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   Chapter 315 Peter, Carl

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Later, Freddy found Mack. Because of the relationship between Mack and Ada, and also because Freddy didn't want any connection between Ada and the Cheng Family, from the beginning, Mack approached Ada with a purpose!

After listening to Peter's words, Carl felt as if he had fallen into a huge strange circle. He was a little confused. According to what Peter said, the Yang Family and the Cheng Family had been friends for generations, but the Cheng Family did not lend money to the Yang Family, which caused the decline of the Yang Family. It was understandable that Freddy did not agree Ada to be with Carl!

However, Carl was very sure about his heart. He heard his inner shout, "Keep Ada. Without her, you will lose all your happiness."

Carl stood up and said firmly, "I'm leaving now."

Aaron nodded faintly. "Be careful on the way."

Carl nodded and glanced at Peter indifferently. Without saying anything, he turned around and left!

Looking at Carl's receding figure, Aaron picked up the glass in his hand and clinked it with the glass in Peter's hand. His action was elegant and noble. "If I'm not wrong, you insisted on being crush on that girl at that time in order to let Carl notice Ada, right?"

Peter drank up the wine in his glass and looked at Aaron with self-mockery. "Unfortunately, as you can see, I made a mistake and changed Carl's life by accident!"

"How can you change his life? He treats pain in a different way from us. He has always been arrogant. How can he show his pain? The more he gets hurt, the more indifferent he will be!"

As for Carl, Aaron knew more or less. Carl had lived a luxurious life since he was a child and had never received any setbacks. That was why he looked cynical and fearless today.

However, Aaron felt sad for this kind of Carl. No matter how badly he was hurt, he would always take it easy. He would never pour out his feelings to anyone, but only use his own attitude to fight back!

"You know Carl better than I expected. He is so lucky to have a friend like you."

"In fact, you care about Carl, don't you? If it weren't for him, you wouldn't have borrowed money to invest in this bar. You were afraid that he would suffer losses, weren't you?" Aaron said with a hint of understanding in his deep eyes.

"How could it be? I invested in this bar only because of the brand of it. The investment is steady and no loss. A fool won't invest!"

After saying that, Peter glanced at Aaron indifferently. He thought that he seemed to have said something wrong just now.

Back then, the owner of this bar had looked for Aaron, who was a member from rich family. But at that time, Aaron was introverted. To put it bluntly, he wasn't interested in this bar, and he didn't have much money to invest!

With a playful smile at the corn

u wouldn't come back tonight!"

"If I don't come back tonight, will you spend the night on the sofa? Huh?"

Hearing Carl's reproachful and warm tone, Ada smiled sweetly.

"Put me down. I have something to tell you!"

"Well, I also have something to tell you!"

Carl returned to the living room with Ada in his arms and put Ada on the sofa. "Listen to me first and think about whether you should tell me or not!"

Ada looked at Carl's sincere expression and nodded seriously, afraid that he would say something that would hurt her!

"Don't be so serious. Look at the two flowers on the table. Which one do you like?"

Ada looked at the lily and the roses on the tea table and looked at Carl hesitantly. The roses were used to express his love, and the lily was used to congratulate. If she chose the lily, she thought that Carl bless her and Mack.

How could Carl think of what was in Ada's mind at the moment? He was also a little nervous. The expression on Ada's face was a little hesitant. Carl thought, 'Is she going to tell me that she falls in love with Mack.'

"Can I choose roses?"

Ada looked at Carl timidly. Carl picked up the lily on the table and walked to the window. And then he threw it out in a flash without a heartache!

Looking at Carl who acted neatly in front of her, Ada had an anthomaniac again and thought, 'He is so handsome, how can he be so handsome?!'

Carl turned around, picked up the roses on the table and knelt on one knee, "Ada, I want to tell you that I love you, I have fallen in love with you..."

Before Carl could finish his words, Ada burst into tears. "Me too, me too..."

"Silly girl, don't cry."

Carl wiped the tears on Ada's face carefully, but he couldn't stop them. He held Ada tightly in his arms. God knew how much he expected this day, as if it had already happened in his sub consciousness!

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