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   Chapter 309 The Fight

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Jackson didn't know if Thomas would vomit blood when he saw this scene. The mobile phone developed by their company not only had a high safety factor, but also had a small radiation, which was almost useless for the human body!

Looking at the report on his mobile phone, Jackson frowned slightly and quickly looked at today's news. Fortunately, the media department of the SH Group did not blindly follow the crowd. After all, it was better to think twice about such a big matter!

Although it seemed that Jonny had done something indescribable at the instigation of Jessica, it didn't violate Irene at all!

The major mainstream media were either lurking overnight, interviewing Olivia, Jonny's fiancee, or directly pointing their fingers at Irene. In a word, this matter was not over for a while!

"I just saw your request. Since all the signs are aimed at Irene, then we will do the opposite. Our newspaper will be responsible for eliminating the slander of Irene!"

Jackson called the general manager of the media department. Although the major mainstream media said that Irene was dating several men at the same time, Jackson had guided the news to a certain extent. Even if the click through rate of his own family couldn't rise, he could still help his best friend and let Aaron know that he was not fighting alone!

"I see. The SH Group has spread the correct view of values. In addition, Mr. Aaron is your friend, so I report this matter to you. I want to know your reply!"

"Well, in this way, we are not afraid of a fight. I don't believe that the mainstream media can fight against us!"

It was not because Jackson was arrogant, but because the SH Group was a well-known enterprise in A City, and its market defensive power could not be ignored!

Without Aaron's worry, Jackson had already thought of a way to deal with it for him. But on the other side, Mae had a headache. Her daughter was imprisoned, and Jonny only admitted that he was an ac

nodded and looked at Helen beside her. "Okay, no matter what, I will treat my nephew well!"

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Jackson turned around and followed Thomas to his study!

"Helen, tell me how you feel now and what you want to eat!"

This child was the first child of the Jiang Family and had suffered a lot in her womb, so Connie loved him more!

After a while, the tea table in the living room was filled with all kinds of snacks. With a cold sweat, Irene looked at Helen and said, "Helen, your sister really loves you!"

Ada also smiled, "Connie, I feel that you are more nervous than Helen!"

With a proud look on her face, Connie looked at Helen and said, "Well, anyway, this is the first child of our Jiang Family. Helen, thank you so much!"

Helen just smiled. The arrival of this child made her a little confused. She couldn't tell whether Jackson and Connie loved her or they were so good to her because of her child!

She thought it was because of this child. After all, this child had been through a lot of hardships before it was born!

In the study, Thomas handed the folders in his hands to everyone. "This time it is listed in China. We can't do nothing without making some noise. I am unsatisfied with the Ken Group, so we have to start with them first!"

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