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   Chapter 316 Court Decision

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6548

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Carl gently kissed away the tears on Ada's cheeks, stroked her cheek, and kissed her lips. This time, it was not a light kiss, but a deeper one. The overbearing kiss entangled with Ada's little tongue!

It was not until Ada couldn't breathe that Carl carried Ada into her bedroom!

He took off her clothes gently until her perfect figure was shown in front of Carl!

At this moment, Ada's consciousness was in a state of chaos. She kept repeating in her mind, 'Carl confessed his love to me. He asked me, Carl... '


In a panic, Ada pushed Carl away and hid herself under the quilt. She looked at Carl innocently, "I'm not ready yet. Can you give me some more time?"

Carl was hurt. He had already...

He looked at Ada helplessly and then looked down. He thought, 'He is better take a cold shower!'

Seeing Carl leave without saying a word, Ada felt a little uneasy and thought, 'Is he angry? How can I refuse him? Isn't this what I have been looking forward to?

Oh my God! What did I do just now?!'

The two of them had a sleepless night!

As a result, on the second day, Ada appeared in front of Carl, who was also awake, with a pair of black eyes. Ada was still a little nervous!


Ada broke the silence first. Seeing the listless look on Carl's face, she couldn't help asking, "Didn't you sleep well last night?"

Carl waved at Ada. Ada obediently walked over and was held in his arms. His thin lips covered her red lips for a long time. It was not until Ada couldn't breathe that Carl let her go. "This is a punishment. If the situation stopped last night, any man can't sleep well. You should feel lucky that your man is very normal!"

When Ada heard what Carl said in front of her in a serious manner, her face turned red and almost bled. She was held by Carl in this way, and the hard object under her body reminded her that Carl got react!

She tried to get out of Carl' arms, but was held tightly by him. "J

e public gracefully without any depression!

Everything had been arranged. The word "Jessica" wouldn't appear in Jonny's testimony, and Jessica, as a victim, attended the meeting. It said that Jonny framed her and caused her reputation to be damaged!

After Jessica took a glance at Aaron indifferently, her fingernails were tightly embedded in her flesh. She had to remember today, if it weren't Irene, she wouldn't have been accused, and if it weren't for the help of the Zhao Family, she would have been sitting in the dock today!

After a while, Ada and Carl also came. At this time, the court was officially opened!

When Irene looked at Jonny on the dock, who looked a little haggard and much thinner, her heart softened at this moment. She looked sideways at Aaron. She wanted to withdraw the lawsuit. Anyway, because she didn't suffer any loss!

How could Aaron not understand what was on Irene's mind? He held her tightly with both hands and said in a gentle and quiet tone, "He deserves it. Irene, I'm just warning others. After all, the real mastermind hasn't been arrested yet!"

Irene nodded slightly and looked at Jonny with pity. She thought that Jessica was just taking advantage of Jonny. After all, they had been together, how could she not know what kind of person Jonny was!

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