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   Chapter 305 Rescue

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Irene took a sip of the fruit in her hand, a sweet and clean smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She liked pets, but she had never raised them. One reason was that she had limited funds, and there was no extra place for her to raise pets!

"But speaking of this, you and Helen have found good husbands. I'm happy for you!"

"I remember that you didn't like Helen before. Why did you say that today?"

"When I was with you at that time, Helen didn't think highly of us, did she?"

With a self-mocking smile on his face, Jonny recalled every detail of his relationship with Irene. When he looked at the falling juice in her glass, his eyes deepened!

"I really didn't expect that you would marry Olivia so soon. I wish you happiness in advance!"

With a faint smile on her face, Irene felt relieved for Jonny. He slowly walked up to her and looked at the sincerity in her eyes. "Thank you. Give me the cup, and I'll get you another glass of juice!"

"I'm not thirsty, but when will the dog come?" Irene asked, handing the cup to Jonny slowly.

Jonny stood in front of Irene, casually put the cup on the windowsill, and looked at her with undisguised sin. "If it weren't for the dog, how could I deceive you here?!"

In the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant, Aaron couldn't help looking at his watch. He had been waiting for Irene for half an hour, but why didn't she come back? He opened the GPS of Irene and found that it was in a hotel. Aaron couldn't help but take his coat on the table and went out!

Aaron had a hunch that something would happen today. He didn't think about it carefully and drove towards the location of Irene. Since the last incident, he had installed a mobile phone GPS on the watch of Irene, fearing that he couldn't find her!

In the hotel, Irene looked at Jonny in disbelief, "So, the dog is fine?"

"So far, you are still worried about it. Don't you see your own s

eartbroken when he held Irene. "Alright, alright. Have a sleep. Nothing happened after you woke up!"

Aaron's words seemed to have magic, hypnotizing Irene into a sound sleep!

As soon as Irene fell asleep, Aaron's phone rang. He quickly picked up the phone and walked out. Looking at Thomas's name, he frowned and answered the phone. "I won't go there today. I have something to deal with!"

"I just heard from the police. How is she? Is she okay?"

Aaron looked at Irene who was sleeping soundly on the bed and frowned slightly. "She is still in a stable mood. What did the police say?"

"It was not Jonny who did it alone. It is said that he confessed the mastermind the night he went back to the police station. I think you should be familiar with the mastermind!"

"Who is the mastermind?"

"Jessica, your ex-girlfriend that Jonny referred to!"

"I have never admitted my relationship with her. Besides, I have nothing to do with Jessica!"

"But it doesn't hinder some people from being self righteous. I have brought the words to the police station. They ask me what you want to do, public or private?"

"What should I do? Let's go to court. Anyway, the Lin Family has many ways to save Jessica. I just want them to know that they have offended me!"

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