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   Chapter 454 Earl Fell From The Clouds

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For a moment, the audience stopped talking and looked at Earl in unison.

"What do you mean?" asked Earl.

However, Mae took two steps back, which showed that she didn't trust Earl. She walked to a safe distance and said, "Earl, isn't it obvious what I mean? I just got the news that there is a serious problem with your product. In the business world, reputation was the most important thing. I don't think there is anything to say."

Earl was still angry with Mae's action. After hearing what she said, Earl sneered, "Are you kidding? What kind of quality problem can our product have? Does the Ken Group also believe those gossips? And you have already known what happened. What international joke are you making now?"

"Mae, don't forget that the contract has been well signed before! A huge amount of liquidated damages. Do you want to break the contract?" Even a big company like the Ken Group couldn't afford the liquidated damages easily!

Mae shook her head and said, "Of course I remember the contract. I also remember that the contract clearly states that the products of Party A, the LR Group, can't have any quality problems, or Party B, the Ken Group, can terminate the contract at any time!"

"How is that possible?" Earl's eyes widened. He had been tricked several times, but this time the contract was checked very carefully. There was absolutely no such thing!

"How is that possible?" Mae retorted, "Otherwise, do you think that the Ken Group won't even pay attention to the quality problem?"

Earl's intuition told him that he had been tricked, but he was still to look through the folder.

However, the content was the same as what Mae said.

In an instant, there were only two words in Earl's mind: "It's over".

If he didn't know it was a trap, he would be a real fool.

The signature before and after the contract was indeed his, but some of the contract sheets were replaced secretly!

But what could he do? He didn't have any evidence.

Looking at Earl, Mae walked off the stage with a sneer. While walking, she said i

th the merry atmosphere here, Earl looked terrible.

"Mr. Charlie, what do you mean? This is the dinner party of our Zhao Family!"

"Yeah, yeah. It turns out that you mind. It seems that I can't talk at the dinner party." Charlie shrugged innocently. "I thought I didn't use the microphone of the banquet, but just said something by myself. It doesn't matter."

Irene couldn't help but burst into laughter, "This foreign uncle is so funny!"

Charlie's words choked Earl!

Aaron glanced at Charlie and said gently, "Yes. It seems that he is good at flattering the proprietress."

Irene blushed and said nothing.

Aaron turned his eyes and thought that he'd better not tell Irene that Charlie was actually only more than 20 years old.

Western people had deep facial features, but they looked old. When they were children, their blonde hair and blue eyes were very cute, but they looked old at the age of more than 20.

Unfortunately, Irene didn't know many foreigners.

The relaxed atmosphere here made Earl even angrier, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted again.

"Don't mind, Mr. Charlie." A shareholder who held the most shares stood out first with a faint smile. "This is the banquet held by the LR Group. Earl was the CEO of the LR Group and the host of the banquet. But from now on..."

"Earl is no longer the CEO of the LR Group!"

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