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   Chapter 459 Love

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After saying that, Earl hung up the phone. The sound of the phone was so annoying.

Irene was in Earl's hand, and Earl had the initiative.

After all, what Earl said was right. Penniless is fearless! Earl didn't believe that Aaron would let him go. Aaron knew that Earl was unreliable, but he couldn't do anything to Earl because of Irene.

Of course, it didn't mean that he would do nothing. Aaron was never a man who would sit still and wait for death!

Looking at the phone in his hand, Aaron said nothing. His suppressed anger made it difficult for Jackson and Carl to get close.

The most important thing... The most important thing was Irene's safety.

When Irene woke up, she found that she was tied up and her lower body was a hard wooden bed.

She recalled the situation before she passed out. Because she read a lot of novels, soon she realized that she might have been kidnapped.

'What hatred! God, although I am lucky to marry a rich husband, I still pay attention to my good deeds at ordinary times. I would give seats to the elderly and children and help them cross the zebra crossing on the road, and I would donate money in mountainous areas. What happened?!'

With a howl in her heart, Irene slowly opened her eyes.

Irene blinked uncomfortably and adapted to the light in front of her.

It was a dim room. It seemed to be an old and shabby place where people seldom lived. The wall was covered with spots.

Irene's hands were tied back to the bed, and there was a woman lying on the other end of the bed.

Irene took a closer look and found it was Jessica!

No matter what, they were united now because they were all kidnapped. Thinking of this, Irene moved her body and kicked Jessica.

Jessica trembled, but said nothing.

'Hasn't she woken up yet?'

Irene kicked her hard again and thought that she should wake up now!

However, this time, Jessica still didn't respond.

Irene was anxious and was about to pounce when a sneer came in.

"It seems that the drug is not strong enough. Why are you so energetic after waking up? You still have energy to move?"

Somewhat embarrassed Earl also came in. When he saw Irene, his eyes suddenly lit up, full of coldness.

Irene was taken aback and thought, '

s thoughts and said with a smile, "Don't ask me how to eat. Do you want me to feed you with my hands? Well, I can wash your face before Aaron comes!"

After saying that, Earl turned around and went out. He was not interested in seeing how embarrassed Irene was when she was eating!

Irene pulled a long face, but she had to eat because she was hungry!

Maybe she should feel lucky. Fortunately, it was fried rice. She didn't have to worry about spilling.

When Irene thought of this, her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly realized that Jessica, who was next to her, hadn't eaten anything for a long time.

After hesitating for a while, she looked at Jessica, who was covered in wounds. Even if Jessica pushed her and caused the miscarriage of Helen, Jessica was a living life. Irene couldn't watch her starve to death.

Even if she did something wrong, Jessica should be judged by the law instead of being killed by this crazy Earl!

Thinking of this, Irene moved her body and tried to get the bowl in front of Jessica. She looked at the door and whispered, "Eat something quickly."

Jessica still didn't respond.

"I know you are still awake. We have to wait for someone to come and fight against Earl. It's not the time to be arrogant!" Irene was also angry. She didn't want to care about Jessica, but she didn't have the heart to do that!

Jessica moved her lips, tears streaming down her cheeks.

In the end, the person who was willing to help her was Irene, her rival in love!

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