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   Chapter 328 Moved Out

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The new house had been cleaned up for a few months. Finally, she was going to move there. Irene looked at every inch of the room with nostalgia. There was their smell everywhere. She was going to leave here now!

"Irene, when we get to our new home, our dog will have its own bed. Finally, we don't have to sleep in the same bed with it!"

Aaron wrapped his arms Irene's slender waist from behind and smelled the fragrance of her hair. He looked at their dog with jealousy in his tone. God knew what had happened to him these days. He actually tolerated their dog to sleep on their bed. Sometimes he would turn over and hold their dog in his arms by accident!

"But how can we move? We have everything in the new house. I still like here. After all, we have lived here for a long time!"

Aaron turned Irene around and looked at her with his deep eyes. "I like this place too. I've been living here since I moved out of my house, but we'll have our own children in the future. Besides, with so many children, this room is not suitable for us!"

"Don't be so narcissistic. Who is going to give birth to a baby for you?"

"With my genes, if you don't give birth to a football team for me, it will definitely be your loss!"


Irene rolled her eyes. Did he want to have so many children? Did he think she was a pig?

During this period of time, she often took birth control pills. She hoped that she would not be pregnant during this period of time. She hoped that Aaron would not discover her secret, or Nancy would not forgive her!

"Well, let's hurry up to pack up. Ada and Carl will help us move later!"

"They are so free these days. They run around every day. I can't even find Ada to go shopping!"

"Ada's long cherished wish for so many years has finally come true. You should allow her be crazy for a few days. Look at Ada, their wedding day will be settled soon!"

In fact, Aaron wanted to say that they should be together as soon as possible, in case that the American side came to ask for help and took Ada away fr

est. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful!"

Irene snuggled up in Aaron's arms, listening to his strong heartbeat. It was as if every night they hugged and slept together. She just held him in silence! She wanted him not only for the rest of her life.

"Well, honey, let's move. As long as you are by my side, I feel sweet and warm." Irene said. She stared at the handsome face of Aaron with her bright eyes. "I don't know what's wrong with me recently. I have always been a little sentimental. When I was decorating the new house, I was always full of expectations. Now that it has been completed, I don't want to leave the old house. Do you think I am too greedy?"

"Yes, you are just a greedy cat. Let's go to the new house. As for this place, I have already made up my mind. When our son grows up and wants to move out, I will give this house to him as a gift for his adult ceremony!"

Irene glanced at Aaron speechlessly! That was a long time later!

"In fact, I also hope that he can bring his beloved girl here, hoping that they can love each other as much as we do. Irene, marrying you is the greatest fortune in my life!"

Faced with Aaron's sudden confession of love, Irene somehow felt a sense of guilt. Her contraceptive pill was in her bag, and she suddenly felt a little scared. She didn't know what would happen if Aaron discovered it!

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