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   Chapter 5 Five

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"Mr. Stark?" Audrey placed a coffee down my desk two weeks later. Generally, I could ask the HR to reassign her and tell the other intern to work for me, but I didn't even though looking at her made me angry.

I kept myself in control around her—to refrain myself from staring at her too long, but I couldn't help being contemptuous than ever. I made her responsible for my twice a day cup of coffee, demanded that she rearrange every fucking paper I had in my filing drawers, even if I not need them to, re-do every assignment and proposals at least five times as if she was the fashion designer, and whenever she asked for my help, I simply answered her with 'I'm busy.'

She never seemed offended or dismayed by my cruelness, which made me even more angrier. I even asked her to run to a bookstore three hours away from the office, but along the way, I asked her to come back telling her I didn't need the book anyway, she came back to my office with a smile across her face. She even asked me if there's still something I needed before she leaves.

I thought having her to work for me and seeing her snap under pressure would make her come back to her senses and finally admit that she was Audrey so I could kick her out in every painful way. But every time she comes into my office, not only she was showing me that she didn't recognize me, she was unknowingly turning me on.

Especially today.

As I picked up my coffee, I saw that her nipples were poking through the fabrics of her white dress, and it was so thin, I could fucking see the seam of her lace panties. I somewhat noticed that she was slowly changing the way she dressed, but her clothing was still nothing like how the people dress in my office. She was wearing Unbranded garments that she probably bought from a thrift store with a mismatched silhouette, patterns, and colors every day. Luckily, her perfect curves were enough to overlook the quality of her outfit. I couldn't understand why she couldn't wear something more decent or more corporate. Her family was literally the wealthiest family back in town. I couldn't help but think that something happened to her.

"Mr. Stark?" she asked again.

"Yes, Ms. Hopkins?"

"I have an important appointment this afternoon, " she paused, seemed a bit nervous, "so I was wondering if you would allow me to go home early today?"


She sighed. "I really need to be at this appointment."

I raised an eyebrow. "Uh-huh, I don't care. Go back to your desk. Now."

Her shoulders fell. "With all due respect Mr. Stark, I really need to be there, " she swallowed hard. "It's pretty important. I'm going to meet someone important—"

"I don't care about your appointment. Didn't the HR tell you that you have to give prior notice before you take an under time?"

"Yes, " she replied, almost out of breath, "It's an emergency."

"Go back to work, Ms. Hopkins."

"Please, I really need to go, " she was already on the verge of crying.

I gritted my teeth. Who was that person so important that she had to leave work?

"Tell that person to wait until five, and wipe out that face. I don't want the people to see you crying coming out of my office. Now get out!" I commanded.

She stared at me, wiping the tears away. "I'm going to ask Mr. Jameson if I can leave early, " she turned around and stepped out of the door.

What the fuck? "Excuse me? What did you just say?"

She ignored me and continued to walk as fast as she could towards the door. Before she could step out, I spun her around and slammed the door close.

"Tell that to my fucking face again. Rebelliousness isn't my thing, Ms. Hop


"I asked you nicely, but I really, really need to go, " her face flushed, "I guess I'm allowed to ask Mr. Jameson to move me with someone else because I can't work with you anymore."

"You're literally going to ask my General Manager to overpass me? No else wanted you here, only me."

She shook her head, "I doubt that. I am a graduate, and I am far the best choice among those applicants, " she said.

I clenched my jaw, "Do you not know how hard it is to get into this company?"

I shook my head, "I don't know. Is it hard?" she mocked, "The only hard thing I'll come across here is when I slap your face if you don't let me go. And I don't care if you fire me, that would only give me a favor because I can't put up with bullshits anymore, " she glared at me, "You are a cruel, ruthless and a self-absorbed asshole."

She was the same as how I remembered her. "Watch your fucking mouth. I am still your boss."

"No, you were. I doubt that I would ever be successful here anyway."

I tightened my grasp around her wrists. I leaned closer, pressing my chest against the roundness of her breasts.

"Don't challenge me, Audrey. I don't want to tell you this again. Go back to your desk and you are going to stay there until five. You are only going to get up when I ask you to bring me my cup. Tell that important person that you'll go there after working hours. I am paying you forty hours a week, so you will work forty hours a week. Lastly, I don't want to hear anything from Mr. Jameson about you asking him to reassign you. We don't fucking reassign interns, because you are literally lower than the rank-and-file employees."

She threw me a dagger look. "Then I guess I'll ask the Vice-CEO instead."


"Let me go, Mr. Stark or everyone on this floor will hear me scream, " she warned, "I am not going to listen to your shits anymore—"

I smashed my lips on hers to shut her up. I kept her wrists tightly pinned against the wall. She mumbled as I thrust my tongue into her mouth, biting her lower lip hard. Unthinking, I let her hands go and pressed her waist against me as my other hand found its way underneath the hem of her dress.

I lifted up her dress and slipped my hand into the crotch of her panties, pulling the lace with my fingers, and then I slowly plunged a finger deep into her pussy.

"Oooh…" she moaned, making me kiss her again, then I tore my mouth away.

"You don't fucking want me to get mad, Audrey, " I said, then I slipped another finger, instead of one.

She bit her lip hard, closing her eyes, "Hmmm…"

She was soaking wet, and as much as I wanted to fuck her senseless against my wall, I backed away from her, wiping mouth with the back of my hand.

"Get out now."

"W-what?" she breathed out, her eyes filled with confusion and dry tears.

"Go to your important appointment."

"But Mr. Stark…"

"Get the hell out of my office now before I changed my mind." I pulled the hem of her dress down and reached the door. "Go."

She didn't hesitate and marched out of my office. As soon as she disappeared, I knew that this setup wasn't going to work. It's either I reassigned her or fire her. I thought I could torment her the way she made me suffer, make her beg for forgiveness and pay for her sins, but I knew too damned well that I was the one who's torturing myself. I was making myself believe that I wanted her to the feel pain I'd been through, but that as much as I detested her, I still wanted her.

No, I shouldn't forget what she did to me, sexy ass mouth or not. I needed to make her pay for her and her family's sins. I just needed to figure out how

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