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   Chapter 318 Two Months Later

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It was a sunny autumn day, sweeping away the summer heat, and the air was a little cool. After dealing with the work of the restaurant, Irene took the dog to the villa. In the big garden of the villa area, the dog played happily in the yard, while Irene was cleaning up the room in the villa!

The villa had almost been cleaned up. They could live there only after the smell of the house was dispersed. Looking at the cozy and comfortable villa, she knew that it was designed by herself from the selection to the decoration. This house had condensed her painstaking efforts!

It also carried her beautiful expectations for the future!

As soon as Aaron came back, he saw the dog digging holes in the yard. He felt that it seemed that he should be careful when walking in the yard and not step on dog shit from time to time!

When the dog saw Aaron, it stopped digging the hole. It wagged his tail and ran to Aaron's feet. Two months had passed since they adopted the dog!

The dog's feelings for Aaron grew deeper and deeper. It circled around his long legs and looked at Aaron with a pair of bright eyes!

"I won't drive you away. But if you spoil my good plan again, I will beat you to death and eat your flesh!"

Aaron was on the verge of breaking down for the dog. Every time he hugged Irene in the room, the dog would bite the corner of his clothes and force him to put Irene down. What's more, his bed had been occupied by the dog for many days at night!

Aaron swore to himself that after the new house was decorated, he would arrange a dog house for this dog to tie it up!

"The dog is so cute. How could you want to eat its flesh? Aaron, you are so bad!"

Holding the dog in her arms, Irene looked at Aaron with a little anger in her almond eyes!

"Honey, I'm sorry. Are you done? Let me pick you up for dinner!"

Domineering and toughness were more and more useless to Irene. Aaron gradually got used to her unruly behavior in front of him. If she was as o

ntion to her!

In the hotel, Ada didn't look well. She was surrounded by Carl's parents. Aaron even heard what Carl's mother said about her son!

Carl was their biological son, but it seemed that he were picked up. Ada was picked up, but she was more intimate than Carl. Aaron just didn't know how Ada would choose after she knew her origin!

When Carl and Ada was travelling in Syria, Ada took a bullet for Carl. Fortunately, it hit her ribs. In addition, it was a traditional earth gun, so it was not very powerful. But this time, it made Carl scared. As soon as there was a chance, they came back!

"Does it still hurt?"

When Carl's parents were tired, Aaron could spare some time to ask!

Ada looked at Aaron and Irene with a bright smile. "Actually, there is nothing serious. The bullet is embedded in my ribs. So it's not a big deal!"

"No matter what kind of danger you encounter in the future, girls should learn to hide behind boys. Don't block the bullet for your brother in the future!"

Lauren reminded Ada patiently!

"It won't happen again. It's me who will stand in front of her next time!"

Carl stood opposite Ada, with a pair of eyes full of vows. This was his lifelong commitment. When Ada was lying in his arms, he would rather be injured than see her lying in his arms powerlessly!

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