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   Chapter 456 Deep Despair

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6591

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In the Zhao Family's mansion.

At this time, Sara had just hung up the phone with Mae, and a complacent smile involuntarily appeared on her face.

She didn't know what was on Aaron's mind, but she could defeat an arrogant man like Earl. With Mae's help, she couldn't worry about anything.

But it was not appropriate to show it in front of Owen. Thinking of this, Sara held back her smile. As soon as she came out, she heard the sound in the living room.

"Dad! Am I your son or not? !" Earl stood up abruptly and stared at Owen.

He always felt that Owen was biased, so he was unwilling to ask for help from Owen but went to the shareholders first. But now the shareholders couldn't help him, so he had to come to find Owen!

In fact, he subconsciously knew that no matter what, Owen was his father. That was why he couldn't accept Owen's refusal!

Owen looked at his eldest son whose eyes were very red and crazy, and sighed in his heart when he thought of his younger son who was better.

It was common for rich people to get married for business and have lovers. Owen didn't think he was wrong. But he didn't take Daisy's thoughts into account. But Owen also sighed with emotion when his son fell into such a situation.

But on the other hand, he was also very heartless.

"I have told you that I will not interfere in this matter." Owen closed his eyes for a while and said, "I didn't do anything when you drove Aaron away."

"You didn't interfere? How could Aaron afford such a large family business without your interfering?" Earl still couldn't accept such a fact that Aaron was outstanding. "You're so unfair!"

Owen shook his head and said, "You misunderstood. But no matter what, it's your own game to get to this point. I won't interfere."

"Do you want to kill me?" Staring at Owen, Earl wanted to take a bitter path, "At least leave me a way to live, ok?"

Owen's eyes flickered and he said, "Aaron values affection. As long as you beh

lut like you?"

Reminded of the nightmare, Jessica panicked, but soon she remembered something and stared back fiercely. "Don't try to threaten me with this reason again! I can't get any help from the Ken Group for you! Besides, I'm going back to the Lin Family with my mom. We'll divorce in the future. At that time, you'll only be poor! "

"Do you think you can threaten me with this reason forever? The U disk has been stolen, and the archives on the Internet has been destroyed by hackers!" Thinking that the root cause of her pain in this period of time was finally destroyed, Jessica smiled happily!

If he didn't understand what had happened, he would be really stupid. He didn't expect that Mae was so capable, and Jessica had the nerve to tell her mother!

Jessica struggled to get up and walked out, but before she reached the door, she was pulled hard by Earl.

"Good, very good. You are all bitches. You all want to leave me."

"Do you think you can escape?" Earl looked at Jessica in confusion, "You are all bitches. Why am I so miserable? Do you still want to leave? Huh?"

Jessica widened her eyes and looked at Earl in disbelief. At last, she only uttered a few vague words, ""

However, the next moment, Jessica fell down slowly in front of Earl's cold and gloomy eyes.

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