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   Chapter 330 Inner Fiend

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Irene123 was massaging her sprained ankle in the back seat. Seeing Aaron come back, she was confused. "Why did it take so long?"

"I just answered a phone call. It's from Thomas. I might be busy these days."

Aaron put the bag aside and gently stroked Irene's sprained ankle with his slightly cold hand. "Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt much. Apply some ice on it when I go home!"

"You'd better go to the hospital to have a check. It's more reassuring!"

As soon as the car stopped at the hospital, Aaron went to the Department of orthopedics with Irene123 in his arms. Looking at the people queuing up in front of him, he was speechless. He immediately called Rankin and asked him to arrange this.

Rankin was the attending doctor of Aaron's father and also a classmate of Aaron in primary high school. Although they didn't talk much at school, the two of them were quite familiar with each other!

About five minutes later, someone pushed a wheelchair and took Irene to the Department of orthopedics. Outside the Department of orthopedics examination room, Rankin looked at Aaron, who was waiting lonely, and said in a funny voice, "I thought it was a serious injury. You were so nervous, but it was not a small sprain. Why are you so nervous?"

"You seem to be free today!"

"Congratulations! When you called me, I was just out of the operating room. I just had a big operation today. So I am in a good mood. Whatever you say!"

Aaron silently looked at the doctor in white gown in front of him. His face was always cold!

"Only the woman in the operating room can stop you from being cold. Aaron, whether you will really change a person after you get married?"

"What do you want to say?"

Aaron's cold voice echoed in the corridor, but Rankin didn't take it seriously. He looked at him quietly and said seriously, "No matter how cold you were before, in my heart, you were still the most filial man I had ever seen. Now, your father's health is getting w

take out!"

Ada picked up her phone and heard the sound of a car coming in from the yard outside. Ada looked up at Aaron who was walking over with Irene in his arms and hurried out to greet him!

"Hey, buddy, you can't control yourself. How can I blame you for this?"

Carl looked at Irene in Aaron's arm, with a snicker on the corner of his mouth. He thought that he finally won Aaron.

"Irene sprained her ankle. What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, my God! You can even sprain her ankle. Bro, you are so strong!"

Carl raised his eyebrows and looked at Aaron, but the latter ignored him and walked into the room behind him. A cold voice came from behind, "Ada, you don't have to be with Carl in the future, he will lead you astray!"


Looking at Aaron's back, Carl was speechless and thought, 'Bro, Mind your own business! You have wife. You don't care about my future, but stabbed me horizontally!'

"Okay, I know!"

"Ada, you even help him. What do you think?"

Carl was angry. Looking at the faint smile on Ada's face, Carl immediately turned off the engine and said, "Okay, you know it!"

He thought in his heart, 'How unfortunate life is to have such a bad friend!'

After cleaning up the room, Ada stayed with Irene. Carl and Aaron had work to deal with, so they left after dinner!

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