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   Chapter 464 An Unsolved Dispute

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Anyway, Bonnie was Irene's mother. Even if she was partial, Bonnie still had feelings for Irene. This time, Irene was seriously injured, so Bonnie still came to see her.

Irene hadn't seen her mother for a long time. When she saw Bonnie, her eyes were a little wet. "Mom, why are you here?"

When people were not feeling well, they were always particularly fragile and wanted to see their loved ones! Even if there were already friends and lovers around, Irene was still very excited to see her mother.

Bonnie was about to complain that Irene didn't know how to take care of herself. When Bonnie looked at her pale face, Bonnie's heart softened. She walked up to her and held her hand. "You've been like this. How can I not come?"

Seeing this, Nancy wanted to curl her lips. She had never suffered any hardship. She just felt that her sister was enjoying herself very much and was still in the VIP ward! She even thought that Irene was having some leisure time.

Of course, she was not blind. Even if she was angry that her mother was so gentle to her sister, who she had never loved so much, she walked over obediently and asked, "Sister, are you feeling better?"

Irene grinned and pretended to be relaxed, "I'm fine. Although I fell down, the doctor said I am not seriously injured and I will be fine after recuperating!"

In fact, it hurt, but Irene didn't want her mother to worry about her! As for Nancy... After all, Irene loved her sister very much. Even if Nancy was a little narrow-minded, it was good that she didn't be like this.

At least, Irene thought that Nancy was caring about her now.

Seeing that they were in harmony, Bonnie was happy. Seeing that Irene was fine, she couldn't help but mutter, "That's good. Now that you are not feeling well, mother and sister will take care of you. You should also take care of each other in the future. Now you rely on Aaron and get better. Don't forget your sister!"

Bonnie took it for granted, but Irene felt bitter.

Her life was much better now, but she also worked hard. But it was a fact that Aaron's conditions were much better than hers, but what her mother

chase after him, but the young man ran away in a flash!

Irene ran away and looked around, but she still couldn't find anyone.

With a sigh, Irene finally walked back home and closed the door. She could only mutter to herself about the strangeness of this matter.

But since he asked her name, it was okay to give it to her anyway. But she didn't know why he ran so fast.

Since she had nothing to do at home, Irene sat on the sofa and opened the package. There was a pile of paper inside, which seemed to be the copies of some inspection report and file.

Irene wonder who send this to her if there was nothing else.

Irene didn't care about it and turned over the report. Suddenly, her eyes stopped.

The name on the test report was her father's. His age was the same as that of her father!

Hudson Xiao, thirty-five years old, died in a car accident in XXXX years.

Irene couldn't wait to turn over, but her eyes suddenly stopped.

At this moment, the door suddenly rang, and then Bonnie's voice came, "Irene, what are you doing?"

Subconsciously, Irene quickly took back the paper bag in her hand and put it into the drawer!

However, the drawer was not big, but the folder was not small. In a panic, Irene's hand was even clumsier, and she couldn't put it in for a while!

On the other side, Bonnie walked quickly over before she heard any response from Irene...

"Irene, what's in your hand?"

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