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   Chapter 422 The Truth Of Children And News

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 7188

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On the second day, Helen and Jackson met in a private room of a restaurant.

Because there was no way to escape, Helen finally made up her mind to face it. But she still didn't want to let Jackson go to her house to talk about it, and Irene also left time for them alone.

Standing in front of the low-key and luxurious private room, Helen was somewhat enlightened.

She had to admit that Jackson was really a rich man. At least, although she didn't feel inferior in front of the rich, she couldn't enter the restaurant without a powerful family. But she really didn't want to. No wonder so many people believed that she liked Jackson's money.

There were not many people who really didn't like money. Why did others have to believe her? Although she was rational, the reality let her feel cold!

After calming down, Helen pushed the door open and walked in.

The handsome man sat in the private room and waited for her.

Hearing the sound of the door, Jackson raised his head almost reflexively and stood up immediately. There were too many emotions in his eyes. "Helen!"

When Helen faced him, the throbbing in his eyes was completely seen by her. Even if Helen firmly believed that the other party had no feelings for her, her mind could not help but shake a little.

Helen moved her lips and smiled weakly. After a long time, she said from her dry mouth, "Jackson."

Things had changed.

Her baby was gone. So how long could he stay like this? It was better to leave before everything happened!

Knowing that Helen still didn't believe his feelings, Jackson took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Then he stood up and pulled out a chair for Helen who was walking slowly in. "Sit down. Let's have a talk."

He was not a good tempered person. He was even a little sullen deep in his heart because of his parents' matter in the past. Therefore, even if his means were not as good as Aaron's, he was absolutely more ruthless than Aaron. But in front of the person he really cared about, after knowing that kind of care, Jackson was careful to make people feel sorry for him.

Jackson was afraid that Helen would run

e him down now was so sad and haggard and indifferent to him.

He didn't blame Helen's indifference. He only blamed himself for not protecting Helen well and only regretting that the person he loved had become like this!

He couldn't lose her this time. Someone had to pay back what he or she had done!

"About the news..." A cold light flashed through Jackson's eyes. "We got you into trouble."

It turned out that it was indeed an accident that Jessica pushed Irene and got Helen involved. The following news was not an accident at all.

It was true that Jackson loved Helen very much. Aaron, Irene and other people who were close to him gradually confirmed their relationship, but Helen didn't completely believe it. Of course, many people outside didn't believe it, just because of the previous performance of Jackson.

People in the business world all thought that the reason why Jackson fell in love with Helen was just because of that child. Even if Jackson and other powerful men suppressed the news, after that matter, many people paid attention to the situation of Helen. There was no secret wall in the world, not to mention that it was covered too tightly, which made people feel more curious.

The people, who were success, were not stupid, such as Mae and some old foxes. When they felt something was wrong, they were thinking about how to take advantage of this accident. This led to the tragedy of Helen!

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