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   Chapter 463 Them Who Loved Each Other

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When Irene woke up and saw Helen, she saw Helen and Jackson holding hands.

Irene widened her eyes and shouted, "Wow, Helen, Jackson, what did you do when I was in a coma? Huh? Tell me the truth!"

With a faint smile in his eyes, Jackson said, "As you can see, I'm with Helen again."

Helen felt awkward and glared at Irene, "Yes, we are together. What's wrong? As for you, have you had enough of Aaron?"

Speaking of this, Helen looked a little mischievous.

This time, Irene almost died, which completely irritated Aaron, who had always treasured Irene.

Not only did he fully protect and take care of Irene as a level two disabled woman who couldn't move, but he also stick to Irene. Although he could barely keep the president's relatively calm and rational style, he would not leave Irene for one meter at ordinary times, as if she would disappear in the blink of an eye.

Although he didn't say anything directly, his sense of insecurity and possessiveness were too obvious. The friends understood Aaron's feelings, so they didn't disturb the two of them during this period of time. Besides, Irene was too weak now. When they went to see Irene, she was asleep most of the time, so it was the first time for her to see Helen after she woke up.

In fact, Helen had come here several times, but only Irene saw her.

Irene felt embarrassed when she thought of her husband's obsession. But she didn't notice that she went to a corner at that time, which made Aaron feel insecure. At the same time, she enjoyed it.

Irene touched her nose and changed the topic, "I heard that Ada is back?"

"Yes." Helen handed an apple to Irene and said, "She come back to see you and have a get-together."

"Well, her father let her go?" Irene also knew something about Freddy.

Freddy hated the Cheng Family. Generally speaking, he didn't want Ada to go back to the base camp of the Cheng Family. That would make him feel out of control.

Although she couldn't understand Freddy at all, Irene, who supported Ada and Carl, sympathized with them.

Helen shrugged and said, "After such a big accident, Ada has to come to see her friend. After all, her fathe

speakable grief.

This time, it was unfortunate and fortunate.

Jessica was badly hurt both physically and mentally. She had been diagnosed as a vegetable. No one knew when she would wake up, or perhaps she would never wake up.

For a moment, Mae seemed to be tens of years older, and her black temples, which had always been well taken care of, turned white.

"Aaron, this time... can you let go of Lin Family and let go of Jessica?"

Now, it was almost the time for Aaron to revenge, so Mae had to lower her head. Fortunately, she was a person who was able to compromise, but she didn't want her daughter to be wronged.

When Aaron thought of what he had seen and Irene's words, his eyes moved slightly. He also took a look at the ward and finally nodded slightly.

For the sake of Jessica saving Irene at the last moment, he could give the Lin Family the last chance.

"I don't want to see the Lin Family in A City anymore. I hope you can take care of yourselves."

It was better to leave A City than to fall down directly.

Mae smiled and nodded. It was time to leave this sad place... Originally, A City was not the headquarters of the Ken Group. It was time to leave.

Irene had told Aaron that at the last moment, Jessica, who hadn't spoken for a long time, finally spoke, only with a few words: sorry, I regret it.

Let everything return to peace.

Irene and Aaron didn't know that the storm was still coming.

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