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   Chapter 462 Survival After Disaster

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Fortunately, Earl was the first one to fall, making a cushion for Jessica and Irene.

When Aaron arrived downstairs, Earl was smashed to pieces and died on the spot.

After that, Jessica fell on Earl, and Irene fell on Jessica again. The two of them were piled up together and were in a coma.

Jackson, who was hiding in the dark, quickly dialed the hospital and police numbers. When Mae saw her daughter, she almost collapsed!

She had spoiled her daughter since her daughter was a child! Jessica was tortured badly by Earl, and now she fell from the tall building! When Mae looked at the dead Earl, the only thing she wanted was to bring him back to life and torture him!

But it was meaningless to say that now.

There was no other problem that could be entangled. The first task was to save people!

Two beds were pushed into the emergency room. Mae and his husband were restless, while Aaron was standing at the door of the emergency room, motionless, without even blinking his eyes.

Carl, Jackson and the others also stood aside. As friends, although they were also worried about Irene, they didn't have the heart to see Aaron like this. But it was hard to tell.

They knew that they couldn't calm down if their beloved one encountered such a thing!

Since they couldn't do it themselves, how could they persuade Aaron?

When Connie looked at the emergency room, her face turned pale. Especially when she thought that Irene disappeared when she was shopping with her, she felt heartbroken!

Thomas took a look at his beloved wife and sighed slightly. He walked to Jackson and whispered, "I'll send your sister back first."

In fact, Thomas didn't want Connie to come over. Even if they were friends, he couldn't take risks with Connie. However, Connie was really worried so that he couldn't change her mind.

Now it seemed that it was better to send Connie back as soon as possible! Connie's baby is not small. She couldn't worry too much! Since Irene disappeared, Connie had been feeling guilty. Thomas was really afraid that somethi

tered the ward to visit Irene.

Irene's face was pale, which reminded people of what she had just experienced.

She almost died!

If it weren't for Jessica's sudden burst of power and thoughts, how was Irene?

No one dared to think about it at all!

At that time, Aaron...

After thinking for a while, the people including Jackson couldn't help shivering.

Jackson was cold and ruthless. But to be honest, he was not as powerful as Aaron.

But Aaron was a resourceful man. If he really lost his beloved, he would probably do something much worse than Jackson!

But when they saw Aaron, who was sitting silently by Irene's bed and gently stroking her face, the people around them couldn't help but sigh.

There was no doubt that Aaron and Irene loved each other. It was rare that there were not so many people who could be separated from each other. But it was not easy for them to get to this point. This time, Irene was almost dead, or else there would be endless separation between them.

What else was more important than being together?

If it was true, then... It would be a lifetime pain!

At the thought of this, Helen felt sad for Irene, but at the same time, she seemed to be aware of something. He was stunned and looked sideways at Jackson.

Suddenly, something occurred to Jackson. He turned his head and happened to meet Helen's eyes.

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