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   Chapter 6 Six

Mr. Beautiful (Billionaire #2) By Ann Margarette Characters: 10699

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"Come home, Audrey. Dad is waiting for you to come home. He's dying you know." Anton stared back at me sincerely. He called me to meet him at the restaurant across the Stark office building. I was hesitating at first, but I was curious about what they had been up to.

My half-brother had grown thin from the past months I hadn't seen him. His eyes darkened, his skin had paled, and his voice croak. It was marked in his eyes that he was fatigued after working almost twenty-four seven. According to my source, Linda, our housemaid that didn't leave, because she had nowhere to go either, Anton and Samuel were working at the vineyard under the new landowner. They had sold all of our properties, except for my mother's house, and all our money was lost to a bad investment, and of course, Dad gambled.

"Look, Anton. I don't know how you found me, or who told you where I am. I'm already guessing that it's Chelsea, but I'm not coming home. I left even if I know Dad is sick. And I'm sure he's not waiting for me. It's impossible."

"I don't know how long will you keep on running away. You won't see him for, what? Four years?" He took my hand. "Sis, he's a man of ego, but he's still our father, and I know that he is waiting for you."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "Then if he's waiting for me, where are you going? You look like you're going somewhere far." I glanced at his side and noticed a suitcase bag.

He heaved a sigh. "I wanted to see you before I go. I'm marrying Juliet in a few weeks, and we are moving to Dublin together, to her parents. Although we are going to stay in Brooklyn for a few days. We can catch up."

I shook my head in disbelief. "Is this why you came to see me? To catch up?" I smirked humorlessly. "Anton, you don't catch up. Not with me, or even Samuel. You always in your own world. So tell me, why are you here?"

Anton backed away and scratched his head in frustration. "Look, Audrey. I'll tell you the truth. I can't do this anymore. Living with Dad and his new—whomever whore is that. Cecile is taking over the household—the house your mother left you. She's bringing her drug addict friends and it's always noisy. It's time that you finally take over—"

"Take over? Me?" I let out a laugh of sarcasm. "I can't believe it. You are asking me to come home so you could be free of your responsibility?" I shook my head. "It's the end game for us, Anton. He doesn't have any money in his bank account. You are just making it up. Can't Julia stay with you?"

"How about Dad? Are you just going to let him die? How heartless can you be?"

"He ruined my life!" I slammed my fist on the table. Judgmental eyes and attention shifted in our direction.

"Everything okay, ma'am?" a waiter approached and asked.

"Everything's fine." I forced a smile. "Sorry." The waiter scrutinized us one more time, then he left.

Anton's jaw clenched. "Then what do you want me to do? Let you go live your pathetic life?"

I glared at him. "What did you just say?"

"Yes, you heard me right." He pointed a finger at me. "You and Dad have an unbelievable pride, but you are worse one, " he accused. "If you only stayed with us, you won't be living with

nodded and followed anyway because I didn't want to make things worse. I walked back inside the restaurant and ignored the people watching. Several minutes later, my boss came into the restaurant, pulled a chair, and sat across me.

"Where is he?" I asked, but I didn't bother to look at him. I was still embarrassed. The timing was so bad he had to see that grim scene between me and my brother. But I couldn't forget how he looked when he picked Anton's arm and drew him away.

Gabriel crossed his legs, then leaned on the chair restfully. "Is he the 'important' person?"

"He's my half-brother, " I informed. "You shouldn't have done that, Mr. Stark. You can't be seen like that in the public."

A ghost smile appeared across his lips. I almost melted. How beautiful he was.

"Is that your way of saying thank you, Miss Hopkins?"

I looked at him this time. "Thank you for your help."

"I didn't help you, Ms. Hopkins. I'm just getting rid of the ugly scene in front of me."

I wanted to ask him if it was also his way of telling people that he didn't care, but he actually did?

"Then are you going to meddle like that if you see other people fighting on the streets?"

He smirked sexily. "Probably not. It just happened that you are my employee, " he simply said but with all the meaning. He helped me earlier because I was his employee.

Gabriel glanced at his Breguet wristwatch. "I have a meeting in this restaurant in ten minutes. I'm expecting you tomorrow at eight then, Miss Hopkins."

He didn't even let me answer. He stood up, smoothened his navy blue three-piece Bespoke suit, then strode toward the restaurant's second level. I watched further as a waiter approached him and instructed a few words. The waiter left, and he continued to walk upstairs.

I heaved out a sigh. I might've been freed from Anton's sickening manipulation, but I was suddenly bothered by something else.

I was attracted to Gabriel Stark.

It was so bad that I realized that I wanted him selfishly for myself, that I wanted him to look at me that way I was watching him now. And I think I was going to be obsessed.

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