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   Chapter 327 Dinner Party

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The autumn wind was a little cool. Helen was sorting out baby products in the yard with a faint, warm smile on her face, she put the baby's toy carriage into the sorting cabinet!

Jackson parked his car outside the yard and looked at Helen in the villa with a sense of relief, as if he had seen the scene after their child was born!

Helen's mother looked at Helen in the yard and whispered, "By the way, Helen has been pregnant for almost half a year. Why does her belly look as big as four or five months? It's not as big as when I was pregnant!"

"Helen has been in a bad mood recently, so she hasn't eaten much. The doctor said she would be fine in this period of time!"

Jackson opened the car door and got out of the car. His long back was fading away in the light!

"The baby is still early. Why do you suddenly want to prepare these?"

Looking up at the man with a smile at the corners of her mouth in front of him, Helen slowly stood up and said, "It's from sister. She said it looked good when we went shopping, so she bought it for our baby. But sister is too fast. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl!"

"Both boys and girls are good. If sister want to buy, just let her!"

Jackson gently rubbed Helen's hair with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. In the dim light, he looked unreal and beautiful!

Looking at the family members getting out of the car, Helen was moved. Even if she didn't like them, she couldn't get rid of the reality. They were her family, and also the family of their child. It was the child in her belly that made her gradually understand the irresistible kinship!

At the family dinner, Penn was a little drunk and held the hands of Jackson. His red face was mixed with sadness, relief and grievance. The little emotions changed on Penn's face, and finally turned into heartache!

"Brother in law, my sister has never been

, kept asking her a question, "Do you like Earl or not?"

She once asked herself this question, but since the person she was going to marry was not Aaron, what was the difference? Moreover, Earl was Aaron's brother anyway. It was impossible for her to see Aaron and find an opportunity to destroy him!

After all, Aaron had ruined her reputation!

Her hand with rose red nails tightly held the newspaper in her hand into a ball and threw it into the trash can in the distance. Jessica slowly stood up and walked out of the house elegantly. She didn't like to worry about the wedding. Since it was not a marriage as she imagined, what should she do? There was no difference. There was Jackson's wedding before, so she thought Earl didn't let her down!

After all, the LR Group was one of the top enterprises in A City!

And what Jessica wanted to do most now was to find out the Achilles' heel of Aaron. Although she sent people to follow behind Irene, she did not get any useful information. Jessica had always believed that the relationship between Irene and Aaron might not be as perfect as they did. There must be some unknown cracks!

And Jessica believed that as long as she found this crack, she would definitely give Aaron a fatal blow!

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