas and then I sat in front of the mirror. I squeezed the bottle of my moisturizer and applied some on my face. Then my phone buzzed again. I heaved out a sharp breath as picked up the call.


"It's me, Audrey. Can we talk?"

I knew that voice. What did he want this time? "Anton?"

"Yes, please, Audrey." He let out a heavy sigh. "This will be quick. Just hear me out."

"After all you've said to me, you think I wanted to talk to you? And didn't you leave New York two months ago?"

"I came back. Listen to me. There are no days I didn't think of what happened to us… to our family…" There was a long pause on his end. "Samuel is dead. He was found dead, Audrey."

"W-what?" I breathed. I caught my mouth immediately. Every hair on my body stood. Instantly, I imagined my brother's droopy eyes and how he smiled faintly at me the last time I saw him. Samuel wasn't like Anton, and he at least had some humanity in his bones, despite being a coward.

"He was found dead with multiple stabs on his body, " Anton continued. "And our house is almost gone. Dad has some debt he's not telling us and he put the house in collateral. We are done for, so please, if you could just go home and see Samuel or maybe appear to the court and settle so we won't lose the house. It's all we have. I don't want to blame you, but you should've listened to me, Audrey. You should have come home when I asked you!" His voice was filled with regret, pain, and accusation towards my apatheticness.

"Enough!" In my head, I screamed, but no voice came out of my mouth. I didn't realize I was already crying. "Don't you dare blame me, because you were not there for him, too. I know my mistakes, but don't put it all on me."

"How could you be so heartless? I just told you that our brother died, " he shouted back. "It's not the time we debate. You need to come home."

I sniveled. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand. "Where is he? And when did it happen?"

"Yesterday, and his last day will be on four days. And I'm here, I'm home…"

"Okay." I sighed. "I'll be there before his last day. How's Dad?"

"He never stops drinking, just like the ordinary days. He's gone insane." He heaved a heavy breath. "But I'm afraid he might collapse as well. He stopped eating anything. Will you be coming home, now? We need your help. We don't have any money, Audrey. I saved a little, but it's almost gone. I have nothing to give out too."

I gritted my teeth, sobbing. What's worse was my pathological liar of a brother was actually saying the truth.

I bit the na

ils of my shaky hands. My heart felt like it's been crushed. "Hey… did you find out who did this to him? Did you catch the culprit?"

"No. I don't think we will ever catch him, but I want justice. Samuel – well – he's not strong, but he's better between the two of us. They said the culprit is a pro. I could never think of anyone who would hate Samuel, unless, it's one of Dad's… you know?"

"Possible. Oh God!" I scratched my head as if it was itchy. What was happening in our family? "Alright, I'm coming. I'll just need to settle a few things in the office and I'll be there tomorrow."

There was another batch of silence on his line.

"Audrey, I always wanted to ask you about this."


"Your boss…"

I wanted to ask more about Anton, but when it came to talking about Stark and the idea of him, I always tend to get lost in the middle.

"Oh, yeah… what about him?"

"The world really is small and so twisted, isn't it?"

I frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Liam Cross. He resembled your boss too much as if I've seen a ghost. You may not know much about that farmer boy, but I know him from the inside out, and your boss is just exactly like him. Like a doppelgänger or didn't you realize that?"

"So you finally admitted that Liam and I… never mind. "I rolled my eyes, then sighed. "Of course. So what about it?"

"It's just odd. What if—"

I don't want to listen to this anymore. "I'm hanging up, Anton."

Gabriel Stark was only someone who looked like him. He's rich, educated, powerful, and I knew his family.

He sighed. "Okay. Call me."

He hung up. With my quivering hands, I put the phone down and silently sobbed. My chest tightened in unfathomable pain. I wiped away my tears and tried to remember the last memories I had with Samuel.

He apologized to me before I left the house. It was eight years ago, but we exchange messages and phone calls while I was still at the University.

He was lonely. Always had been. As the eldest, he carried all the responsibility that our cruel father was supposed to provide for us, but instead, he let his children suffer because of his vices.

I used to sleep in his bed when mother died. He'd tuck me to bed and sing me a song. It was my fault. If only I listened to Anton and came home…

I knocked on Chelsea's door before I succumb to any more loneliness, but I cried even harder when I saw her concerned face. I just needed someone who would listen right now. She immediately wrapped her arms around me, and I told her my conversation with Anton, and about Samuel, and she just listened, letting me speak and cried my eyes out.

"Shh, I'm sure Samuel will understand."

"I should've gone to see him, Chelsea. I never saw his face since I left home and it pains me that the next time I would see his face is when he's not breathing anymore."

Her arms around me tightened. "Do you want me to come with you? To Phoenix?"

I looked up at her beautiful porcelain face. "Is that okay? But your boss will surely—"

"Jameson will let me come with you. He's not cold-hearted." She smiled. "I'm here for you, okay? You don't have to be alone in this."

I nodded and I rested on her chest again. She continued to rub circles on my back. "I'm going to tell Stark tomorrow. Emailing him or calling him would be too informal."

She nodded, and she sighed. "Then we'll tell our bosses tomorrow. I should be there for you. I don't like your family, Audrey, based on what you've told me about them. They seemed to only care about themselves." She wiped the tears on my cheek with her thumb. "Why don't we pack now and I'll buy our tickets online?"

I pulled her into a tight embrace. "I didn't want to go alone, Chelsea. Thank you."

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