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   Chapter 7 Seven

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There was only one thing worse than waking up in the morning. It was waking up knowing that I would get to see the face of my boss again.

Criiing! Criiing! Criiing!

The sound of my alarm jolted me out of my dream. I stepped out of the bed, turning off the alarm clock on the bedside table. Sighing, I tossed the blanket off my body and went to the bathroom for a quick cold shower.

Afterward, I slipped into my office clothes and covered my face with light makeup and put on my favorite red checkered scarf around my neck. I debated whether I should wear heels or the brand new leather boots Chelsea had given to me in my first month.

But then, my phone beeped. I noticed new voicemails on the notification. It was from my coworkers, the other secretaries in the executive department. I picked up my phone and listened to them one by one.

Karen: Congratulations on your 3rd month, Audrey!

Anna: Congrats, Audrey! We should celebrate! How about we dance later?

Dave: Your employment evaluation will come out today! I'm hoping for the positive feedback. Congrats!

Ella: Wow, congratulations, dear Audrey! No probationary employee has ever lasted that long with Mr. Stark!

The last message I received was from Jacey.

Congratulations to both of us! - J

I smiled at her text.

I still couldn't believe the time had gone so fast, and it was already in my third month.

Honestly, I didn't know if enjoyed working for Stark. Every day for the last twelve weeks had been painful for me. Ever since Dave Kline went to South America doing some other things from him, Stark pretty much had me do all the job, which I knew it's going to be my task anyway, but the man freaking meticulous and had set so many rules.

I sat on his meetings among the company's executives, taking note of every single detail, accompanied in all of his outside businesses, but not riding in the same vehicle with him, read his corporate email and reply to them, make his coffee thrice a day and get mad if it was late, and lastly, he had me do errands that were not in my job description like picking up his dry cleaning, or sometimes run to store just to purchase a gift to his mistresses.

Unfortunately, he had me dreaming about him every night. In my imagination, he was on my bed, spreading my thighs wide, devouring my body, running his lips on my skin, then he would pound into me until I couldn't feel my legs anymore. But there were also times that I wanted to slap him from being an asshole.

I came into the office early because I didn't want to see a lion-like the other day. I overslept and then I came late to the office. I was a bit feverish and my throat had been scratchy for days. It was a symptom if I had an incoming cold. Thankfully, my body could still handle daily tasks.

As I was about to put down my things on my desk, Mr. Kline knocked on my door, "Audrey?"

"Yes, Mr. Kline?"

"I need you to check if the conference room is cleared for Mr. Stark's meeting at ten o'clock with Miss Prince, " he said, "and also, I need you to contact Miss Jasmine Green and ask her about the new fabric samples from Rome."

"Right away, Mr. Klein, " I replied, then he turns away.

Mr. Stark wasn't in yet when I came into his office. It was seven forty-five, which gave me fifteen minutes before he arrived. I organized the files on his desk, changed his mug whilst I was brewing his morning coffee using his personal coffee brewer and put away his dry cleaning from his private closet.

As I was checking the coffee machine, my phone repeatedly buzzed in my pocket.

Several chats came in.

Employee 1: Mr. Beautiful is here!

Employee 2: He's wearing a Brioni suit today!

Employee 3: Ugh, he's yummy!

Employee 4: Mom told me he saw him last night at The Lounge with Ma

out a sharp breath, unable to speak.

"Besides, when he called me, he made it clear that if hired you or even give you consideration, he would rather sue me."

I felt the blood in my cheeks drained. "You told him that I was here?"

"No, not at all. He called me just a few minutes before you arrived."

My shoulder dropped to the floor.

"It's really a pleasure meeting you, Miss Hopkins. The executive assistant position with Mr. Stark will make you a successful individual in the corporate world. I highly suggest that you would grab the opportunity."

I forced a smile, shook his hand once more and left the room nicely.

I was pissed and confused at the same time. I couldn't believe he blocked me from getting a new job! How did he even know I was coming here?

Ah, I was thinking the HR.

Stepping out of the Gilmore building and into the scorching sun of Manhattan, I went into my Uber app and booked Stark's building address because I was still one of the people in New York that didn't have a car. But when I was about to type the address, a familiar silver Aston Martin stopped in front of me.

The driver seat's door slowly opened, and then a pair of Italian-leather shoes stepped into the pavement. Gabriel Stark turned around the passenger seat and held the door open. He took off the shades he was wearing and then put it inside his suit jacket.

"Not getting on?"

I blink unbelievably. I didn't answer, then shove back the phone in my bag and slid into the car. Stark sat back to his respective seat and pulled the door.

"How's your important appointment?" he mocked, smirking.

I heaved a sigh. "So you are picking up employees on the streets now after their job interviews?"

However, it was my first time sitting in his private car. Stark didn't usually drive around the city without Mr. Jones, his driver, so I wondered what's gotten into him now. I was guessing probably he had somewhere to go that wasn't in his schedule. Perhaps, the supermodel everyone was talking about.

He flashed out a sexy smirk, then he opened the glove compartment and picked out a small yellow box with a pink ribbon around it. "I find it amusing that you would do that to me."

I realized I can't put up with your demands anymore, I thought. But I didn't say it. I didn't want to jeopardize my existing job.

"I even wanted to congratulate you myself on passing the evaluation period." Stark carefully tossed the box on my lap. "Congratulations, Miss Hopkins. You are now officially my executive assistant."

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