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   Chapter 455 The Winner And Loser

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Earl was unbelievable that the shareholders could make such a decision before the board of directors was held!

"Nonsense! The LR Group belongs our Zhao Family!" Earl looked at the shareholder coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Owen has more than half of the shares." That shareholder had naturally done so on such an occasion. He had made up his mind to directly break up with Earl to please Aaron, so he naturally wouldn't flinch. "So what? All of our shareholders have gathered together and held a lot of shares. We are qualified to propose to change the CEO. Not to mention that the chairman may not be on your side this time!"

Earl looked at Owen quickly. Sure enough, Owen missed Earl's eyes and didn't say anything.

No matter how much Owen didn't love Earl, Earl was still his eldest son. Owen's mood was indeed a little complicated.

But the shareholders' choice was indeed reasonable. Aaron was a capable man, and now with such a thing, there was no need to determine the winner!

Moreover, in order to make a deal with the shareholders, Earl gave the shareholders more rights after he took over the company! This had made those shareholders more inclined to Earl before, but now it had become a threat to him!

Earl soon figured it out and his face darkened.

Someone in the crowd was still confused and someone found an excuse to leave.

Having watched enough of the drama, Aaron had no interest in it anymore. He put his arms around the waist of Irene and walked out. "Let's go. I've prepared the dishes at home. It's going so fast. I still have time to cook."

Carl, who was standing aside, was speechless. He didn't expect that Aaron even prepared ingredients! So Carl felt that Aaron was thoughtful. Carl suddenly felt sorry for Earl.

In fact, there was nothing to sympathize with. Earl shouldn't have overestimated himself! In fact, his ability was not as good as Aaron's. When he was the vice president and Aaron helped him clean up the mess, Aaron wouldn't have insisted on doing it.

Unfortunately, the greedy snake couldn't swallow the elephant!

Carl shook his head helplessly and whined, "Don't be so bad to me. You are in pairs. Let me have a meal together!"

Ada was st

igh of relief and quickly said, "Who will hate money? The LR Group will certainly be more prosperous in your hands, and the shareholders are willing to give up interest to make up for the price you have paid."

"You can't persuade me." Aaron lowered his head and continued to read the documents. "Goodbye. Of course, if you are willing to invest in the YH Group, I don't mind."

The shareholder smiled bitterly and knew that now the YH Group was in high spirits and didn't lack investors. Aaron's words were more like a mockery!

After that, the shareholders came back and forth to visit Aaron several times, but were all refused.

On the contrary, Earl had found the shareholders many times, but he was all shut out.

Even if he made the call, the person on the other end of the phone hung up without saying a word as soon as he heard Earl's voice.

Bang! With a crisp sound, Earl fiercely shook off his mobile phone, allowing it to bounce a few times on the ground. In the end, it broke into pieces.

He thought to himself, 'Why? Why?! Weren't they on my side? Why did I still be pinned down by Aaron after I got the LR Group? !'

Thinking of the fact that he had secretly investigated the shareholders and found that they had gone to Aaron, Earl gritted his teeth with hatred. They didn't have time to talk to him or even hang up the phone. It turned out that they were busy visiting Aaron! !

With a sneer, Earl entered the Zhao Family's mansion.

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