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   Chapter 307 Reconciliation

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 6590

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"I see. Please pay more attention to the Zhao Family. Earl, I don't think you have any better choice if you have lost the Lin Family!"

Earl's lips curved into a smile. It seemed that Mae had no choice but to force him!

"Aunt Mae, I am congenial to Jessica, and the parents of both sides also agreed to let us be together. Naturally, I will not let her be trapped in jail!"

"That's good, Earl. Although I agree that you can be with Jessica, there are some words that should be made clear. You are not the one I like!"

Mae's implication was that she could object to the relationship between Earl and Jessica at any time!

With a faint smile on his lips, Earl looked out of the window and said, "Auntie, of course I know that the first person you like is Aaron, but it's impossible!"

At this point, there was no need to continue. Earl hung up the phone coldly and looked out of the window at the scenery. At this position, Earl could just see the location of Aaron's villa. Looking at the busy women in the yard, Earl smiled evilly!

"Aaron, after this matter, I have finally seen through the position of Irene in your heart. In this way, I want to conquer her more. But don't worry. I won't make a move before I figure out the relationship between you and her!"

With a faint smile, Earl called the familiar media reporter, "Big scoop, I'm going to see the news tomorrow. I hope to see the news this afternoon..."

Mae finally called her familiar friends and asked them to take care of Jessica. Ken went back home in a hurry. Looking at Mae's face, he couldn't get angry as if he had swallowed a fly!

"You know it?"

"The Butler has told me what happened to Jessica. Recently, we have a good cooperation with the LR Group. If this matter is exposed, our loss will be immeasurable!"

Mae said a few words to the person on the phone and then hung up. Looking at Ken's angry face, she said, "You only care about the company's operation. If it weren't f

as a certain influence in the fashion circle and finance!'

"There are so many reporters outside. Pay more attention to yourself. Don't shout like before, or we can't protect you!"

The cold voice of the police entered the detention room through the sound media, and also reached Jessica's ears. She slumped into her seat weakly and said, "Aaron, do you have to force me to this point?"

Except for the heart wrenching hatred, Jessica had no more affection for Aaron!

It took her many years to work hard to maintain her image. She was confident that she could travel through the fame of various fashion weeks. In one night, all of this were in ruin. This was her career that she had spent so much money on for so many years. Now it was all ruined by Aaron!

Sometimes, when someone was punished for doing something wrong, she only thought of what she had lost, but forgot why she had lost everything!

Just like Jessica, she hated that Aaron made her lose the career she had worked hard for many years, but she forgot that she was the one who caused this!

If she hadn't schemed to hurt Irene, she would still be the world's most eye-catching and popular trend today. Even if she had announced with Aaron that she had nothing to do with him, she had also attracted a large number of fans. But today!

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