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   Chapter 461 Danger

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"I'm coming." Aaron raised his head and looked calm. There was no sign of anxiety on his face. "Follow the agreement and negotiate. But before that, I have to make sure that Irene is safe."

"Come on, Mr. Aaron!" Earl said as he left the window.

The moment Aaron saw Irene, his body suddenly tightened and his eyes quickly swept over her.

Irene, who was taken good care of by him, looked a little haggard and embarrassed because of worry. She didn't seem to be in a good condition, which made Aaron squint dangerously.

'How dare someone do this to her!' Aaron thought in his heart.

Of course, Aaron knew that it was not the right time to think about it. At least, Irene was in good health, at least not injured, and she was in good spirit, although her mouth was gagged. But obviously, Earl didn't torture Irene crazily.

In particular, compared with Jessica next to her, Irene was good. Jessica's body was almost red. She looked depressed and dull, as if her legs were too weak to move.

At least there was no physical problem, which made Aaron feel a little relieved.

After Earl let Aaron look at Irene for a long time, he said impatiently, "Don't worry. I still have my business credibility. But if you can't meet my requirements, Irene will have only one end!"

Aaron finally looked away at Earl and said indifferently, "Since I'm here, I'm naturally prepared. Tell me what you want."

"Great!" Earl narrowed his eyes. He had long disliked the calmness and calmness of Aaron, but now he smiled instead. "Since you know it so well, let's be straightforward. First of all, you should return the LR Group to me."

"Okay." After thinking for a while, Aaron gave the answer. He even pretended to think about it.

Even the whole world, let alone the LR Group, couldn't compare with Irene!

Looking at Aaron, Earl didn't expect him to agree so soon. "Is Irene so important to you?"

Earl didn't expect that Aaron was such a

oiled you, and later even let you be the CEO. What's wrong with me?"

"I have taken the LR Group back with my own strength, but you still hurt me like this!"

At this time, Earl had completely forgotten that he was scheming against Aaron!

"Aaron, you ruined my reputation, and I also made you heartbroken!"

After saying that, with a weird smile on his face, Earl took out a knife and slid it towards Irene's neck!

Hearing Earl's words, Aaron had a bad feeling. He quickly threw his briefcase out, and the heavy briefcase smashed into Earl, making Earl tremble. His knife fell!

However, the danger did not finish.

With a sneer, Earl's eyes turned blood red. He crazily pulled the rope that tied Irene, and in a blink of an eye, Irene was dragged to the side of the window without glass!

At this critical moment, Jessica, who had been tied and kept silent and terrified all the time, suddenly stood up and rushed to Earl. When Earl was about to jump down with Irene, Jessica bumped into Earl from the side and made Earl to release Irene!

However, it was still too late. Although Earl also fell down first, due to the inertia of the body, Jessica and Irene also fell down.

When Aaron came over, he was filled with hatred, but he could only watch Irene fall from the window!

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