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   Chapter 2 Two

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"Mr. Stark, the applicants are here. Should I let them in?" Ms. Mason's inclined her head through the slightly opened door, the HR personnel who initially interviewed five applicants for the internship position, but I couldn't see the people she was talking to inside.

"Go ahead, Ms. Mason, " a man's voice said coming from the door.

Before the end of our initial interview, Ms. Mason, the head of the HR briefed us about the higher-ups of the company, and we would be answering them for the final interview. First was Bryan Jameson, the General Manager who was going to be our direct superior. The second was Coulson Stark, the Vice-CEO, probably one of the owners thus the surname, and the last but not the least was the CEO, Gabriel Stark. Gee, the name alone made me curious as hell.

I always do a research before the job interview, but this opportunity was very sudden, I didn't have the time to do so, which I was worried the most. My best friend Chelsea called me about the job vacancy so recently that I had to fly from Phoenix to New York last night. Normally, people wouldn't grab such opportunity, given that it was too abrupt, but I couldn't seem to ignore how promising the position was.

According to Chelsea, Stark Apparel was one of the most well-known apparel brand company in New York and the CEO's was looking for a new assistant because the previous was recently fired from her position due to incompetency and that he was so meticulous on choosing a new applicant so he was going to conduct the interview himself.

At first, I couldn't understand why my best friend called me for such a position. She even slipped my resume to the short-listed applicants just to get me to the interview. Heck, I didn't have experience yet but I was a fresh graduate, however then, she told me that they weren't looking for someone with experience yet since the accepted applicant should only work under probation.

Nonetheless, there's no harm on trying—not when the company was in New York. Chelsea calling to me to come to right away as this was already my ticket to leave Arizona. Afraid that I might not get accepted, I would accept any job I would find across the state since my best friend had offered me to stay in her studio apartment, at least for a month. But if when I'm lucky enough to get the job or any job, she would let me stay and we already talked about splitting the bills. Cross fingers. I didn't want to go back to Phoenix where all my nightmare lives.

I barely slept during the flight so I slightly had a dizzy head. And up to this moment, I had little information about the company. From what I heard from my best friend, it was one of the most eminent luxurious fashion brands in New York, given that it's also located in the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Several minutes later, Ms. Mason came out of the office.

"Applicants, get ready, " she informed briskly, "we're going to start the final interview." She looked at the person sitting next to me. "You first, Miss Smith."

The woman sitting next to me stood up and followed after Ms. Mason then stepped inside the room. The other girl with pale skin and raven hair on my right spoke, "Are you new here? You seemed unfamiliar with the place."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I saw you earlier near the building, you were asking for directions."

"Oh yes, " I acknowledged. "I am new here, technically new in New York, but a friend of mine lives near the area. She's already an employee here."

"I'm Jacey Gregson by the way." Jacey reached out a hand to me.

I pumped her hand. "I'm Audrey, Audrey Hopkins. Nice to meet you, Jacey."

"Most of the applicants came here because of the CEO, " she said. "Did you come here for the same reason?"

I frowned in confusion. "Why would they come here for the CEO?"

"Seriously, is that a real question?" Her eyes widened. "This is the home of the famous business Gabriel Stark! People chase this company because of him as he's one of the most successful men in New York City, you see. They talk about him every day, not only because he's young and he's a self-made billionaire, but because he could make everyone successful in this company."

Crap. This was why I should've studied more about the company. How was I supposed to get this job? I plainly had no sense and clear state of mind coming here just because I wanted to escape my hometown. I only know a little because of Chelsea.

"Oh, this company made billions and name in the fashion industry across the United States and Europe in just two years. Two years! Imagine that. Stark Apparel operates in 50 countries with over 5, 400 stores and has employed a hundred-eighty thousand people. Don't you know?"

My mouth slightly parted the way she described everything. A long description, I might add. Was it really possible for a man to be successful the way he was?

"Um – of course, I know." I forced a smile. At least Chelsea told me that as well. I thought I missed something much more important detail that they might ask me in the interview.

"They said it's not easy to get in, " she continued, "but once you are in, your life is going to change. But if you fail, you can't get another job interview here."

Oh wow. That I didn't know. But dang, I didn't know if I would fit the job.

The young woman earlier came out of the interview room with a sad face. Based on her reaction, it was obvious that the interview didn't go well for her. Ms. Mason handed the resume back to her, technically saying that there was no more reason for her to keep the poor girl's profile. But then my heartbeat quickened at the moment her smooth voice called out my name.

"Ms. Hopkins?"

I stood up quickly. "Yes?"

"You're next."

I swallowed hard. I watched the head of HR opened the door for me. I took a deep breath before taking my first step.

Alright, here I come.


"That was bad, " I commented. The girl spoke as if she was chewing bubble gum. It was annoying how she tried to convince us by telling unnecessary details about herself like she used to climb a tree when she was a little and I couldn't understand a single thing she was saying

when she began talking about her dead Aunt.

Bryan laughed at my remark. "There are worse, but it's good to face people sometimes, you know? You're always in your office."

"I see different people every day, Bryan." I rolled my eyes. "I faced a lot of them whenever I needed to make a speech in front of the crowd."

"But clearly, you know a little about the hiring process, bro." Coulson raised an eyebrow at me and patted my back.

I shrugged. "I know how to make a lot of money."

"Oh, here she comes, " he said, setting his eyes back in front.

When the door opened, I was expecting another applicant similar to the previous one. Though the other previous one looked stylish—given the Dior handbag she was carrying, this applicant looked undeniably too plain coming to a job interview in a fashion enterprise. At least, I knew it without having to glance at the labels that her dress was inexpensive. Dressed in a gray dress, she had matched it with worn-out leather boots, and heck, a knapsack. But that didn't really matter.

The woman standing in front of me was too stunning, and probably one of the sexiest I ever laid eyes on, and somehow, she seemed unaware of it.

However, there was something odd. I cocked my head as I slightly saw that her face was too familiar. Her eyes were deep sapphire. She tied her strawberry blonde hair into a tight bun, she had a bare and a porcelain complexion with the most perfect shaped fuckable-lips.

"Welcome to Stark Apparel, Ms. Hopkins. Please introduce yourself, " Bryan started.

Did I hear it right? I heard the name Hopkins and she was from Phoenix. A long time ago, I was born and grew up in that wasteland and my own personal hell. That was the place where my capability to love was killed by a person I nearly gave my entire world, and to the point that I almost lost my insanity. How funny was that this delectable woman had the name I despised and the place I loathed the most.

"Thank you, sir, " she replied in a sweet voice then smiled, and my cock twitched just by hearing her speak. What was the hell wrong with me, reacting this way to a potential employee?

"My name is Audrey Hopkins. I'm twenty-four, a fresh graduate of Collins University in Phoenix, and has majored in Business Administration."

Hopkins. Audrey Hopkins. Of course.

"I'm sure you already know what you are applying for, " Bryan continued, "and based on your curriculum vitae—"

"Come again, Bryan, " I interrupted.

"What is it, Mr. Stark?" Bryan asked in a low tone.

Coulson leaned to my ear. "Is something wrong?"

I snatched the paper from Bryan to his astonishment and looked closely at her resume. I stared up at her and she was looking right at me. No, she wasn't just looking plainly at me, she was watching me.

I shut my eyes briefly as my fuzzy memory began muddling me. The beat inside my chest accelerated at the anticipation that this was the moment I'd been waiting for. Every time I close my eyes at night, and every moment I looked upon my achievements, I'd always wondered when would the actual time my enemies see what I had become.

This wasn't how I foresaw it to happen—not in a job interview, at least.

I clenched my fist hard and the air seemed to abandoned my lungs for a moment. There was a reason why this woman looked familiar. It's because I knew her. She was the very reason why I nearly lost my life. How would fucking forget?

"Continue, " I said.

"Very well, Ms. Hopkins." Bryan cleared his throat. "Why do you want to work for this company?"

"I—uh…" She blew out a breath. "As I have said, Mr. Jameson, I am a BSBA graduate and his company is clearly a business, whichever industry it might be. I wanted to share my knowledge in this business management and might as well get paid for it."

"You are actually, right. Ms. Hopkins, " Coulson joined.

"In addition, gentlemen…" she continued, "I grew up with a family who owned a business. My father taught me well and how to manage people, money, sales growth, marketing. It became a habit and the habit became a passion, but I know I still have a lot to know and learn, this is why I am here because I believe that this company could give me the right path in being successful."

"You said your father owns a business. May I ask what is your father's business?" Coulson questioned.

"A vineyard."

I looked up at her, remembering exactly how she was really the woman I knew.

"… and we produce wine, " she finished.

"A vineyard, that's really interesting, " Bryan praised in astonishment. "Your father must have inspired you, Ms. Hopkins. As we can see here in your profile, and you graduated with honor. A cum laude, can I just say? This is impressive."

"Her profile's impressive, I give you that, but I don't think she'll fit as my assistant, gentlemen. She might be a graduate with honor, but as you can see, she still has to change her fashion style." I closed down her profile then I looked up at her. The color of her face drained.

She might be as beautiful as I last remembered her face, and the way I almost had her writhing in pleasure beneath me, that wouldn't change the fact that she was the daughter of the man I loathed the most.

"Gabe." Coulson gave me a brief glare and he looked away. "Do you have anything to ask Ms. Hopkins, Mr. Jameson?"

"I have no more questions. How about you Mr. Stark?" Bryan looked at me.

I stared up at her again. "But that can be changed, " I concluded. "When can you start?"

Her mouth parted. "Um… w-what—"

"Do you want to work here or not?" I asked straightforwardly.

"I—" I swallowed. "Of course, I w-want to work here, Mr. Stark, " she replied nervously.

"Be here at eight. Don't be late."

Both Bryan and Coulson shifted their gaze at me in utter shock, as we were still not through with the other interview. But I didn't care.

She flashed out the sweetest smile she could ever give. "Thank you for accepting me to this job, Mr. Stark. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure's mine."

She said goodbye to everyone before she left the room.

This was not going to end here.

Audrey Hopkins. The woman who threw me away.

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